Kamchatka invites guests

Visit the Kamchatka peninsula and you fall in love with him. Who at least once visited the peninsula of Kamchatka, he experienced his magnetism for himself. I want to come back there again and again.

Volcanoes Kamchatka

Camchatka business card can be considered volcanoes. Them on the peninsula More than 300, 29 of them &# 8211; Existing. The close proximity of volcanoes and settlements does not frighten people, because almost all eruptions were not dangerous. During the next eruption, residents Petropavlovsk &# 8211; Kamchatsky and Elizovo may watch calmly Current Lava. They know that Zherlo is located on the other side of the volcano, relative to settlements. In clear weather, the beauty of these gigids fascinates. No one remains indifferent to their grandeur and the power. Wishing to be given the opportunity to look at Crater volcano From helicopter. People who have mountaineering skills can commit climbing. Lovers of skiing can ride off the slopes have long been extinct volcanoes.

The hot springs

The hot springs often accompany volcanic areas. Such places are found throughout Russia, but only in Kamchatka such a variety of the quality of the Vedas in these sources. Traveling through this pristine edge, you can also take care of yourself, that is, not only to enjoy warm, warming nature, sources, but also Health is subject to. Now comfortable recreation centers are built right on the spot, where the hot keys find their way out. There holidays can afford not only bathing in thermal water, in pools, but also in "Wild puddles", How they are called local residents. Also possible, if you wish and on Dog sledding ride.

Valley of Geysers

Kamchatka Valley Geyserov The only one in Eurasia. In Valley More than twenty Large geysers. They fount it with different frequency from 10 minutes to 5 hours. Amazing spectacle from the clubs of steam and fountains of water complement Multicolored slopes, for which hot water runs. The color of these slopes depends on the fact that hot water carries with me from the bow. And from recently, the Valley of Geysers recognized in Russia one of the seven wonders. This is a place where a person can see how our land looked Before the appearance of man. To visit such a unique place &# 8211; This means to make new impressions and sensations in your life.

In Russia, many beautiful corners of nature, but on this peninsula you can see everything in one place. Coniferous forests and stone birch, tundra and hills, sea, river and lake landscapes.

Kamchatka invites guests

For you, several tours to choose from:

  • Tour for 5 days in the area where traces of the last eruptions of Tolbachinsky volcano are visible. Price 22000 rubles.
  • Tour for 9 days in the area of ​​volcanoes: Gorely, Avachinsky, Mutnovsky, as well as a visit to thermal sources and the Pacific. Price 39000 rubles.
  • Tour for 13 days A visit to volcanoes, valleys of geysers, Vilyuchinsky waterfall, walking on the boat, swimming in thermal springs. Price 52000 rubles for one person.
  • Tour for 12 days climbing volcanoes, thermal sources, rafting on the river fishing, walk through the bay on the boat. Price 42000 rubles for one person.
  • Tour for 14 days with a visit to the Nalychev Valley, Volcanoes, Sea Walk. Price 52000 rubles for 1 person.

The price of all tours includes Medical Insurance, Food, Accommodation, Rental Equipment. The beginning of any tour suggests that You will meet at the airport, will deliver and smell hotels g.Petropavlovsk-Kamchatka or recreation bases.

In the price of all tours Not included Helicopter tour of the Valley of Geysers (32,000 rubles for 1 person) and food in the city.

The program may change due to weather conditions. The decision takes the guide.

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