Just add the bus!

See the 12 most beautiful European cities for small money this is possible only in one case: driving around Europe by bus.

Some time ago it was customary to talk about how many in our country can fit France, Germany, Italy and other capitalist countries. Since this comparison was always in our favor, then it, to the place and not to the place, was used very often. And it seems to be objected to nothing really, all European countries, if approaching them with a Russian scale, relatively small.

But what was considered a disadvantage then, with the development of tourism and the appearance of a Schengen visa turned out to be a huge advantage, namely, gave us a comfortable opportunity to look at one or two weeks several European countries. But since renting the car and go to the local cities themselves while the fun is not the cheapest, the most inexpensive (when, for example, for 300-400 euros you can see Germany, France and Holland) with a method of exploring several European countries, you can call sightseeing bus tours.

Bus tours are also a convenient way to see Europe, because today there are tourists today only on five-star buses (most often these are buses "Neoplast" or "Mercedes"), where there are not only ergonomic armchairs, a toilet, a boiler and a VCR, but even a bar. But for the first acquaintance with Europe through the bus, it is best to choose a seven-eight-day tour. There are several reasons for this, but the main thing is that it is necessary to travel to this way gradually. Therefore, another condition when choosing a bus tour should be the minimum number of night crossings. Ideally, they should not be at all, since this is the most tedious part of the bus program. By the way, one of the ways to avoid at least one guaranteed night crossing to get to Brest (the main transit city of bus programs) by train. Fortunately, all major firms engaged in such tours have long taken into account these requests, and train tickets can be bought together with a tour. Yes, and the choice of bus tours "Without night crossings" quite sufficient.

Just add the bus!

The rest of the bus tours are a very interesting way to get acquainted with Europe, and all because during the way you can see not only the main attractions, but also the countries themselves that cross. Take, for example, the Czech Republic. During the standard bus tour to the Czech Republic, tourist companies offer to see not only Prague and Karlovy Vary, as during a tour with the flight, but also Cashtein Castle, the city of Melnik, located on the Arrow of Vltava and Elba, as well as the title of UNESCO Kotna Mountain title. Moving to these places is free on the same bus. You need to pay only for entrance tickets (4-10 dollars). A similar situation with Poland, when in six days you can see not only Krakow and Warsaw, but also a saint copy of the Great with their phenomenally beautiful three-kilometer underground route (do not forget to ask for miners there is still mining a salt-free crystal for memory). As well as Gdansk, or Danzig, the capital of Eastern Pomerania, – among other things, the famous also the fact that it was from the attack on this city that the Second World War began. During such travel, the countries open up completely from the other side.

However, tours are considered the most interesting bus tours, during which several countries can be visited. It is usually three or four states, but they can even be six or seven. The list of bus tourism leaders are France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Benilyux countries. Choosing a tour of several countries, you have to be ready for what you have to ride a lot. However, the remuneration is great. Agree, it’s beautifully walking on the Dresden Gallery on the Dresden Gallery, on the next photographed on the background of the lion of the Venetian Square San Marco, less than a day to drink wine in San Marino, go to Florence in the morning, and spend the night after visiting Monte Carlo and Nice already in Canne. Then along the azure shore of France to ride to Barcelona, ​​and then be in Paris for several days. From where, on the way to the house, call in Amsterdam, Brussels and Berlin. This is possible only during a bus trip, to forget that is impossible. Small Help: Bus tourism is perfect for children, at this age they even sit more comfortably in the front of the front chair, do not rest. The low price of European bus tours makes them an excellent gift, say, close relatives and acquaintances.

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