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The voting of the jury of the National Prize for opening in the field of travel "My Planet 2014". It was it that determined the best of the best this year – those companies and projects that offered the most innovative, bright decisions and ideas in the field of tourism and travel. The names of the winners of the award will be held secret to the awards ceremony, which will be held December 1, 2014 on the Scene of the Moscow Theater Et Cetera. In the meantime, the Organizing Committee discloses the top three of the main applicants for victory in each nomination that scored the largest number of votes.

1. Radio program on travel

– Chocolate Radio, FM-Traveler program

– "Monte Carlo", program "Around the World with Mikhail Kozhukhov"

– Relax FM, Rubric "Relax geography"

2. Travel Information Resource

– Publisher "Around the World"

3. Documentary on traveling in Russia

– TV channel "Moscow 24" with the film "Honest game. Moscow – Vladivostok »

– TV channel "Russia 2" with the film "By its move. Brazil. Part 2"

– Studio "Mirumir" with a film project "Film "Russian Winter""

4. Branding of the region of Russia

– Corporation on the development of tourism of the Republic of Komi "Eco Republic Komi"

– Tourism Agency Yaroslavl Region

5. Branding of the region of the world

– Norway Tourism Tourism Visit Norway

– National Agency for the Promotion of Tourism Malaysia Tourism Malaysia

– UK Tourism Management Visitbritain

6. Travel Blog

– Project Nikita and Anastasia Istomine Sound Around

– Project "Around the Barents"

– Dmitry Balakirev’s blog "I have 600 mm, but it’s not the main thing!"

1. Service for searching and booking aircraft and railway tickets

2. Search and booking and hotel booking

3. Mobile app for travel

4. Thematic rest

– Summer camp Nikola-sloth for children

– Travel Seasons Of Life

5. Travel Guide

– Guide to the Sverdlovsk Region from the Center for the Development of Tourism of the Sverdlovsk Region

– Seasons of Life "Warm Map of Moscow"

1. Service on earth and in heaven (foreign airline)


2. Service on earth and in heaven (Russian airlines)

– "Nordavia – Regional Airlines"

3. Art of hospitality

Jury Premium

– Like Hostel Network

– "Grand Hotel Emerald"

4. Region for traveling in Russia

5. The project of the year in the field of ecotourism

– "Big Baikal Trail"

– Holiday "Flowering of the Malart"

6. Thematic Museum

– Museum "Kolomenskaya Pastila"

– MUK "Museum of History of the Russian Collection and Shawl"

– Museum of History Vodka

7. Tourist initiative

– International Apple-Book Festival "Antonovskaya Apples"

– Festival "Night of New Media" in Nikola-Leniv

– International Festival of Wedding Traditions of Peoples of the World in Ethnomyr

The composition of the 2014 award jury included about 100 reputable experts and specialists of the tourist sphere, journalists, travelers and public opinion leaders. Among them, the chief editor of the TV channel "My Planet" Nikolay Tabashnikov, chief editor of the TV channel "Russia 24" Evgeny Bekasov, bloggers Sergey Vinevsky and Sergey Share, President of the Gran Canaria Government José Miguel Bravo de Laguna and others. The jury’s vote became the second stage of choosing the winners – during the first short list from the top five in each category amounted to the Organizing Committee.

In the nominations "Best Travel Report" and "Best Video Travel Video" The winners were determined during the public voting on the Moya-Planeta Club website.Ru. In category Best travel report defeated Denis Dorophey with the work of the "Best Hiking on Baikal". The best video recorded was called "Dream Power. Around the last 2 year "Vladimir Freesnova.

In total, more than 800 applications in 20 nominations were received by the "My Planet 2014" premium.

The "My Planet" award is a sign of differences, awarded to the participants of the country’s tourism market: individual projects and personnel, travel companies, airlines, Internet services, Internet sites – for contribution to the development of the tourist market. The organizer and founder of the prize is the TV channel "My Planet".

Jury Premium

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