Kaliningrad Fort No. 5 ; King Friedrich-Wilhelm III ;

Historic places fascinate with their mystery, visiting them we are in contact with the secrets of past times and take a little journey in time. Fort number 5 in Kaliningrad ; The place where his mark left not one century where the events of different eras occurred, and even the walls were shrouded in the haze of intrigues and military secrets.

Mid 19th century, the Great Patriotic War, our years ; time here is impossible to the laws of nature. Only visiting the fort you will feel involved in significant events of the past.

Today, Fort converted to the museum ; Thanks to the work of archaeologists and historians, everyone can familiarize themselves with the remains of the building, temporary and permanent exhibitions. Fort will be interested in visiting fans of places of combat fame, lovers of military equipment. Also, the territory of Fort ; This is a harmonious entourage for recreating historical events and here you can often see the reconstruction of the storming of the fort.

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How to get

Fort is located at G. Kaliningrad, ul. Bulatov

Public transport: Bus number 36, trolleybus number 1 , stop ; Fort number 5 ;

Landmark for travel by car ; sign ; Kaliningrad ; At the entrance to the city

Operating mode

Visit Fort maybe every day

Opening hours:

  • From October to April from 10:00 to 19:00
  • from May to September from 10:00 to 20:00

Cashier closes an hour before the closure of the museum.

The cost of entrance tickets:

    Kaliningrad Fort No. 5; King Friedrich-Wilhelm III.
  • Adults ; 150 R.
  • Student ; 100 R.
  • School ; 50 R.
  • Audible ; 150 R.
  • Photography, video ; is free

What to pay attention to

The most spectacular part of the object that must be visited ; Fortification buildings. The appearance of the walls remained in this form in which it was built. Many buildings are damaged by time and war, and it makes them even more interesting ; they keep tracks of different eras and events. In Forte acts permanent Exhibition of rare photographs dedicated to the sturm of Königsberg. Also visitors can meet with exhibition combat military equipment. In addition, there is a military memorial in honor of the city’s victim during the storm. Königsberg assault ; This is the valor of the Soviet Army, this battle brought the title of Hero of the Soviet Union fifteen courageous soldiers.

History Forta

The construction of the fort in its original form refers to 1870-1890. He covered the road from Pillau (current Baltiysk). Then Kaliningrad belonged to Prussia. Fort entered the dense ring of fortifications, created to protect residents from opponents, which attracted the convenient location of the city. 20 forts were powerful protection and called ; Night Parina Königsberg ;.

Fort consisted of central premises, barren buildings, the walls were strengthened with a bulk shaft from the ground, around the trenches were located, was dug and filled with water ditch, on top of which a fireproof bridge was equipped, firing points are equipped. Over time, the Fort wall strengthened the concrete layer and covered armor.

There is a common delusion, that the Fort was covered by planting trees and shrubs, which made it inconspicuous for the enemy. In fact, trees ; it’s trouble for combat fort. Nowadays they are not cut down, because forts have long lost their military importance. But before there were no trees and even the grass was turned on hundreds of meters around. The fact is that the vegetation covered not only the fort, but also the enemy disruptive to him. Trees closed the review and interfered with artillery. Trees could grow directly inside the fort. They were planted to protect against fragments of shells.

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During art preparation before the storming of the city by Soviet troops, the Fort received a large number of hits. However, the holes in his walls were single. Fort did not give up. Starting from April 6, 1945, the Red Army gradually occupied Fort. First, under the cover of tanks, the assault squad approached the right flank. They managed to force the moat and knock off the Germans from one of the chaise in.

Meanwhile, saphers under the enemy fire undermined the caasemate on the left flank. By night, they also managed the explosions to wrap the area of ​​the outdoor loop of the RVA and pull the plascent. Folding the sapers undermined outdoor caboon. Soldiers of the Red Army broke into this break. The fight inside the fort lasted until the morning of April 8, when the remnants of the German garrison capitulated.

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Storming Fort No. 5 was one of the most difficult, he fell under the main blow to the Soviet Army. The remaining forts surrendered for several hours. It was the end of the war, and the soldiers, and the officers of the Wehrmacht did not want to die in vain, performing the orders of Hitler. So far, the assault troops fought in the caaset Fort, the rest of the military units left far forward and have already made their way to the city center. As a result of the assault, Fort suffered greatly.

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In 1979 Fort number 5 in Kaliningrad Got a museum status. Everyone equipped to visit tourists. There are several exhibitions, including unique photos of Königsberg assault. On the territory of the military equipment of the time of war. Museum is interesting, but the Fort itself is very destroyed.

Kaliningrad Fort No. 5; King Friedrich-Wilhelm III.

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