Just to ride, then on Montblan

Acquaintance with ski resorts located next to the highest peak of Western Europe – this was the purpose of the advertising trip, organized by the Italian company "Eurotravel" and Moscow international tour operator "Ascent Travel". A group of representatives of Russian travel agencies and journalists visited the Alpine Valley of Aosta (Italian autonomous region Valle d’Aoste).

The vertices obscure people. You look at the map: the mountain is so, and who is there on the mountain or under the mountain.

Still, they still know a little in Russia, an old woman europe, rejected along and across, but still attractive. Surely a few remember, for example, that from the beginning of XV to the beginning of the XVIII centuries. On the lands of the current North-West Italy and Southeast France, the Savoy Duchy existed, for three centuries, forced all European monarchies to respect himself. Now he was reminiscent of numerous castles that look from the surrounding mountains to the modern motorway, laid along the valley and ending in Italy the eleventh-to-tonlete tunnel connecting Italy with France.

The main city of Valley – Aosta was founded by the Roman emperor August in 25 g. to N.NS. That is, this, according to Russian concepts, "baby" (only 40 thousand. population) twice older than the whole Russian Orthodox civilization. Nowadays, the descendants of the ancient Romans who came to the Alps in the Doharistian Era, and the proud Alpine feudal feudalists are engaged in the construction and operation of hotels, lifts and ski slopes, attracting lovers of active winter holidays from all over the world, but mainly of course from European countries.

Within five days, guests from Russia have got acquainted with hotels and lifts on ski slopes in Kurmayor, Chervinia, Gression, La Tuili and saw, admired Mont Blanc (Italian Monte Bianco), Monte Rosa and other mountains, including the sadly famous Matterhorn who killed the lives of many climbers. And every day – in a new place and on new tracks – invariably convinced that the mountain skiing, maybe are not happiness, but may well replace it.

And of course, travel agents – participants of the trip, can now more qualify and competently respond to customer questions.

Those who mastered the mountain skiing in the Caucasian Cheget, but did not live in Italy, nor in France, nor in Switzerland, nor in Austria (Salzburg, Innsbruck), the question may seem far-fetched – is the choice? In fact, those who go to ride these countries, the choice is huge.

Not exception and Aosta. Thirteen gorges with a length of 10 to 50 km descend to the Valley of the Aosta, and in each of them you can live, and ride. And you can, settling in Aoste, go to a new gorge every day – to any "Catal" Mountains from the center of the valley of half an hour, an hour, a maximum of one and a half, driving. More free in the choice and change of residence will feel, of course, the one who will come to Aost on their own car or take it to Italy for rent. It should, however, keep in mind that the roads here are mountainous, often narrow, steep and winding, with many tunnels.

Most, especially with short-term vacation, apparently chooses constant "place of residence". Everywhere where we were, hotels a lot. Especially in Cervia, which impresses the city of mountain hotels.

In the Aoste itself, you can recommend 4 * hotels "Europe" and "Holiday Inn". And in a saw, at an altitude of 1800 m above sea level (and the beginning of the road, and the lower station of the lift in the AOSTA line). – Hotels in Nine Clean Snow overlooking Mont Blanc or Monte Rose. In Krumior, you can stay in "Le Jumo", "Chekrite" or "Kurmssone", in Cervia – in "Chalet Waldotaine", "Europe", "Crystal" or "Serinelli", in Gressonoe – in "MONBOSSO", "Monte Rose" or "Lizkame", in la thuly – in "Planibel". Small private hotels in almost all cities (according to the Russian concepts of tiny, but very picturesque). In addition to ordinary rooms (Single and Double), you can remove the residence – in fact, a large apartment (with a kitchen), and you can – like Soviet "hostel" four- or even a six-bed room in which we sleep on sliding bedchairs. In any room, if necessary, a sleeping place will be arranged for a child. Most rooms are single-level, but quite a few and two-level.

Many hotels have garages or parking. Saunas and gym practically in all hotels. Many have different salons: cosmetic, Perfect Shapes, massage, etc. Family lovers, video, billiards or reading near the burning fireplace will also be satisfied. But those who want to swim after a ski day, you will have to choose a hotel more carefully – in a small pool hotel may not be. There is no such thing in Aostovsky "Holiday Inn", Where did the student trips lived.

The most obscure question – about prices. And who and no matter how trying to clarify it, did not achieve the desired clarity. The owners of hotels avoided calling possible discounts (that is, the real minimum of prices) for their reasons, Russian tour operators working with AOOSTA – in their. In the official price lists 3 * and 4 * hotels in the price of single rooms per day – at $ 100 (180 thousand. Italian lir), double – percent for 20 more. But in February-March, when the skier’s influx is especially great, the price for not paid in advance may increase significantly, and in December, when the snow is not always enough for full riding, – twice, and then and then fall. So real housing spending in many ways depend on the knowledge of a particular resort and the situation developing on it, as well as the qualifications and entrepreneurship of the tour operator, with which the travel agent.

