Kamala Beach on Phuket Island

Phuket is the western province of Thailand and one of its largest islands. Washed by the warm Andaman sea. Tropical islands climate.

It suggests that the year here has two clearly isolated seasons:

  • The dry season begins from November and ends with April;
  • Wet, respectively, lasts from May to October.

Temperature regime remains unchanged throughout the year.

However, solar weather lovers should be borne in mind that the period in monsoon is characterized by solid clouds. Therefore, the minimum of sunlight falls for July and September.

In these months, rain can occupy half the day.

Hazard alert always serves a red flag raised above the beaches. Thus, the peak of the season in Phuket occurs in winter.

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Beaches of Islands

Phuket is good because the beach season is provided to tourists all year round, because Beaches stretched out all over the coast of the island.

When the monsoon is coming – you can always choose a more cozy place that places to safe swimming and measured rest.

Patong Beach

The first beach that can be found on the road from the airport is Patong in the city of Patong.

It is equal to the distance from the most popular beaches of Phuket (6 km. from Karon’s Beach and a little more from Camala).

Unfortunately, this is a place lying in a shallow bay, with beautiful views of the hills and forest thickets, remains too crowded and devoid of silence.

It can attract those holidaymakers who seek not only to enjoy swimming, but will also want to pamper themselves shopping, master parasailing or plunge into all sorts of entertainment.

Karon Beach. Big and Small Kata

One of the largest beaches ; Roar, Removed from the tourist center of Patong just 6 km. Karon is entirely open by sea space.

Nearby there is no bay, no small bays. But here you can find a large amount of sandy saline dunes.

With a length of 3.5 km. It is built up too tight, mostly hotels. A large number of holidaymakers, here, however, do not see.

If desired, explore the coastal territory, from here it can be easily reached to neighboring beaches Kata Yai and Kata Noah, By type absolutely similar to caron.

Big and small Kata Also remarkable waves in the rainy season suitable for surfing. But in view of inexpensive housing, the audience adds mostly from young holidaymakers.

Nai Harn (Nai Harn)

Niche of the most beautiful beaches of Phuket represents Nai Harn. This is a small, compared to others, the beach (only 700 m.).

Panorama of the beach, and this is an oblong bay with light blue water, can be observed from several high points. They seem two wooded hill, along the edges of the bay.

The beach is of great interest to active holidaymakers, providing all the possibilities and its natural conditions for sailing and surfing.

Phuket beaches are distinguished by an impressive length, whitish or golden sand and gentle bottom. Most of them are located in the southwestern part of the island.

In the landscape from the north they are distinguished by the presence of high hills and good landscape review. Northern beaches have a more boring nature, but allow you to watch wide maritime expanses.

Kamala Beach (Kamala Beach)

One of the safest is Beach Camala.

His attractiveness is due to the fact that it is located in the center of the west coast, in the former fishing village, between the hills and goes to the shallow bay.

Water here are calm, big waves are mainly not observed.

Beach sand is fine-grained, white, classic for Phuket. Free from dangerous seaside currents, he also has to diving in coastal waters.

Perhaps one of the entertaining advantages of Camala is that not so long ago, local authorities personally began to participate in the beach.

Chaotic souvenir tents and tourist stalls have now moved to special beach trading areas.For each type of service provided on the beach, a clear time of work is assigned.

Also created a system for improving the safety of vacationers. It includes a special team of volunteers and professional rescuers.

Description of Kamala Beach ; what and where is?

Entertainment, active nightlife, noisy places of recreation alien for Kamala Beach.

Categories of tourists who come true this beach:

  • Families with children;
  • Married couples that are interested in measured and quiet rest;
  • Persons of old age.

Despite the fact that there are few vacationers on this beach, Kamala has the necessary infrastructure:

  • Places for rest, equipped with umbrellas and sun loungers (their rent will cost 100 baht);
  • Massage services;
  • Power points, Restaurants and small cafes that offer assortment National cuisine. Prices are distinguished by a pleasant cheap.

On the beach itself there are a number of tent stores with souvenirs, beach facilities and clothing. There is also a sufficient choice of massage salons.

Kamala Beach Beach is divided into several parts:

  • The central part is the coast itself. It is most saturated with conditions for a comfortable stay. Thus, tourists who have made an order in local restaurants can directly admire the sea view;
  • In the southern part there is a small town of Kamala. Therefore, here you can find enough shops, power and housing points. Direct access to the coast of this part. However, the path to the sea is no more than one hundred meters. The bottom of the beach on this side is characterized as the very hollow. Also, the plus is the service of sun beds, which starts with the southern part of the beach;
  • In the northern part ; There is no building. The minimum number of people, a relatively hard-to-reach route (no access road), the presence of a thick coniferous forest makes this terrain of attractive For lovers of long walks or wishing to get exclusive pictures of nature. The bottom less than the hollow than in the southern part, however, the water and the beach itself is cleaner.

Due to reinforced wind, there are relatively big waves. You can only go here on foot, right from the southern part of Kamala Beach.

Where to eat?

