Jungle Ecuador.

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It is only necessary to get inside the territory of the Voray tribe – the latter, whose representatives still lead a nomadic lifestyle and go on the forests in what mother gave birth. It’s not easy to get, but it is quite possible. Only part of the Voray remained in a wild state – about 700 people. The remaining 1800 of this tribe already know what clothes are, and learn in schools.

… he stood under the canopy and, something impoverished, stretched out his hand. "Manani welcomes you on the ground of the Voray", – Translated Indian Kechua. In fact, his name is not Manani, but pronounce the name correctly I did not manage to: Twitter avian as a child did not teach. Very melodious language, though, they say words in it no more than a hundred. However, we almost don’t need words – gestures Where as clearer. Is that one word and crashed into memory – "Guaponi", Global meaning of which is all positive, consent, joy. So let it be "Manani". Edaki "Colonel in retired", Former heads of heads of seventy years old. And you can’t say: frisky like a horse, what I had to make sure.

Indian Voray.

"Manani will guide a big eagle nest. Eagle – Devourer Monkeys". Indian-Kechua immediately took the book from the bag and showed: Harpia Harpyja – Latin name speaks for itself. The famous Eagle Garpia, which remained very little, capable of dragging the fifteen-talogram monkey in one paw.

Grabbing your three-meter brass gun, "Colonel" Moved in the forest: "Manani will show how the vorean hunt and how they make a bag". In general, an interesting manner of talking about herself in the third face and to squeeze himself with the name of the whole tribe. Injury the feeling is that all the voraces are one organism. And it is not far from the truth. Sorry, there are very few such organisms on Earth.

Flower Passiforora.

Two hours go, I am wet, like out of the shower, Voray – as if only came to warm up. Every corner is full of all sorts of creatures, but they do not see it.
– This tree – from abdominal pain. It’s when a headache. From this Lian we do poison. And these ants can be eaten: try!
– And spiders do not eat? – I asked I.
– No, we do not eat. But there are those who eat, he laughed.
It is necessary, in the sense of humor they will not refuse.

Cocoa fruits.

– A good tree, "said Vorahni and, asking Kechua Machete, took to chop fat trunk.
– Why should it have a tree and what to carry it from here? Are there no such trees closer?
Indian-Kechua laughed:
– These woundings where useful will be seen from there and drag. Distance they do not care. Now he will not take it – the tree should dry. Then send sons. Children of forest.
– And sons how to find?
– These – will find.

For some reason I immediately believed.

Meeting of civilizations.

In the jungle, you know, dark. Day. And also hot and humid. And at night you do not see an elongated hand. This, of course, if not visible stars. And not always visible. But we were lucky – one night was an exception.

I sat under a canopy, picking with a camera.
– You know, everything is interesting for me.
– I write an article? – Indian-Kechua spoke slowly, having spanish and english words.
– May be. Although it does not matter. I would like a poultry spider.
– And you brother.
Under the roof, on a wooden beam, it was sitting. In my stomach something disgusting.
– Still small. Male, – said Kechua with the view of the connoisseur.
– And what is the case rather?
– I’ll show tomorrow.

Jungle Ecuador.

Tropical Forest Beauty Diverse. The beauty of Amazonian jungle is also colorful. Screaming and striking. Orchids and passiflores. Bunches of fruits and giant insects. Monkeys and parrots. It looks quite harmful, but the nature of Amazonia is rich in various kinds of tricks. It excuses the brains and makes it beware of unknown, possibly toxic, creatures. In the role of which, most people have snakes, piranhas and spiders. But the paradox is that on poisonous snakes in the jungle still need to be able to digit, the poison of local spiders, as a rule, is weak and does not lead to the death of a person. And from several types of pirani for a person are dangerous only one, but this kind does not live everywhere. By the way, local tribes are no longer afraid of pirani, but a smallcomer candida, called still Usat Vadelia. Usually, the candy parasitates on another fish, swimming in the gills and feeding the blood from the wound from the broken prickly growths. In a couple of minutes, Somik is saturated and leaves the owner. But when you get into a person, remove the candy can only be surgically, it’s good that it happens extremely rarely and then only when you pour in water.

Who then to beware? Yes the most ordinary mosquitoes, small colorful tree frogs and, of course, man.

Amazonian mosquitoes every year present "surprises", contributing to the spread of various diseases. In 2012, for example, the dengue fever was ragged – the disease is not deadly, but vaccines from it, such as, for example, against yellow fever and preventive drugs (as against malaria). So you have to save traditional methods using repellents and mosquito nets. By the way, travelers note: it is necessary to use repellent only local production – Russian analogues are not valid for Amazon Mosquitoes.

But on tree frogs, I would like to stop more details – they are, a kind, business card of the jungle Ecuador. It is here that the area of ​​their maximum diversity and every year here scientists open new types of these creatures.

The skin of such a frog is permeated with glands that highlight the microscopic shares of the poison, which is quite enough to kill a major beast. One such a frog is enough to poison the population of a decent village. The poison consists of several dozens of different substances, but its active base is the batrahotoxin from the group of alkaloids – one of the strongest nods of non-green nature. It increases the permeability of the shell of nerve and muscle cells for sodium ions, due to which the electric potential of the nervous cell changes, and it can no longer carry out impulses. As a result, arrhythmia of the heart and his stop. Poison acts, falling into the blood through the mucous membrane, wounds or microcracks on the skin. That’s why these frogs do not touch, except the Indians who lubricate the poison hunting arrows. The frogs themselves themselves are insensitive to their poison. But, as it turns out, it is unclear. Especially if we consider that the poison of the frogs do not produce, and get with food, gradually accumulating the dose. By the way, if these frogs grow in captivity, then poisonousness, gradually disappears.

Walk along the elevated rule passes as in films about wild jungle: the first goes, rubbing the machete – the rest drive from the body shit. Shit, of course, lipnet, bites and rolling. Separate copies sprinkle poison. Beauty, in one word. And the darkness – the eye if, even at noon. Without flash not to do and frame. The body is seals for 20 seconds. But even this can be used to. The most necessary thing – rubber boots. It is not saved from the water, of course (sweat poured boots from the inside), but from the bites and barns are protected by canceled.

Three hours of move – and you want to stretch horizontally. Now I understand why abandoned cities are still found.

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