What to see in Jurmala?

In response to the question "What to see in Jurmala?»The first thing that comes to mind is" Comedy Club ", and not known sights. &# 128578; In the past few years, this small Baltic town has again become the famous capital of humor. Merry and resourceful club (KVN) has been holding their festival here for many years, and now another occasion has appeared – "Comedy Club in Jurmala", and at that time, Jurmala comes to life and turns into a popular partner. But we still want to tell about the sights of Jurmala, because even being here for the sake of the concert, the rest of the time you need to do something, not to mention those who just arrived at the resort rest and breathe fresh sea air. So welcome to Jurmala!

State Cottage # 2 – Dacha Brezhnev in Jurmala

Jurmala is just 25 kilometers from Riga on the Baltic Sea coast. It is believed that this is the largest and most famous resort in Latvia. The famous resort has always loved residents of the USSR, and both ordinary people and government officials, and it is here that "State Cottage No. 2" is here, in which Brezhnev’s rest was very. By the way, one of the State Dame Leonid Ilyich was also considered the famous Massandrovsky Palace In the Crimea, we have already written about. Now in the Gosdachi building in Jurmala is a museum located on the territory of the sanatorium "Amber Coast" in the Jaunķemeri district (Jaunķemeri). We didn’t work with this museum, as you can get there only by appointment in the composition of the tourist group – being in Jurmala in the "Naeson", we were not very lucky. It is said that this is one of the most interesting sights of Jurmala, and it is very sorry that we did not visit.

Dzintari: Summer Theater and Beach

Jurmala is a very unusual city, his beaches stretched along the sea coast for as many as 32 kilometers, and in width the city has only 3. By the way, in the warm season (from April 1 to October 30) the entrance to Jurmala paid and costs € 2, and until recently, the entry fee was 1 LAT (€ 1.5) but acted all year round. At the same time, keep in mind that the machine does not give delivery, so or prepare money without passing or use bank cards.

One of the central regions of the city is the Dzintari district and it is believed that this is the most prestigious place of the resort Latvian town. And so it was almost always – in the 70s of the XIX century, exclusively Russian aristocrats lived here. Few people know, but once Dzintari was called Edinburgh, and under such a name he existed for almost 50 years, from 1874 to 1922. And he was named so in honor of the wedding of the daughter of the Russian king Alexander II and the Duke of Edinburgh. The most famous place of Dzintari district is the Summer Theater.

The first concerts on the famous Dzintari playground began in 1897. The modern indoor hall was built in 1936, to which in 1962 attached a summer platform designed for 2000 spectators.

It is on the summer platform that most well-known humorous and music events are held, such as "Comedy Club in Jurmala", "Voting Kiwin", "Jurmolina", "New Wave" and others.

Wooden indoor theater Dzintari preserved to this day and is one of the architectural monuments, its capacity is only about 500 people.

To get inside the concert hall to the no-season is almost impossible – everything is closed and carefully protected by vigilant "guards". &# 128578;

But to get to the famous Beach Dzintari can anyone. Enough to walk from the concert site in Turaidskaya Street (Turaidas Iela) literally a hundred meters.

But it is worth noting that the early spring of those who wanted to stroll through the sea coast of Jurmala are not so much. Due to the strong wind, it is unpleasant on the beach, although something else can be expecting from the Baltic Sea in March.

Globe "Jurmala" and an exhibition of vintage cars

Before we go for a walk along the central street of the city, I would like to celebrate another sight of Jurmala – Globe "Jurmala". This is the largest globe in Latvia, as well as an excellent landmark for tourists who do not really know the city and speak poorly Latvian names.

Next to the globe, Jurmala is an exhibition of vintage cars, but it works only in the summer season. Here you can see not only retro cars and motorcycles, but even the famous Karette "Victoria", which belonged to the Russian king Nicholas II, as well as limousine, released in 1935. Every year in Jurmala passes a parade of vintage cars, which collects many tourists.

Pedestrian street Yomas in Jurmala

Yomas Street – Jurmala Central Street, the movement on cars for it is prohibited, but pedestrians can walk without restrictions. In addition to the fact that it is the central street of the city, she is also one of the oldest.

Translated from Latvian the name of the street means "sand waves". In the holiday season, this is the main place for the promenade, and in the evening it is not at all pouring into. But early March morning only rare guests of the city met on the way.

Basically, hotels, guesthouses, hotels, restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops are located on Yomas Street, and almost all buildings on this street are architectural monuments. So, for example, the hotel building "Villa Joma" It was built at the beginning of the 20th century and belonged to the background of Claysta, and in Soviet times, Maori rest was located in the boarding building. And only after the reconstruction of 2001, a modern hotel appeared here, located just 5 minutes walk from the sea.

Against the background of the wooden buildings of the XIX century on Yomas Street, you can see samples of the Soviet time architecture. For example, a building built of glass and concrete looks like a very eccentric look in 1968. True, in 2007 it was completely reconstructed, so to recognize the work of Soviet architects in this house.

Jurmala - Attractions, photos

On yomas street nicely walk, and if you relax in Jurmala a few days or even weeks, then here you always find where to eat delicious.

Restaurants and cafes have a lot for every taste and wallet, there are Japanese cuisine, and Latvian, and even Turkish and Chinese.

If you reach the end of Yomas Street, then you are tired of the Majori railway station. It is here who arrives from Riga from Riga, if you suddenly decide to go to Jurmala by public transport, near the bus station. By the way, in the summer you can get to Jurmala in water, making an exciting sea walk. In parallel, Yomas Street is the street of Yuras or Sea Street, unlike the street of sandy waves, car traffic is open. There are even parking spaces for cars – in our opinion, it is one of the best places where it is worth leaving the car for a while walking in Jurmala.

Street Yuras, Jurmala

On Yuras Street, there are mainly residential buildings, each of which is a monument of architecture, and hotels. Moreover, hotels are very different – from hotel luxury hotels, such as Baltic Beach Hotel & SPA Luxury, to small but very cozy, such as a mini-hotel Parus.

There are also very unusual homes – it seems that they are abandoned. If you consider the value of the land in Jurmala, it is very strange, and most likely due to some laws to preserve the appearance of architectural monuments.

But it is unlikely that these buildings will be allowed to empty, for sure there is some rich man who will make himself a country cottage or a private hotel.

Jurmala is a very interesting city, he just fascinated us. Perhaps in the summer, when there are many tourists here, it produces a completely different impression, but the early spring of Jurmala was very surprised us.

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In Jurmala, you should come to walk in the Baltic Beach, look at the old wooden villages, because almost every building has its own story, go to the concert in the famous Dzintari. Yes, and just in order to breathe fresh sea air away from the bustle of large cities – Jurmala is very suitable for this.

Jurmala - Attractions, photos

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