Kailas Mountain in Tibet &# 8211; Mystery and mysteries planet

Place of worship of the population and an irresistible obstacle to the population &# 8211; Such is the sacred mountain in Tibet Kailas.
Kailas resembles a pyramid, the edges of which are located exactly on the sides of the world. Mysterious Mount Kailas has an interesting attraction – a vertical crack is located on the southern slope, which is crossed horizontal and resembles a cross. This mountain is sacred for people living on Tibet, representatives of four religions, they believe that the mountain is the center of the Universe.

Mount Kaylas in Tibet &# 8211; Main characteristics

  • Country location &# 8211; Chinese People’s Republic;
  • Height &# 8211; 6638 meters;
  • Enters the mountain system of Tibetan Highlands;
  • Latitude: 30.4483777059657 SS; Longitude: 81.3129043579102 VD;
  • Distance to the nearest village Darchen &# 8211; 10 km.

Sacred Mountain in Tibet Kailas &# 8211; Interesting Facts

Most pilgrims come to Kailas to make a ritual bypass, all distance in 53 kilometers they pass in one day. Mount Kailas has not yet conquered from climbers, t.To. This is a sacred place, and as if someone from invisible gods protects him. Then the fog or a snowy storm does not allow to conquer this top, then some more weather attack. Mount Kaylas is listed on the list of protected plates of the planet. What interesting facts excite the imagination of tourists?

  • Kailas has many names, the Chinese call her gandysishan, Europeans &# 8211; Kailash, on Tibet &# 8211; Kang Rinpoche, which means ; precious snowy ;;
  • Mountain &# 8211; Center 4 religions, It dreams of coming every supporter of Buddhism, Religion Bon, Jainism, Hinduism;
  • Kailas Mountain in Tibet; Mystery and mysteries planet
  • In the ancient legends it is said that the cosmic creation of Shiva dwell on the mountain, and the place is the focus of force;
  • On the slopes take the beginning of 4 main Tibetan rivers &# 8211; Ind, Brahmaputra, Carnali, Sutland;
  • In the evening, a swastika symbol appears on the southern slope, due to the special location of the crack. For many nations, he personifies the sun and life;
  • Kailas in the form of a pyramid is located strictly with orientation on the sides of the world. People argue &# 8211; The construction has an unbelievable origin, it is the work of an ancient civilization;
  • Having done a bark (bypass around the mountain) at least 13 times, a person will redeek his sins and will not fall into hell.

Pilgrims from around the world go to Kailas to achieve enlightenment. Especially appreciated bark perfect in full moon &# 8211; One circle is considered for two.

Mount Kaylas &# 8211; Secrets and mysteries of the planet, according to scientists

If the pilgrims are accustomed to believe in all the mysterious and unknown, then how to deal with scientists &# 8211; Like in science people explain the features of Mount Kailas? Even specialists are confident &# 8211; The terrain around the mountain has a unique ability to change the time. What is this phenomenon?

  • Near Kailas there is a variety of rocks with a smooth or concave surface &# 8211; their origin has not been studied;
  • These rocks are called ; time mirrors ;, whose focus changes the flow of time;
  • So, a person who fell into focus is experiencing abnormal sensations, and the processes in the body flow at increased speed;
  • For example, a group of scientists who were at the foot of the mountain during the day, noted that the beard and nails they have a branch during this time, as a couple of weeks.

What is the connected unique phenomenon &# 8211; So far, it is not clear, but the fact that the time here flows is particularly confirmed. Man here makes faster.

Kailas Mountain in Tibet &# 8211; Who conquered the peak?

Kailas &# 8211; This is a unspoken point of the earth planet, which is surprising, because this mountain is not the highest in the world, but it did not give in to any experienced climbers. Although attempts were and continuing constantly:

  1. In 1985, a famous climber Reinehold Messner, Already settled on the rocks with a height of over 8,000 meters, planned to go on Kailas. But suddenly changed the decision, refusing plans forever. Whether he was prevented by the weather, or, as many consider a vision of over;
  2. In 2000 Climbers from Spain also attempted to climb. Then the path was performed by Buddhists &# 8211; Dalai Lama personally forbade lift to the mountain;
  3. In 2004 Yuri Zakharov, The doctor by education, visited the slopes of the mountain, however, reliable data about what height it was submitted, no.

Other travelers and professional climbers also constantly come across obstacles to &# 8211; Weather, Diseases, Locals. Since Kailas &# 8211; The mountain is sacred, the people protect it, believing that only gods can walk on the poppy, and this luxury is unavailable.

Kailas Mountain in Tibet on the map: how to get?

You can get to Kaylas today in several ways, but you need to think through the journey in advance &# 8211; Wishing a lot at any time of the year. Through China, you need to fly to Beijing, from there by train, plane or on the car to come to Lhasa. Then order an expedition to the mountain on jeep with a guide. There is a similar route through Nepal and Lhasa. What method of movement to choose?

  • airplane &# 8211; Quickly, since the flight between Beijing and Lhasa takes little time, but there is no possibility to get acquainted with Tibet;
  • train &# 8211; The Chinese have recently built the railway, travel time &# 8211; 45 hours, but you need to take into account that there will be a lot of tourists;
  • Auto &# 8211; The highway between Lhasa and Darchen is asphalted, travelers are carrying on buses. You can visit the cave city in Guga and Garuda, pass acclimatization.

To visit, it is better to choose organized tours with a guide &# 8211; On the way there will be many posts, so in order to avoid problems, you should take in satellites of an experienced person.

Mount Kaylas &# 8211; The unique pearl of Tibet, the sacred place of worship for millions of people who dream of at least once in life to visit here. But even ordinary travelers who do not believe in virtue of the ancient spirits are in a hurry to look at the rocky peaks to understand what the uniqueness of this mountain, her secrets and riddles on the planet?

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