You can eat in hotels or cafes that have both on the beach and in the center of the village. Whatever place is chosen by the rest, it is worth preparing its taste receptors for unknown tastes.

All Summer dishes, a lot of seafood and exotic.

On a note Those choosing a kamala beach for a long holiday: food should be done to buy not in tourist shops, but in the networks of stores where the local population is purchased, respectively, and prices here are much lower.

Kamala Beach: how to get?

First you need to get from the international airport to the city of Phuket.

There are several ways to move, which differ in their budget:

  • Path from Phuket Airport overcame on a taxi economy class will cost 500 baht (about 1100 rubles);
  • Next option ; Traditional Tuk-Tuk, having an average capacity, will become a budget expenditure ; About 300 baht.

Route Phuket – Kamala:

  • Distance between cities ; 25 km;
  • Duration of the trip ; about half an hour;
  • Methods of movement ; Taxi (700-800 baht), minibus (about 200 baht for place), mini bus (the duration of the trip increases to an hour).

How to find transport?

On any of the types of movement you can purchase a ticket at the airport. To do this, find special offices (racks).

Return road

Bureau of ordering exist on the beach of Kamala. However, they are only possible to order a taxi. To get to the airport by bus Contact any local travel agency.

Phuket beaches and movement methods between them

Not every tourist will be sitting in place if he has enough time to rest.

It’s time to remember that there are many beaches in Phuket, the journey between which will serve as an interesting warm-up and will provide an opportunity to evaluate the charms of each of them.

If you start a trip with the beach of Kamala, then you need to know in advance:

  • Local car expensive, due to their landscaped difficulties (they pass on high-altitude passes and do not have due width) are intended for hiking movements;
  • public transport It is designed for indigenous people and directly, tourists to the beaches do not deliver;

Therefore, you will have to choose between a tuk-tuk and a taxi.

For most tourists, both options are not suitable as a permanent use, because the price of services goes beyond the rest of the holiday on Kamala Beach.

For comparison, only one trip to the neighboring beach can do with 400 baht one way.

However, it is good for those who have a driver’s license and extensive driving experience. This category of people can rent a car or bike without problems.

Order cheap transfer ; Taxi on Phuket

How to choose rented transport?

Kamala Beach on Phuket Island

When drawing up a list for and against renting a car or motor Motobike, notes should be guided by:

  • Districts of Phuket Beach have an extremely hilly structure;
  • Paths are pretty narrow, Therefore, there is a high probability of frequent road seals or long congestion, especially in the peak of the tourist season;
  • Thailand as a whole does not lag behind the Asian countries in the low quality driving of local residents, which leads to additional difficulties;
  • drivers accustomed to potholes on the roads Can scare up bad lighting of road routes later than the day.

Guided by the foregoing, tourists leaseing transport should not only be prepared for surprises, but also thoroughly think through the route.

For example, travel to the destination in the early clock and try not to linger in the places of rest is late.

Chose transport what’s next?

The rental schedule can be implemented:

  • Directly at the hotel, where tourist stopped;
  • in special offices, which there is enough. Unlike the hotel – here the passport will have to be left. For reference: Do not do this. In this case, you need to find another bureau where there is no such requirement;
  • Regarding the car, It can also be rented directly at the airport.

Question price – Acceptable.

A small car will cost:

  • up to 1000 baht a week, per day;
  • one / two weeks – up to 800 baht per day;
  • Two or more – the price starts from 600 baht a day.

Bike Economy Class will cost 150 baht per day. Model of a higher level of comfort ; up to 250 baht.

Warning. When renting any type of transport, the practice of granting insurance is missing. Also, in Thailand there is a frequent stealing of motorbikes.

According to this ; Carefully ride, taking measures to preserve the leased object.

Additionally: According to the above description of geographic sublicties and commensurate with the skills of driving tourist, it may be necessary to issue medical insurance.

Where to stay? Hotels on Kamala Beach

Returning to the topic of recreation and a quiet place of Kamala, you need to think about where the rest should be stopped.

There is a well-organized hotel system on the beach. Many of them have their own sectors on the coast, where they provide additional rows of lounge chairs and other services.

As a rule, housing occurs in diverse and placed on the hills or on the edges of the beach. The road to the sea takes about 20 minutes, maximum. Further, the beach is hostels.

There is also a chain of small wooden houses with private pools.

As for hotels, there are more than a dozen in Kamal.

The most remarkable ones:

  • Kamala Beach Inn (Kamala Beach Inn) ; Two-star hotel, which is usually full of noisy Russian tourists.
  • Villa Phana Residence Lying close to the center of the village and have a good view of the beach and the sea;
  • Novotel Phuket Kamala Beach, north of all, occupies a place among the forest, on the green cape;
  • Andara Resort Villas Phuket. Located in the south side of the beach, has a stylish interior and panorama for the sea bay;
  • The most secluded ; Ayara Kamala Resort. Quiet, quiet place. However, it is farther from the beach;
  • And the only one on the coast, One of the most accommodated hotels in Camala, with direct access to water ; Kamala Beach Resort (Kamala Beach Resort).

