Jumeira Mosque in Dubai

Jumeier’s mosque is not the biggest in Dubai and not the most significant, but it is considered the most beautiful in the emirate, depicted on a banknote of 500 Dirhams UAE. She is the only one in Dubai open to visit non-Muslims.

Thanks to two slim and beautiful minarets, it is also called the "Mosque of two minarets". Capacity – up to 1200 believers, built from 1976 to 1978 by order of Sheikh Rashid Al-McTwum, the father of the current Emir Dubai – Sheikh Mohammed Ibn-Rashid Al-Mactum, read about them in our article "Sheikh Arab Emirates".

Excursions in the Jumeira Mosque are held again (from December 1, 2020). Registration begins at 9:30 per all days except Friday. Day excursions (at 14-00) are temporarily not held. The price of excursions increased. All the details below in this article.

We did a request to the Cultural Center with a mosque to learn the current conditions at the moment (February 2021). The buffet before the excursion is now held. Clothes on the dress code to tourists give out. However, we strongly recommend that you come in our appropriate clothing.

Where is and how to get

The mosque is on the eastern outskirts of the beach of Jumeira Public Beach (Jumeira district), not far from Dubai Zoo (now closed). If you arrived at the beach, you will find a mosque without problems – high minarets can be seen from afar.

Get convenient for taxi. Dubai – a big city, a taxi from the hotel to Jumeira Mosque can cost from 12 to 80 dirhams, depends on how far your hotel is. Tariffs See our article "Taxi in the UAE", the current currency rate in the article "Dirham UAE".

Provided by public transport is problematic, since the metro stations are not near. Will have to go from the subway by bus.

The best option is to get to the Metro Station Gold Souq (until May 2020, was called Palm Deira), hence the bus 8. This route here is just the first stop, definitely do not confuse the direction. Go for about 25 minutes, go out at the Stop "Grand Masjid Jumeira".

You can get to Al Jafiliya station and take the bus 88 by bus, but this station has to navigate to tourists, as you still need to understand which way to sit down.

We see the metro scheme in Russian in our article "Dubai Metro". You can travel by bus for free if you have time to sit on it for 30 minutes from the moment of exiting the subway. We wrote about this feature in the article "NOL Cards".

Price visits

For Muslims Prayer during Namaza for free.

Excursions are held for non-Musulman, the price – 35 Dirhams per person (in 2020 was 25), children under 12 years old – free.

Opening hours

For Muslims Login during the Namaz.

For non-Musulman, excursions are held all days except Friday, at 10-00 am. Before the pandemic were still excursions at 14-00, but now they are temporarily not held.

Excursion for non-Musulman

Excursions Organize the Center for Cultural Understanding Sheikh Mohammed as part of the Open Doors Program. Open minds.»Jumeier’s mosque opened for non-Muslims after the events of September 11, 2001 in order to tell tourists about Islam and the culture of residents of the Arab Emirates.

Excursion lasts 75 minutes. In its course, the guide tells about the basics of Islam, traditions, culture and five pillars – five benefactor, which must be performed to each Muslim. The mosque is allowed to take pictures and shoot video.

Excursion is held in English, there is no tour of the Russian excursions. However, without knowing English in the mosque it will be interesting.

Excursion start time – 10:00 it is not chosen by chance. At this time, there is a break between the morning (Fajr) and dining (zuhr) by namazami, that is, at that time Muslims do not pray.

Come to the mosque better in advance. Now in connection with the covid security measures, so as not to create crowds, registration begins at 9:30. Better come to this time.

At the reception, you need to pay an excursion, and you can go to Majlis, where tea and coffee is poured, they are treated with emirate dates and desserts. We highly recommend trying Lukmat – these are fried balls from the dough, lured by the dove syrup, one of the most delicious desserts of Arabic cuisine.

For a passage to the mosque, you need to follow the dress code. Knees and shoulders should be closed, in women head covered so that hair can not be visible. We talked about the dress code in the articles "Rules in the UAE for tourists" and "what to take with you in the UAE".

Before getting into the milean hall, tourists show the intake procedure, mandatory for Muslims before prayer in the mosque. Ritual ablution in Islam called "Voodoo". Those who wish can even take part.

The ablution procedure is not as simple as it may seem at first glance, you need to do in a certain sequence. Initially, the ablution of the right and left palms 3 times, then the mouth is 3 times, then the nose is 3 times, then the face is 3 times, then the hands, head, ears and at the end of the leg, all three times.

Before entering the milean room you need to remove shoes.

The milean hall is hypodal, that is, a plurality of marble columns keep dome. Walls are decorated with geometric and floral patterns, Arabic calligraphy with fragments from the Quran. On the floor are a beautiful blue carpet, on which tourists are sitting during a lecture. Raise your head to watch the magnificent painting of the ceiling and the inner surface of the dome.

On one of the sides of the challenge, Michrab is Niche, which indicates the direction of Mecca, in this niche prays imam. Near Minbar is a small department, where are served during Friday worship.

Jumeira Mosque in Dubai

Very interesting feature that in the prayer hall of the Jumeier mosque there are windows, in the Arab mosques there is rarely.

At the end of the tour, you can ask the guide of questions, but because of weak knowledge of languages, the Russians are usually not involved in this.

What to watch outside

Jumeier Mosque is made of sandstone. On some sites and in some guidebooks argue that the Mohammed Ali Mosque in Cairo served as a prototype of it in Cairo, but this is definitely not true. The fact is that Mohammed Ali’s mosque is clearly in the Ottoman style, and Jumeirai Mosque in Fatimid. Rather, the prototype could serve the Mosque al-Azhar – the main masterpiece of the Fatimid architecture.

Fatimid style is characterized by slender forms, which is clearly visible on the example of the Jumeira Mosque, and Ottoman style is wide domes and their large number.

The most powerful impression of the building produces if you look close. It seems that minarets swept into the sky and relate to the tops of the clouds. Pay attention to another feature – the lower part of the minarets in the cross section is square, this is one of the features of the style of the mosques of North Africa, where the caliphs of the Fatimide clan.

After visiting the mosque, you can walk through the adjacent garden and see a small exposition in the center of culture and understanding Sheikh Mohammed.

Tips for tourists

– Tourists We recommend to come for an excursion from Monday to Thursday. These are definitely not weekends, visitors from locals will be at least. We are not recommended to come on Saturday;

– If hungry after the excursion, then go through parking and on Jumeira Street. On the way, you will find a dozen cafes and restaurants, including familiar to Russians TGI Fridays. After 300 meters from the mosque there will be a Spinneys supermarket;

– Parking is the best local landmark. Watch the photo below, click on the photo to enlarge. The entry on the tour is held with the opposite parking side of the mosque building. If you look with an angle as in the photo, then the beach is left, dubai city center and metro right;

– If you go in the opposite side along Jumeira Street, then 2 kilometers will be the Commonwealth Museum and the famous flagpole;

– During the snack before the excursion, do not take with you dates and sweets. This table is a sign of hospitality, to take something with you – terrible disrespect for the owner of the house;

– When the guide says, do not interrupt and do not speak with each other loud. Respect other participants who listen. You do not need to try to take photos during the stories of the guide, do not interfere, time in the photo will be more than enough;

– To pay Dirhams, dollars do not accept. We advise you to change money in advance. Read our review "How to change currency in the UAE";

We wish you vivid impressions in Dubai, and read our UAE articles (Links below).

Jumeira Mosque in Dubai

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