Justice Cyprus. 7 tips, how to get everything from vacation

Cyprus is actually an amazing and unforgettable place. We have prepared for you a selection of tips, where to visit and what to do on vacation on the island, so that your stay is the most complete and saturated.

Aphrodite was born here

According to ancient legend, it was in Cyprus who was the world of the Goddess Aphrodite. According to legend, she came out of marine foam. Even her name means «foaming». Actually, «Accurate place» Her appearance is known, and, I must say, the goddess had a good taste on the entourage. Place unusually pictorial – Sea, proper oval shape beach with pebbles, majestic rocks. The largest cliff and got its name in honor of the goddess – Aphrodite stone.

This place is connected by the mass of traditions, beliefs, rituals. Something from this you can experience on yourself. Want to be eternally young – Pay in the local waters at night naked. Want to find eternal unearthly beauty – Slide the Aphrodite stone three times counterclockwise. Dream of great real love and family happiness – Find on the beach pebbles in the shape of a heart.

Keep in mind this beach – Present magnet for tourists, especially for couples in love. Therefore, to make spectacular photos and thoughtfully search «cordial» pebbles, you need to come here early, or, on the contrary, later.

Cyprus Church and Monasteries

Cyprus is literally filled with Orthodox shrines. To touch each of them, a whole Orthodox tour is needed, but most likely a few. But if you have already scheduled holidays on the island, you should visit at least the main sacred places.

If you are in Larnaca, you will certainly visit the Church of Saint Lazar. This temple – One of the most beautiful on the whole island. The history of his walking and construction goes to the distant past by more than a thousand years.

It is believed that the church is built on the same place where the famous biblical character was buried (yes, the same Lazar, which Jesus Christ was resurrected) after his second and final death. Actually, in the chip of the temple and contain its power. Here is the holy source. Water can be freely washed and dial with them free.

Another place, notable not only to its holiness, but also direct contact with biblical characters, is the Kickkos Monastery in the Troodos Mountains. Other name – Monastery of the Holy Virgin Mary. This place continuously attracts many pilgrims from all over the Orthodox world. Believers come to bow the miraculous icon of the Mother of God. She is incredibly ancient – According to legend, Icon is written any little, the apostle itself onions.

A lot of unusual and mystical is connected with the icon. The first thing is important – Her face cannot be seen, and it is possible that none of our contemporaries has never seen him. It is completely covered with embedded lush patterns. Why is that – Nobody reliably knows. We just reached the legends about the local patriarch, which many centuries ago dared to reveal the cover, after which the land. Since then, no one risks repeat this experience.

That of this is just true, but what fiction – Unknown, but with the icon associated with many stories of wonderful healing. She herself has also been dangerous than destruction – four times the monastery completely buried the dottle, but the icon remained unharmed.

It is worth noting the softness of the rules for visiting Cypriot temples. So, for example, women without problems can enter any church with uncovered head. The only thing – Open shoulders and legs above the knees still have to hide. What is also characteristic – In the Orthodox churches of Cyprus, if you suddenly did not turn out to be cash to buy and put a candle, you will be given it for free, and you can leave a donation in any unrecognizable size for you in any other temple of the island.

Roman Mosaics, Richard Castle Lion Heart

The history of Cyprus is very deep, stratified and multifaceted. What historical personalities here visited and what they did, sometimes it causes sincere amazement. So, for example, it is worth mentioning the medieval castle in Limassol. This building externally may not be extremely outstanding, but what makes it an invaluable attraction, this is the fact that it was in him the king Richard Lion’s heart and Princess Berengaria.

It is impossible not to mark the interior of the castle – This is a real sample of inner decoration, characteristic of deep medieval with genuine artifacts of those times. There is an observation platform in the castle where you can climb and make stunning panoramic pictures.

Acquaintance with the historical heritage of Cyprus, you can continue in the Archaeological Museum Park Kurion. It is in the vicinity of Limassol. This is a completely fascinating place – The picturesque ruins of an ancient ancient city. The first buildings in this place were erected by the Dorians in time immemorial – presumably in the 17th century BC. What came to the present day was already built in the 12th century BC. NS. Mykets who participated in the Trojan War.

Central «Sightseeing in attractions» – This is an amphitheater for 3,500 spectators. He has been preserved well, and even now is used for direct purpose – Here are theatrical ideas and concerts are held.

