Kabardino-Balkaria: Chegem Gorge

One of the most beautiful places in Russia — The Cheger Gorge is located in the middle part of Kabardino-Balkaria. A stone bag, reaching a height of 300 m with a width of no more than 15 m, shares the mountains of the republic to the North and South. From other gorges Chegemskoe is distinguished by the fact that the road goes almost on its bottom, and it is very narrow very narrow and has tall walls.

The most important attraction of Chegemskaya tested — This, of course, the Wall of Su-Auzu Waterfalls («Water throat»). Water streams are pulled out straight from the rocks and fall down the downward flow from height 50–60 M. There is a sad legend about the origin of the waterfalls, which everyone will tell you in Chegeme. Once in the mountains there was a Balkar village, whose girls were distinguished by amazing beauty. And when one day the enemies attacked the village and wanted to take them into slavery. The girls fled from them along the rocks to the edge of the abyss and one by one jumped down. Long female hair clung to the brands of the rocks and turned into a jet of water, of which «Grown» Waterfalls.

By the way, the ancient Balkar village in the gorge really existed. On the left bank of the River Chegem, which seems to disseminate the gorge into two parts, to this day there is a village El-Tube (or Upper Chegem). His name is literally translated as «Foundation of the village» — This suggests that the modern village was based on the place of another, much more ancient. Indeed, here are preserved at home for several hundred years. Here you can see the old tower of the princes of the Balcarukovy, which is also called the Love Tower. According to legend, it was built by Akhtugan Balcarukov in order to defend themselves from the relatives of Beauty Kerim, stolen in Dagestan. And nearby, at the bridge, the stone of Shame was located with the hole done in it: they say, in the Middle Ages, criminals tied to him.

But the Middle Ages — Not the most ancient times, which remembers the Cheger Gorge. Next to the village, along the small river Girgi Su, you can see the remnants of Greek temples cut down in the rocks, and up the rocks are laid two defensive Greek stairs leading to the cave. In these stairs, people went to the mountains when the enemy was approaching the village, and warriors occupied defense on the rocks. By the way, in the very cave, as the legend says, the ancient Christian relics are hidden, which cannot be found so far.

Not far from Al-Tube, another monument of history and culture is located — Town of the dead. Here you can see the preserved crypts X–XII centuries — Four houses with double circuit roofs, as well as four round Balkan Mausoleum XVII–The XVIII centuries in which the local knead.

I must say, in the Chegem Gorge, the attractions literally grow one of the other: waterfalls, the village of Al-Tube, Greek stairs, temples, the town of the Dead… The latter, by the way, besides what is interesting in itself, is also at the foot of a very remarkable object — Kum-Tube («Sandy Hill»). This volcanic array was included in the list of Russian abnormal places as an abnormal zone «Alpha». Here a large number of inexplicable phenomena was recorded: there were circles with a diameter of about 7 m, within which all the vegetation was worked, there were strange night glows and other mysterious phenomena…

How to get?

There are several ways to get to Chegemsky Gorge. The easiest way — on a personal car. It is better to choose the route M29, which leads from Pyatigorsk to Nalchik. Go to the village of Chegem-2, then turn right and move to the pointer «Chegem waterfalls». Further — straight to the pointer «Parade Chegem».

Second option — On the flight bus that depart from Nalchik and follows the village of Bulung. Ask the driver to stay at Paradrom Chegem.


Kabardino-Balkaria Chegem Gorge

If you are going to visit the Chegem Gorge in the spring or summer, you need to fear the villages in the winter — Lavin. And at any time of the year you should not forget about the dangers of stonepads. So refrain from independent campaigns to the gorge — Only with an instructor! And do not forget about comfortable shoes with non-slip sole.

Interesting Facts

In the Chegemsky Gorge, films were filmed as «Land Sannikova» (1973), «Rider with lightning in hand» (1975), «War» (2002), film episodes «Hero of our time» (1965–1966).

«We were on Chegem waterfalls in the summer. This is a fairytale! On the plain heat under 40 degrees, and in the mountains cool. The beauty is indescribable, the spirit captures. Yes, it’s not in vain in the song: «Better Mountains can only be mountains». I really want to go back there. If there is an opportunity, you need to go there».

«Once again, Kabardino-Balkaria conquered me with his beauty. Nature there is just fantastic. I went a lot, was and in Adygea in Lago-Naki, and in Elbrus, but I have not seen such mountains yet. True, they have bad roads, but these are all little things in life compared to what you see».

Kabardino-Balkaria Chegem Gorge

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