Korean shamans

Today I would like to talk about the unclean strength, or rather, about people who are here in Korea with all sorts of otherworldly sources of its existence.

I must say that they are not only in Korea. And now in Russia, many turn to the cheapest services of sorcerers, Snagrai, "specialists" (if the word "specialist" Applicable here) to remove damage. For the public, there is a crowd of psychics in Russia, all the followers of Castaneda and.

However, we will not be distracted, we are not talking about Russia today, but about Korea. By and large, it is impossible to call the Koreans with superstitious. Here, probably played a role in three factors. In-Previous, Korea is now in general – a very educated country. Secondly, Korea is a Christian country, and serious Christianity (as forgotten in Russia) is incompatible with superstitions. Thirdly, Korea is a prosperous and stable country, and after all, the waves of interest in any kind of damnist are always accompanying social crises. Nevertheless, some superstitions exist in Korea, and therefore there are people who made them their profession.

The role of Russian sorcerers and psychics in Korea has been performed by several millennia. Shamanism for a long time was, along with Buddhism and Confucianism, one of the three main religious systems of Korea. I must say that the word "Shamanism" Not any clear religious system, but a set of ideas about evil and kind perfumes that can assist a person, and can, on the contrary, to cause him any dirty. Shaman, as it was thought, was able to achieve the location of the spirits. The vast majority of shamans in Korea were women, and this situation remains so far. Before the appearance in the Korea of ​​modern medicine, the shamans were engaged in healing, expelled evil spirits from houses, made rites that had to provide a crop or prevent drought. Korean Shamansky rite (he was called "Kut") included in myself and dance and ritual singing, all this was subordinate to tough traditions, so Korean shaman could not be embedded at all in his understanding (although there is no certain proportion of personal acting skills, there is no dispute, there was no dispute in her work).

Shaman rites have survived today. It is curious that the attitude towards them among the Koreans themselves literally in my eyes has undergone indigenous changes. More recently, twenty years ago, Koreans, especially educated, frankly shamed shamans. Shamanism was perceived as a certain (I will allow myself to take advantage of the word from the old Soviet Zhargon) "Rechain". However, recently, the attitude towards shamanism in Korea changed dramatically. The reason, in my opinion, is simple: Koreans became much more confident in themselves and in their culture. For this they need to admit, there is grounds. Therefore, shamanism is increasingly considering as an integral element of the traditional Korean heritage, and some representatives of the local left intelligentsia (here, as in the West, almost all the young intelligentsia – left) even claim that he says is "reflection of protest oppressed classes".

Korean shamans

The most famous shamans of the authorities are now assigned honorary title "Man – national heritage", Which in Korea are honored by the best masters of traditional arts and crafts. Of course, the title is assigned not on the basis of how well the one or another shaman is expelled by evil spirits – it’s a dark and no one, except the spirits themselves, really unknown. When assigning the title, the skill performed by traditional ritual songs and dances, which were always in Korea an important part of the Shamansky rite. Appeared now and theatrical pseudoshaman rites. From time to time, the shaman can arrange and indicative rocks on which everyone can see.

However, in our days, many Koreans can contact the help of shamans and ask them to arrange seriously. It is curious that, as the recent study of ethnographers showed, the shamans most often now invite small entrepreneurs who ask for the spirits to have the patronage of their business, expelled evil spirits from the recently purchased truck or, let’s say, influenced the size of banking rates. Often turn to shamans and parents of applicants, because good luck when entering the university in Korea is an important condition for life luck. Parents hope that the shaman makes the spirits help their son on, say, the exam in mathematics. By the way, the services of the shamans are not suiced – usually one session of communication with spirits costs at least several thousand dollars, and the lion’s share of this money goes as a fee of Shaman.

Nevertheless, Korean Shamanism, who almost disappeared in the sixties, is now clearly on the rise. Profitable business.

Korean shamans

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