Be sure to visit another archaeological park – This is a Pafos Park, where you can admire the amazing Roman mosaics that have come down to this day. Mosaic floors of the 2nd-5th centuries of our era are considered the most well preserved on the whole Eastern Mediterranean.

Cape Greco

If you wish to make the most romantic photos on a trip to Cyprus, you definitely need to get to Cape Greco. This place is known for its picturesque rocks of amazing colors and shades. Against the background of the emerald color of the sea water, the rocks look just fantastically.

If you hit the Greek Cape along with your loved one, in the local small, but very «mental» the church with a snow-white facade, you can even get married! Real dream of true romantics. Do not miss «Bridge of lovers» – This is a natural arch in a rock – Very photogenic place where newlyweds adore.

Do not forget about another romance – adventure, namely – Pirate. With her, this place is also very closely connected. They say, in the local pirate caves, marine robbers kept their prey. Dimensions of the largest cave impressive – She goes deep into 900 meters.

Winery – Try «Wine kings»

Turning to K «Gastronomic attractions» Cyprus, let’s start with the brightest and interesting. Namely, with a special wine that you can try only in Cyprus, and then far from anywhere. it – Commandary, or, as it is also called, «Wine kings».

Justice Cyprus. 7 tips, how to get everything from vacation

This is an unusual sweet wine with a very difficult taste and the aftertaste, many consider Maders, Marsals, and even Porter.

Present, «truthful» Commandary is made only on the southern slopes of Mount Troodos. It is made in total in 14 villages located on this slope. Only this place and only these specific grape vines, age not under 4 years old, can give all the properties of genuine Commandaria.

Manufacturers do not share this wine on subspecies, but from the winery to the winemaker, consumer properties of wine can vary significantly. There may be a tangible difference in taste, fortresses, aroma, shade, but the Commandary will still remain a commander. It is difficult to explain the words, it must be trying!

Cypriot Easterns – Suvlaki, Halumi, Mez

True gastronomic attraction of Cyprus – These are suvlaki – Miniature kebabs strung on wooden spanks. Most often they are prepared from pork, but there may be variations from chicken, beef or even fish. Food can be served differently – both on the skewers and in Pete (National Pellet) with Dzodzyk sauce and fresh vegetables. Actually, Suvlaki is something exotic only for tourists. For local, this is a kind of fast food, which is served at every turn.

Real National Culinary Pride of Cyprus – This cheese Halumi. Recently – In 1999, the recipe of this cheese was even patented. Its taste is so peculiar that it is impossible to confuse with anything, and, accordingly, replaced with nothing. In the bounte of taste, halums are combined with salted and freshly creamy tones with light ed.

Prepare halums from sheep and goat milk with adding a small share of cow. Different cheesecakes, despite the patented recipe, prepare cheese, using different proportions of different types of milk and salt. Therefore, here, as in the case of the fault of the Commandary, the Halumi from different cheesecakes may vary with shades of taste, but at the same time stay halami and nothing else. Serve cheese in a variety of options – in salad, roasted, baked, grilled and t. D.

Finally, we have reached hardly to the main – Meza. It is not even a dish, but a whole dish menu. Serve it throughout the island, and in expensive restaurants, and in taverns of lost mountain villages.

Popular resorts offer a fairly standard menu of fish meza, consisting of actually fish of different types, seafood (mussels, shrimps, octopuses, squid in a grain), cheese Hulum, vegetables (capers, baked or fried zucchini, pickled beets, eggplants, olives, baked or boiled potatoes), salted mushrooms, whole set of sauces (hummus, tachy, dzodzaki, taramaçalat).

Naturally, the whole listed marine livery, filed to you on the table in the mese, in the morning I swam in the sea. All really freshest. Meza are covered for at least two persons. One person simply will not cope with such an abundance.


In conclusion, we can not not say about hardly the most cute and touching features of Cyprus. Speech about the characteristic Cypriot donies. These milestone, charming creatures in ancient times served as a banal vehicle. Now they are surrounded by the love and care of the owners of the farm «Dipotos» Not far from the village of Skarin, and, of course, sincerely adee tourists, especially young.

About 400 Cypriot donks live on the farm. Tourists are often coming here with children to introduce kids with four-legged friends and arrange cruising. First, all are instructed by «Driving rules», Everyone who wants to ride an animal is selected individually taking into account not only weight and physique, but even character! At the end of learning and driving, everyone is issued funny «driver’s license».

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