Korean jewelry

Today I would like to talk about Korean jewelry: their features, organization of jewelry production and trading decorations.

Few people know that from the sixties Korea has become one of the world’s leading jewelry exporters. The main importer of Korean jewelry were the United States. There are small deposits of gold and silver in Korea, but the scale of the production of these metals is rather modest. With the exception of amethyst, no in Korea and its precious stones. Therefore, jewelry has worked on the same scheme that is generally characteristic of the Korean industry. Korean jewelry factories imported raw materials from abroad, recycled it, and sent ready-made products to export. The whole scheme was built on the cheapness and quality of Korean labor.

However, times are changed, and the end of the eighties brought the Korean jewelry industry, as in the famous joke, two news – bad and good. Bad news was that fast-growing new industrial countries, the so-called "Young tigers" East Asia, and, first of all, China, began to push the Korea from its traditional markets, because wages in China are much lower, and therefore the Chinese (as well as Thai) firms could sell products at lowest prices. However, there was a second news – good. Salary growth in Korea meant that an extensive jewelry market arose inside the country. Quickly riching Koreans and, especially, Korean, could now spend on jewelry all large amounts. It is this turn to the domestic consumer that happened at the turn of the eighties and nineties, and saved the Korean jewelry industry from the collapse, which I was seriously threatened about ten years ago.

Indeed, the number of jewelry stores in Korea is simply amazing. Somehow, I walked along the street of the town of Osan, in which he lived in 1995-1996. We decided to make a small count, and found out that only on the main street of this city, the district center with a population of 60 thousand inhabitants, there were 14 jewelry stores. Can you imagine the street of the Russian district center, on which there are 14 (!) Jewelry stores?! I personally – I can not.

In addition to such stores, there is in Seoul and whole areas specializing in jewelry trade (the largest is located next to the TDDEMUN market). In such jewelry quarters, each house is either a jewelry store or a jewelry factory combined with the store. Imagine a whole street consisting of some jewelry stores! By the way, dear reader, if you are going to buy something like this, go to the area – there and the prices are below, and the choice is more.

Korean jewelry

Most of the usual stores are small, the area of ​​the trading hall there is meters 20, however, the choice there is such, which will envy another major Russian jewelry store. In glass shop windows – literally hundreds of types of decorations. In almost all the jewelry, the walls have sofas, because to buy, say, a ring with a diamond is not a bag with a potato in the bazaar to buy, a visitor must be sitting, to think, consult. Store home stores (and usually keep such married couple shops) – these are not just sellers, they themselves and jewelers, you can, for example, ask for a small repair or remake the ring size. I when I bought decorations in Korea, I had to quite often produce this operation, because most of the jewelry are designed for the miniature fingers of the Koreanok, and find something such that would fit our compatriot, there is no easy.

What is sold in Korean jewelry? In general, the same as in the Russian. By the way, Koreans are both women and men – the rings are very willing. Given the rings to each other here is accepted by most different solemn cases. Russians often confuse, for, seeing the ring on the arm at the Korean or Korean, as two drops of water similar to the Russian wedding, Russian and accepts him for the wedding, while this ring is just, say, a mother’s gift to graduation Schools. There are both earrings, bracelets, and chains of a variety of species and styles. Finally, according to tradition traded in jewelry and clock.

However, except for our usual rings, bracelets, earrings, in Korean jewelry can also be seen and products are specific – for example, golden souvenirs that are used here to give in particular cases. These turtles or pure gold keys are a lot, as well as traditional women’s jade hairpins. In ancient times, such clips of the Korean were fastened with hairstyles, now they are almost never worn, but keep houses as a kind of family relics. The abundance of products from amethyst, which is mined immediately in Korea, and is inexpensive. In recent years, amber imported by their Russia and CIS countries, as well as Poland.

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