Jumeirah AT Saadiyat Island Resort in Abu Dhabi is a new spa center

The whole bustle of the big city instantly remains behind, as soon as guests of the resort fall into the new SPA, a real oasis of silence and serenity. Complex programs for full dive or hourly relaxing therapy in spa-centries are satisfied with any wishes of guests. Aimed at achieving the maximum result of the procedure vary from rituals to get rid of insomnia and improving sleep quality to full detox programs. This is a real paradise for lovers of beauty and care for their own body, where it is very easy to immerse yourself in a state of nirvana against the background of idyllic landscapes. Flowing through the spa threshold, guests seek to another dimension, to the world, where everything is created for the bliss of mind, soul and body.

Partnership with one of the leading brands of the World Wellness Industry Bodyism makes the spa complex of the resort of Jumeirah at Saadiyat Island Resort with an exclusive direction for the entire Middle East region. The procedures of the first in the UAE of the wellness center Bodyism Wellness Center helps to improve well-being at the deepest level and achieving full harmony in the body. Starting with the development of a personal diet and ending with fitness programs Bodyism Wellness Center offers truly comprehensive body care.

Experienced and caring staff

For impeccable service in spans a team of experienced professionals. In the caring hands of certified therapists, guests will feel that they are alone in the universe, and will get into the world of pleasure.

Jumeirah AT Saadiyat Island Resort has become the first on the Jumeirah network in which guests are offered two new exclusive procedures designed specifically for this hotel network: Energy charging and anti-stress. Thanks to the individual approach to each guest specialists of the spa center are ready to adapt the procedures according to any wishes of guests.

In addition to attentive and caring staff atmosphere of the spa center creates a special architecture and design of the complex. Beautiful and spacious adventures with luxurious interiors contribute to relaxation and restoration of vitality throughout the entire stay in Spa.

Make a choice between visits to the sauna, hot tub, steam room, cave with a Himalayan salt, ice fountain, healing souls and traditional Arabic hammam sometimes happens almost impossible. In the new Spa Jumeirah At Saadiyat Island Resort, guests can do not rush to enjoy staying in each of the zones.

Traditional hammam

The central element of the entire spa center is the big Moroccan Hammam. Created by masters according to traditional canons, it has an ideal oval form, which contributes to the achievement of harmony and allows you to completely distract from reality. Hammam’s room is decorated in a special color palette using special decor elements that are charged with life forces, have a therapeutic effect and affect seven major chakras and key energy centers of the human body.

In addition, guests can enjoy a specially designed line of money from the Hammamii brand based on the most useful local ingredients, such as Arabian coffee, argan oil, cinnamon, eucalyptus, dates, saffron and carnation.

Luxurious skin care

Each of the 15 procedural offices of the spa center offers an impressive assortment of cosmetic products from such premium brands, like 111skin, Subtle Energies, Biologique Recherche and Hammamii.

Cosmetic brand from Great Britain 111skin, which is based on a patented formula, was created by the famous plastic surgeon Dr. Ynenis Alexandridis. For the first time in the Middle East, Mark introduced a line of funds created on the basis of the Concept «SPA / CLINICOT 111SKIN».Products 111skins in itself ingredients with clinical testing efficiency, unique technologies, including, for example, cryotherapy of aimed action, knowledge from the field of surgery and innovative therapeutic techniques. Available for guests a spa-central line of funds acts immediately in several directions and is truly effective.

Another brand represented in the center is the French brand of professional cosmetics Biologique Recherche, created in 1970. Scientific approach to skin care based on clean, concentrated and highly active ingredients, allows funds from BioLogique Recherche to achieve excellent results that are saved for a long time.

Jumeirah AT Saadiyat Island Resort in Abu Dhabi is a new tourist articles spa from

More than spa

Jumeirah AT Saadiyat IslandResort Spa is not limited to traditional services and offers its guests an assortment of non-invasive aesthetic dermatology procedures. The cryotherapy of the directional action allows without surgery to carry out a cosmetic face tightening, removing the consequences of daily stress and giving the skin youth and freshness.

High-tech cryotherapy in combination with SPA / CLINIC departure from 111skin aimed at restoring the vitality of individual parts of the body that require special care.

Carefully peeled and cooled to temperature -10°Tights tones, pulls and improves the overall condition of the skin and internal fabrics, while soothing and loading the weak zones of the body. This is the ideal procedure for those who feel the overall fatigue of the body, active travelers and sports lovers.

A complex approach

Gorgeous spa villas and wellness programs from Bodyism Wellnes Scentre will become an ideal solution for those aimed at long holidays and restoration.

BodyismwellnessCentre– This is the best place to arrange a reboot. The integrated approach of the Center specialists, including the selection of nutrition, fitness classes and therapeutic care, allows you to achieve truly noticeable results, however, as all the procedures and programs of the spa center of the Jumeiirah AT Saadiyat Island Resort.

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