In the case of a favorable progress of marked conditions and circumstances "Where to live" In the Valley of Aosta can be resolved quickly, and inexpensive. But for "Fanov" ski sports he hardly the main.

Do you need to take with me?

Modern ski equipment has absorbed many scientific and technical achievements of recent decades and continues to improve. A rowing ski competitor – Snowboard.

Italian resort is optional to come with its equipment. In most hotels you can take equipment rental. Participants of our group it was worth $ 33 (60 thousand. LIR) per week. But with the individual handling to the rental point, especially in the peak of the season, it can cost several times more expensive.

Those who are carrying equipment should be especially neat at the airport. Mountain Skiing – Oversized Air Bug. Exceeding its weight threatens significant unforeseen expenses.

What and how much to climb the mountain?

Skipass – a magnetic tape card that provides the passage to all lifts of a mountain or another country. The last reservation is not accidental. Having a shhengen visa in his pocket, a tourist living in Italian worm can ride the territory of Switzerland, and settled in La Tuili – to France. But the Italian Skipass does not act in Switzerland, nor in France.

Skipass for a week in different places costs from $ 30 to $ 180 (55-320 thousand. lire). Sold and Skipasses acting in all the gorges and on all the lifts of the valley. Their purchase can significantly affect the expense of the skier or snowboarder.

Cable roads in the Italian Alps are excellent. In the largest car, in whom I had a chance to rise (in Kurmayor), I counted almost 100 passengers, but it would fit 150. Over the other slopes float smaller cars for 50 passengers and 30.

In Chervinia two-stage high-speed catall. On the first stage of the six-bed "Baskets", On the second – the same, but without seating (they can stand up to 10 people with skis in their hands). Design "Baskets" Simple and reliable. It holds on the central carrier metal tube, rigidly bonded with floor and ceiling. Everything "Baskets" glazed, and their pneumodvory opens and closes automatically. Well thought out gentle devices and approaches to them.

Just to ride, then on Montblan

Ropes with cars and "Baskets" Tent continuously working powerful diesel installations. From cars I "Baskets" Skiers transplanted in open chairs floating over the slopes. Chairs are designed for three people.

Pankers and chair lifts work with the accuracy of watch mechanisms. Special automatic barriers prevent the premature exit of the skier to the landing platform at the bottom station, and the movable mechanical fences that are equipped with all the armchairs – from falling in case of unforeseen stops.

In December, to the rank of season in the Alps are still far away, and most of the chairs went up empty. Only lovers of fast descents, which always annoyed the low bandwidth of the cable lifts on Cheget, and hence, the long queues below can evaluate the entire temptation of December skating in the Alley of Aosta.

What color to choose?

Together with Skipass, the tourist gets a folded harmonica to a small book, the opening, which he sees the mountain map, painted by multi-colored winding lines. When it comes to choosing a track, neither age, nor the floor nor public situation nor the thickness of the wallet do not matter anymore. Only personal courage and ski ski!

If the tourist is a beginner or long ago, he didn’t go better, the tracks indicated by the blue line, they are safe. Fall, of course, you can and on the blue track. But those who are afraid of falling, it is better not to ride in the mountains.

Most trails are designated red. And the majority ride on them. However, someone on them almost crawls, especially in steep areas, and someone almost flies. This is fine. Wings do not suddenly. And we must pay tribute to the masters of skiing: they never laugh above the dangerous irregularities, and on the contrary, they teach them and encourage.

And among the masters there is its own table of ranks and their challenges. Squeezing from the Red Trails Everything Possible, Aces begin to look at black. On so black (steep, unprepared, unreasonable, really dangerous), which is not asam on them and look scary. Even published.

Commensurate desires and abilities and asam. On the slopes of Aosta, nothing has happened, but in Austria the incident with our skier recently was. With the help of a helicopter got. Well, yes, the same "Ascent" Flight together with air ticket "LUKOIL-CITY". In the service card obtained by the tourist, the phone is indicated by which if necessary, you can call at any time. And the call will answer. And really help. But you need it? Return better alive, healthy and full forces. And without any incidents.

Mountains do not obscure people. They check, help understand ourselves. In the mountains, everything is honest: everyone in courage and abilities. This Russians are especially necessary. After all, in a much greater degree than Europe, Russia remains a thing in itself. And it would be time for myself.

Therefore, if there is at least the slightest opportunity, go to Mont Blanc. Or on Chegeet. Or on any other mountain. And the higher the better.

Just to ride, then on Montblan

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