Jungle in the middle of a man

Jersey is the largest of the Norman Islands – you can go around in an hour: so small. In good weather, France is visible from here. However, they speak Jersey in English, because the island is under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom (although not included in its composition).

Jersey is an offshore zone, in the course of the Jersey Pound. But the pound of British is accepted for payment. The island is famous for the fabric, beaches and golf courses, where Millionaires are playing. And the reserve, which was founded by a writer, a zoologist and a wildlife researcher Gerald Darrell.

This reserve is the main dish on journey to Jersey. Darrell opened it in 1959 to inhabit the animals of the disappearing species, which he exported from South America and from the former British colonies in Africa. It was his children’s dream – open the reserve. Wandering along the alleys, it should be remembered that you are fantasy. Let the materialized but the dream of a child.

Animals in the reserve a little, they live in conditions close to natural. That is, in natural wild thickets, in the impassive bushes. True, vegetation is often European, which adds the institution of pure English eccentricity.

Having bought a ticket, you get into the forest of diverging trail. Although overgrown with the wire fence, catch themselves on the feeling that you lie. So it is essentially and there. From the bushes, due to the fence, dozens of eyes. And watch each gesture.

The fence is built into the Wolter houses, facing the viewer wall – glass, the beast can be viewed at a distance of an elongated hand. Absolute Hits of the Reserve – Tamarina, Herons, Chilean Flamingo, Andean Bears and Gorillas. Among Reptil, I am sure, there are also stars, they are just hard to notice. Here on the left of the Macak family on the walk. Mother is dispersed young, they do not obey. Father is immersed in phlegm, reflects.

The most spectacular hotel reserve – Gorilla. The male is a reduced, but still a terrible copy of King Cong – approached me closely. Long, not blinking, looked through the glass. Then he abruptly moved on the glass fist, in the shoulder (in humans, such a gesture is accompanied by the words "bro" or "!"). And, grinning, threw out from Woller.

However, the most breathtaking states of Darrellovsky Paradise – Lemur. They hang on the trees of hours. It is difficult to notice them: I wandered around the forest about half an hour and all to no avail. So far nothing happened, only lemurs clear. And they broke off from the places, rushed somewhere. Looking at them, it was difficult to believe that you are 20 km from Normandy, and the circle of La Mans, and not jungle Madagascar.

Practical information

How to get

Daily from Gatwick Airport (45 minutes per Gatvik Express from London Victoria Station) Several British Airlines fly on Jersey. Time in flight over La Manshas is also 45 minutes. Already viewing the island from a bird’s eye view is worth going through the air.
Ticket booking: www.Britishairways.Com

Another option is more romantic, although more costly in time: ferry. The fastest shipped from the English town Weimuth – three and a half hours on the way (plus a couple of hours to get to Weimut from London). French ferries walk from Saint-little and Cherbour.
Ticket booking: www.DirectFerries.co.UK, www.aferry.to

Do not forget that if you want to arrive on the island from France, and then go to the UK (or vice versa), you will need two visas: French Schengen and British.

Where to stay

Jungle in the middle of a man

Atlantic Hotel
Three-storey hull stands on a hill above the ocean. Around the shredded golf courses, at the bottom of the coat of the giant beach. Skilled sunset from anywhere on site. In favorable positions, there are even shops – those who love to accompany the sun in a solemn atmosphere.
ST BRELADE, JERSEY, JE3 8HE, TEL. +44 (0) 15 34 74 41 01, www.SLH.com / atlantic

If you want a more busy place, you can stay in the administrative center of the island – tiny Saint Heliery. Here is always under the side of fish restaurants, yachts for rent and nightlife (very modest, I must say). From here the easiest way to get to the zoo.

What else to do

The island is famous for the wider sandy beaches with a good wave on the West Bank and secluded bays on the northern tip. So choose the type of seabed – surfing or diving – will be easy. It should be remembered that Jersey is also famous. In some places, sirens warn on the occurrence of tide. But in wild bays, water can cause surprise: during the tide among the rocks, hazardous waterways and pools are formed. Before you swim, find out the local schedule for which water lives!

What else to view

Island is so small that the best way to move on it is a bike. The whole island is enhanced by romantic paths, following which on the map, you can see almost all the sights of Jersey. The main one – after the zoo, of course, is the fortification strengthening of the Second World War, which Germans, fearing the landing of the Allies, launched the whole island.

Since the allies did not land, the fortifications were preserved in perfect form.

Jungle in the middle of a man

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