Hotel map in Kamala Beach

Kamala Beach Resort

The pearl of all the coast is the hotel Kamala Beach Resort.

The center of the bay, step-down availability to the sea, which is viewed through high palm trees on site.

The structure of Kamala Beach Resort:

  • The hotel has four stars;
  • Consists of a two-circuit compact building in several floors, which includes 347 numbers;
  • On the first floor there are forty-two beautiful terraces, with an area of ​​35.5 m 2;
  • Above the 162 rooms with sea views, with a similar previous area;
  • There are also 15 rooms in the rear wing, having a size of 44 m 2;
  • 108 rooms with windows emerging to the indoor pool (also in 44 m 2);
  • And a special wing containing 20 numbers whose area reaches 75 m 2 .

How to find Kamala Beach Resort?

Getting to the hotel is easy. If you get to the town of Kamal, it is only worth entering the main beach, and the presence of a dense line of the chairs will announce the Kamala Beach Resort.

This mini-journey will take just About 15 minutes.

Hotel Kamala Beach Resort

General services provided:

  • Room service;
  • Supply of fresh presses;
  • Smoking seats;
  • Laundry;
  • Storage chambers;
  • Elevator;
  • Restaurant, bar;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • 24-hour front desk with the possibility of ordering transport;
  • Conference hall;
  • Parking;
  • ATMs;
  • The shops;
  • Cafe with internet access;
  • Pool (as well as Additional services: Beach towels and other services for the pool);
  • Sauna.

Additional services (on request or paid):

  • Hairdryer;
  • Crib;
  • Umbrellas and sun loungers for the beach;
  • Transfers – to the airport or to shopping centers.

Services distributed to the number:

  • Individual interior of each of the numbers;
  • Balcony or terrace, depending on the location of the apartment;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • Satellite television;
  • Air conditioning;
  • Mini bar;
  • Bathroom;
  • Toilet;
  • Telephone;
  • Safe;
  • As a bonus – kits for making coffee or tea.

Sports and entertainment

In the number of entertainment and sports services Kamala Beach Resort Also not inferior.

Lovers of outdoor activities and wishing to diversify their leisure Internal service:

  • Billiards;
  • Aerobics;
  • Gym;
  • Massage.

And External services ; mainly this water sports together with instructors.

Entertainment and attractions

During hotels, you can attend yoga classes. Those who wish to take themselves with something new, you can try to go to the cooking courses for Thai food.

In the rainy period, surfrs can join, conquering the waves of the northern part of the beach. Get acquainted with local diet stands on Friday market.

Entertainment Park Fantasy Phuket

Or Phuket Fanta Sea. This amusement park combines the magic of carnival and a bright show.

The action takes place in the evening (the opening of the park itself begins in 17-30) among the lights, when artists and Thai exotic animals come out to present their circus numbers.

Throughout the territory (and you need to say, it is not a little bit of 50 hectares) lit cafes and attractions, staying in a permanent atmosphere of the holiday.

Buddhist Temple Baan Kamala

Is located away from tourist housing, in the southern end of the town of Camala, but attracts guests from all over Phuket.

He will be interested in familiarizing with the spiritual life of Thais. The temple keeps a large number of buddha statues, which depict it in different life stages.

The entrance to the temple is free for local and for tourists. Any donations are also accepted. After all, the Temple of Baan got the most serious damage during the Tsunami 2004.

To restore it for several years.

A visit to the temple should not be carried out in beachwear. Things who came should be longer knees and close shoulders. All mobile devices need to be turned off.

The shrine is open daily from 7 am to 16-30.

Beach Surin

Here you can find both fashionable establishments and clubs with DJs, and expensive restaurants.

Price categories have different, entertainment a lot, nightlife is active and is located Surin very close to Kamala. Therefore, many prefer to go here in search of fun leisure.

Reviews vacationers

Kamala Beach attracts a specific audience tired of fuss. Therefore, tourists who decide to stop their choice on Kamala Beach for obvious reasons, most often, return to this place again.

Mostly holidaymakers attracts step-availability to the main objects of Camaly Beach. Yes, and the town itself has modest sizes, so finding here everything is not necessary.

Family couples with children impressive a variety of Thai sweets, which can be seen on in stalls, at the beach.

Someone likes the hard-to-reach northern part, where they can walk for hours or meet dawn, meditating on coastal stones.

O Kamala Beach Resort Reviews from tourists Positive.

Many people like the quality of service that does not depend on the cost of the selected number. Settlement occurs quickly, so in a short time you can change clothes into a swimsuit and run to the sea.

The rooms are clean and what is characteristic – the complete absence of insects.

I can also order at the hotel as standard for many European cuisine and local exotic.

A pleasant surprise becomes when half of the chilled pineapple is served in the afternoon.

Some pay special attention to working personnel, which consists of indigenous people, always polite and ready to assist.

Many celebrate extraordinary comfort, and someone and at all feeling at the hotel at home.

Perhaps the reason for this is the location of the Kamala Beach Resort in a quiet bay of a small fishing town, which is cozy hidden in a hollow hill.

Kamala Beach on Phuket Island

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