Kaliningrad: how to do everything for 72 hours

In February 2021, I flew away with a friend for three days in Kaliningrad. Tickets bought on the site Cubiouke , Flying Aeroflot.

Since we had only three days, and I wanted to see everything, flew with the finished program. In this article, I will tell you what to see where to eat and try to orient at prices.


The most Instagram Spa in Russia – Nordic SPA . Located in Amber – this is a suburb of Kaliningrad, you can get by bus or taxi. We have chosen the second option, from the city center arrived approximately per hour and 1 000₽ for two.

The complex itself is not very large, designed for 12 guests. What is available? Dressing room with shower and restroom, 2 species Scandinavian saunas, lounge and 2 fonts on firewood – they are chanes that are on the beach. Bathrobes are provided, but for slippers and cap will have to pay. Cost of visiting on weekdays 1250.00 / hour, Minimum armor time 2 hours. They were enough for us, during which time they managed to survive the ice storm, while in the chane, and after it will be warm in the sauna.

Also, the complex can be removed entirely to the company, and if there is such an opportunity – choose this option! Together with us in Spa had 8 or 9 people and was a bit closed.

Kaliningrad Zoo

Adult ticket cost 300₽. Zoo was built at the time when Kaliningrad was also called Konigsberg. Large territory, spacious enclosures, it can be seen that animals are good. Here you will see with a tiger, bears, elephant, giraffe and other. Also on site there is a contact zoo where you can bother with goats and lambs.

Museum of World Ocean

On this location, allocate all day. A huge territory of the museum, many exposures. Entrance ticket from 200 to 500₽. Submarine and vehicle Rights are required to visit. On the submarine you will learn the story of the underwater fleet of the Russian Federation, also see with your own eyes, how everything is arranged from the inside.

Vityaz ship – participated in a variety of expeditions and it was from its board that the maximum depth of the Mariana depression was measured.

Focus with the exposition "Depth" – it is here that the skeleton of China is located, also learning about the world’s deep-water devices. A zone is also available for guests where a documentary is shown about underwater expeditions, including Titanic!

In the second wing of the building there is aquarium, you can remember watching fish and check out the Akula Embos.

In the exhibition building "Sea Königsberg-Kaliningrad" you will learn about the history of the city of the same name, also contains a renovated ship of the 19th century.

Cant Island and Fish Village

Before them, you can walk from the World Ocean Museum. Pleasant locations for walking, but would not focus on them when visiting the city. It is only Must-See Place.

Curonian Cos

Kaliningrad How to catch everything for 72 hours

From Kaliningrad you can get on the swallow to Zelenogradsk for 74₽, and from there on a minibus or taxi to the spit. We chose the second option again and went from the house by taxi. The trip cost us at 1 500₽ + entry into the braid through the checkpoint for the driver of a taxi and two passengers cost us 1 300₽.

They speak on the territory of the Curonian Spit, you can meet bears and boars, but we saw only the fox, probably, and fortunately. There we walked around the dancing forest – the forest in which the trees are a bit curved at the base.

There is another pleasant place – the dune efa. The highest point of spit and northern Europe. From viewing sites a beautiful view of the bay opens.

Wilhelm Franz Efa came up with how to deal with the wrath sand dunes, and saved several settlements in the Curonian spit from the disappearance.

Where to eat

Coffee network "Croissant" perfectly suitable for breakfast. We were in location where the full kitchen works. Panni, Ravioli and two tea kettles. The score for two came out in 1,500₽.

Geventhy Italy – Located in the shopping center Europe. The establishment is zoned into two parts: pizzeria and gevent. But there is a nuance – it is impossible to order from two "zones" in one check. Kushali in the pizzeria zone, ordered pizza and two soups. The score for two came out about 1,500₽, portions are big and everything is unrealistic tasty, they could not even die.

Yeltsin Bar – Huge selection of beer, in the Burger and Snacks menu. Places strange, but at the same time a stylish bar interior, transfers you somewhere in Berlin. In the evening on Friday and Saturday it will be very difficult for a table and even find a place at the bar counter. For two, taking into account the burgers left around 2 000₽. And if you plan to drink in your apartment, keep in mind that in stores alcohol sell only until 21:00.

Here is the story of our subscriber. Aeroflot tickets to Kaliningrad are looking for on our site, to fly only one and a half hours and you are already in such a stunning city!

Kaliningrad How to catch everything for 72 hours

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