Kamchatka Krai. Pearl of the Far East

Incredible Kamchatka often call Another planet: Stunning landscapes and untouched by man Nature, surprise real fabulous species. Some may not know but before 1990 Kamchatka was a closed territory for most Russians. Amazing terrain with reserved corners and a special atmosphere attracts tourists from all over the world who want to enjoy beautiful places.
Peninsula Kamchatka Located in the East Russia between Okhotsk Sea and the Pacific Ocean. About the remoteness and inviolability of this peninsula in the East Russia evidence, for example, the need for intersection 8 hour belts On the way out of Moscow. Kamchatka in no way connected with the rest Russia, roads here simply do not lead and the only option &# 8211; travel By air.
Due to the changeable climate in Kamchatka, various vegetation zones were formed. Prevailing tundra, But there are also herbs, blooming shrubs, pines, birch, alder and t. D. The most typical inhabitants of the Kamchatka are Brown bears, but also Wolves or foxes, Sealing, fruit And other animals.

Competition with Iceland and Yellowstone

Here more than 30 acting volcanoes and further 300 inactive volcanoes, what is he doing Kamchatka One of the most vulcanically active regions of the world. The importance of this district testifies to what it is included in list UNESCO. Of course, Volcanic activity also related to the occurrence Geysers, For example, the area, the negotiable Valley geysers, Allows you to see more 90 Rodnikov of different sizes and types in the zone of all 6 kilometers. Only Yellowstone Park in USA can surpass on the concentration of geothermal activity Valley Geyserov.

The largest volcano &# 8211; Klyuchevskaya Natka, Linding in size in the whole northern hemisphere. More famous B mass media Icelandic volcanoes Do not reach Klyuchevskaya Sopo "Even by ankle". He will amaze not only with his impressive height 4835 meters, But mine Activity. Eruptions here occur almost yearly, and so the climb on this volcano is very dangerous. Nevertheless, the expeditions are held here every year. In addition to the danger, which is possible Eruption, Alpinistam Threaten here Pairs of sulfur and Falling pieces of frozen lava. This is very Dangerous climbing even for the most experienced, and it categorically not recommended.

With bear face to face

Another reason to visit Kamchatka &# 8211; It is her rich fauna &# 8211; It is here that the highest concentration Brown bears in the world. Surveillance Bear in Wildlife &# 8211; One of the reasons why more and more tourists arrive here.
On Coast Kamchatka You can see holidaymakers Sea Lviv, And if you’re lucky, you will also see Fucks and various types of whales, which are many here. Another exceptional inhabitant Kamchatka &# 8211; golden eagle, the most severe predatory bird in the world. Great way to get acquainted with a local marine life &# 8211; spill kayaks.

Excursions only by helicopter?

O Kamchatka often say it is better to look at helicopter. This myth is especially promoted owners travel agencies, Since packages associated with flights on the helicopter, you can sell very profitable. The reality is such that public transport (except Petropavlovsk and adjacent settlements) at all, and Flying on the helicopter &# 8211; The most convenient solution. However, this does not mean that there are no other solutions. You can move on Larger SUVs, or following the example of local residents on Kamaja. Another alternative &# 8211; hitch-hiking, Locals are very friendly and will be happy to take you to seats located outside their route (one free, others for a small fee). It is also necessary to take into account that you can reach some places Only on foot.
Although if you are limited in time, but are not limited in finance, Excursions per helicopter – the best solution, as part of all attractions are available for visiting only with helicopter. The average cost of the helicopsery from 40 to 100 thousand rubles.

Russian sights &# 8211; Monuments and popular venues

Kamchatka Krai. Pearl of the Far East

Kamchatsky Region rich exactly Natural monuments. Be sure to visit Caldera Volcanana Uzon, Located on site Kronotsky Reserve. This is a unique area Mineralo&# 8211; and ore formation, The place of way out is young on the planet Oil. Here 100 hydrothermal sources I more than 500 separate hydrothermal manifestations.
Visit Valley Geyserov. This is a unique place, one of the largest geysers in the world, is considered an abnormal zone due to unstable microclimate and natural conditions. On the protected area of ​​tourists, only those companies with which in the reserve is concluded Treaty.
Picturesque waterfalls &# 8211; Popular tourist attractions Kamchatka, Nature Monuments. Many of them are affected by incredible beauty not only in summer, but in winter.
Vilyuchinsky waterfall Adorable tourists from all over the world. This is a great place for lovers of unusual photos. It is formed from the melting glacier Volcano Vilyuchsky, Therefore, its power depends on, How snowy was winter. WITH 1996 Vilyuchsky volcano, Height B 2175 meters, Recognized Part of the UNESCO World Natural and Cultural Heritage.
It is worth noting one more Volcano – Gorely, in the upper crates of which there are two lakes. First &# 8211; with clean glacier water, second – with an acidic liquid of unusual orange.
In winter are organized Dog sledding tours, which are unusually interesting not only by the Russians, but also foreigners.
Also on Kamchatka many snow tracks, Broken in levels. Cool slopes &# 8211; Extreme pleasure that increases blood adrenaline level. It is important to correctly appreciate yourself so that the descent does not end the tragedy.

Kamchatka winter

Even who goes to the Peninsula in winter, you need to get acquainted with climatic and weather conditions, After all, the planned route will depend on it. January &# 8211; the coldest month on Kamchatka, And due to the raging missiles, many roads leading to the sights of the region are covered with snow, so excursion tours limit their schedule or change directions.
In the most difficult-to-reach places can only be reached on helicopter or Snowmobile, which increases the cost of trips, and extremely low temperatures threaten with a hypotion.
In conclusion, you must say that Kamchatka exactly not a place for Beginner travelers. What we are accustomed to when traveling to other areas and countries, it does not work here or missing. If you want to Explore Kamchatka fully, You must have enough time And, most importantly, you need to reckon with the fact that The program will change depending on the situation. Journey to Kamchatka definitely will be not easy, but one thing is clear &# 8211; It will be unforgettable.

Cost of tours to Kamchatka

Due to the inaccessibility of many attractions, long-distance flight from Most cities of Russia, Holiday Kamchatsky edge It is impossible to attribute to budget. The cost of the cheapest air ticket to the direct Flight from Moscow to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky make up 15660 rub. Lity of flight &# 8211; 9-10 hours. The cost of excursion tours without flight is from 60000 rubles on 5 nights.

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