Kamchatka: Kuril Lake

Kamchatka’s peninsula with their mining and volcanic relief must be a rapid geological past when he was immersed in the ocean, he again raised over him. Activity did not disappear and so far: seismostations are registered to 800 earthquakes per year, and three dozen volcanoes (from three hundreds of total) from time to time remind of themselves powerful (and not very) eruptions.

In a hood of one of the long-dead Kamchatka volcanoes lies a picturesque Kuril Lake. This is the second area of ​​freshwater reservoir Kamchatka: 77 km². Its average depth is estimated at 195 m, and the maximum reaches 316 m. The Kuril Lake is located on the territory of the South Kamchatka reserve, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List, at an altitude of 104 m above sea level. His smooth is decorated with islands of volcanic origin: Teachy, low, the heart of Alaid and the SAMANG archipelago, isolated from the Lava of the dome height up to 300 m.

To the northeastern part of the reservoir, the current 1578-meter volcano Ilinsky with an ideal conical form. His lava flows are descending right into the lake, forming several bays. And the West Coast frames the wild ridge with the highest mark of 1080 m. In quiet clear weather, volcanoes, as if in the mirror, are reflected on the surface of the lake, creating fantastic beauty landscapes.

In winter, there is no equal cluster of large predatory birds: 300–700 Bearing Orlans, 100–150 Orlanes Belochvostov, 50 Berkukov. Once on the lake observed and the arrival of the Belogolov Eagle — the rarest bird whose species is on the verge of extinction. And even such a common bird, like the Pacific Seagull, is presented here in record quantities: more than 1,500 couples.

Kuril Lake — The largest in Eurasia Sneshilla of Narki (Pacific salmon). In the lake there are many rivers and streams, and only one river flows, lake. When the fish goes up against the flow of the river, water in it literally boils. Salmon number varies from 2 to 6 million!

Another unique feature of the Kuril Lake is a long period of spawning of Narki: from June to March. Both of these factors attract many brown bears on the shores of the reservoir. In normal conditions, Kosolapiy avoid each other, but during the spawning of salmon they are going to the lake together. At the same time, it is possible to observe up to 20 individuals, while they are so passionate about fishing that they do not pay attention not only to relatives, but also on people.

Nevertheless, tourists are not close here, and you can admire the bears-fishermen from the territory of sightseeing camp and reviewing. Well, or with the AIRPANO panorama!

Season for tourist on Kamachhatka very short: July-August-September. Most «Delicious» — Autumn paints at its very end. It is this time we dreamed of catching. Month of negotiations, phone calls and coordination. Finally, tickets are bought, two days before departure!

The expedition to Kamchatka began with arrival in Elizovo — Little Far Eastern town. On the walls of some houses — Metal upholstery, in order to protect the buildings from the richness of the elements.

In my head immediately slipped the thought, or rather, even hope: what if the weather is already preparing another surprise, which will find us surprise during filming? So that powerful so that cinematic.

Kamchatka Kuril Lake

Upon arrival of us, still sleepy, immediately taken to get acquainted with the director of the reserve Tikhon Igorevich Schilekom, explained the tasks, they signed the paper and immediately sent to a sightseeing trip to Petropavlovsk (only so you can enter local time — Do not sleep before their, Kamchatsky, Evening). But in order not to relax, appointed departure the next morning: to bears, on the Kuril Lake.

Our film crew is incredibly lucky — fell happy opportunity to sleep on cordon «Herbal». There we willingly posed the brazed, silent foxes sophisticated in the form of human foods, and in the morning he was on duty at the doors of the kitchen, where I was preparing to feed our men.

Rivers surrounding «Herbal», — it is literally the lair bears! From these, it would seem, dangerous and enormous creatures we separated only a small electric fence. But he performed his role: touching the wet nose of the stretched wire, the animal gets a sufficient story.

Although there was a case when the precaution seemed to hindle. A few years ago, a famous Japanese photographer arrived at Cordon and decided not to argue himself and his communication with wildlife guest house on Cordon: put a tent outside. The bear did not miss his chance, and the case was tragic.

But in general, according to the inspector of Constantine accompanying us, it is more necessary to protect animals from people than people from animals. Of course, we went to each shooting with a complete set of protection products, but the main weapon of the inspector was the knowledge of the psychology of the bear, his habits, habits, tastes. It turns out if they do not provoke them — Bears are not aggressive. Four two-legged spinning objects with an unknown flying and shooting object can not compete for his attention with a juicy fish, behind which it stands only to stretch the paw. During spawning there are millions of delicious spots, full caviar and desire to die. Sounds terribly, but it’s true — Nerkey after spawning dies, providing himself in a literal sense to all the necessary trace elements! Do not believe? Make sure the airpano panoramas.

Kamchatka Kuril Lake

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