Kos island – attractions worth seeing and visiting

Greek Kos Island is not only the sun and the beach. Before and after the season, the island offers attractions for those who love history, is interested in the world and loves Greece.

Kos – a small place located in Aegean Sea, On the archipelago Dodecanese, – An ideal place for a quiet family holiday.

The island has a length of 50 km and the width is only 10 km, it is easy to drive by car in one day. Greeks describe the shape of the road on the spit as "Fish Range" – The main route from the west to the east of 42 km long, passes through the island, and smaller routes lead to coastal cities.

Kos is more known to the 112-kilometer coastline than monuments or entertainment raising the level of adrenaline. Nevertheless, the island offers more than just beaches and unforgettable species.

City of Kos – the capital of the island.

The city of Kos is the largest resort on the whole island, as well as a tourist, entertainment and cultural center. Here is the airport and the main port where even the largest passenger ships arrive. More than half of the island population lives on the spie.

First of all, it is worth going for a walk along the embankment to see moored boats and yachts, and if you are lucky, also big and impressive passenger liners. Walking on the port, you can see the palace built in Italian style Palazzo Del Governo, in which now is a police station. If you look at, then on the other hand Turkey is visible. After that, go to the largest area where it is located Hasan Pasha Mosque with a Turkish well – affects the influence of the proximity of the Turkish culture. Sit here in one of the numerous pubs with tables with umbrellas outdoors.

Asclepion – the remains of the medical complex.

Being in the capital of the island of Kos, visit Museum of Hippocrata, Located a little further from the capital, about 3 km, and the nearby Asclepion. This is a complex built after the death of the hippocracy, which served not only by the hospital, but also the first medical school for ancient doctors.

The complex spread out on the hill, had three levels. On the lower floor there was a school and a place for patients. Above was a small temple and altar in honor Asclepia – God’s medicine whose name is the complex. At the very top was a big temple built for the same god. It was from this level that the best landscape stretched not only to the lower levels and the city of Kos, but also to Turkey and the Aegean Sea. Visiting asclepion, become witnesses Unusual concert, Cycades created here. From Spit to Askletpion a city bus or a tourist train, departing from Akti Kundurota.

Agios Focas – Natural Spa with thermal baths.

Another attraction is not far from the capital of Kos – City of Agios Focas, where hot springs flow straight from the cliffs in the sea. Water comes from volcanic sources, the temperature of which reaches 50 degrees with. The content of magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium and sulfur improve the appearance of the skin, hair and nails, well act on people suffering from rheumatism and muscle pain. Despite the indisputable therapeutic advantages, not everyone likes to soak the body in the hot soup. In addition, there is a sulfur smell around, and he is not pleasant.

All hot baths are separated from the sea by large stones. Bath adoption – free pleasure, But it is better to do it early in the morning or late in the evening. With children need to keep in mind the presence of a cool descent and lack of infrastructure: toilets, chaise lounges, shops.

Beach Agios Stefanos.

Kos island - attractions worth seeing and visiting

Go to the beach to take pictures with an island in the background where the chapel was built. it Unforgettable spectacle, which is often depicted on postcards and guidebooks with braids. The island is about 500 meters – it’s easy to swim or rent a water bike in the nearest rental point. The beach itself is sandy-rocky, but the entrance to the Azure Sea is soft and gentle, which I like the children. Nearby are the ruins of Basilica VI century.

Peacocks in a pine forest.

On the road from the capital to the side Kefalos Turn to the ground road leading to a pine forest – Forest of the cry. Unfortunately, there are no pointers here, so it is better to ask the road from local. Indian semi-dog peacocks are inhabited here, allegedly brought by Alexander Macedonian. Birds without fear are suitable for man, hoping for some kind of delicacy. Along with the peacocks inhabiting this shady portion of the island, cats, turtles and frogs live here. A visit to this small open zoo is free, but if you put coins in the piggy bank, then the caretaker will tell a little about the birds. In addition to the ubiquitous peacocks, it is worth enjoying Essential oils Right out of nature.

Flamingo in Tigaki.

Salted lake in Tigaki attracts exceptional beauty birds – Pink flamingo. The lake dries out due to the prevailing high temperatures and in order to meet birds, you need to come here until June when there is water. From January to April, other types of migratory birds will be seized, all year round can be found water turtles.

By the lake, you can riding a horse, Which is nearby.

Dinner on the sunset background.

At the end of the acquaintance with the island of Kos, dine at sunset. Zray – A small town in the center of the island, picturesquely located among the hills. For many years, admire the sunset in one of the local pubs comes many tourists. The city itself is famous for the production of cinnamon syrup, which is worth trying and even buy. When traveling to Zya, be careful with the road, as it can be narrow, winding and steep places. The time on the way will definitely be a little more than indicated in kilometers.

Kos island - attractions worth seeing and visiting

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