Kosher Nutrition Notes in Israel

If you saved on the purchase of vouchers and did not order a two-time diet (Breakfast is always included in the price), you will have to dinner or dinner. It’s not a problem. Eating in Israel everywhere and always. Sometimes it seems that food is a national sport. At every step, you are lured into any culinary covers from street eateries, where you can eat a pit for a couple of dollars, stupid by all anything, or shaver from turkey meat, or Falafel’s favorite by Israelis (meatballs from fried Turkish pea), to luxurious restaurants where the interior is much more expensive.

I want to warn: portions in Israeli restaurants are unusual big. Located at the table of the company, do not rush to order to everyone in full program. It is likely that "Enough and half a dose". Even ice cream will bring you at least a small but basque. Be ready for it.

In Israel, it is customary to leave tip. It is usually 10 percent of the invoice given if the service fee is not highlighted in it separately. Calculate in the restaurant is better than shekels. Dollars, most likely not take.

But back to meals. It makes no sense to recommend concrete restaurants or cafes – this is a matter of taste. A week you can taste French, Italian, Arabic, Chinese cuisine. A lot of Russian restaurants, if you suddenly missed them.

In addition, literally on every corner you will meet the mountains enough cheap vegetables and fruits. Often, tourists who do not make from the food of the cult, limit this diet with the obvious health and wallet benefit.

But on cool drinks you will inevitably have to spend. Drinks in Israel need a lot (doctors assure at least two liters per day), especially in southern regions and in the period "Hamsina" (Horny wind of the desert, carrying the smallest sandy dust). We highly recommend following the example of the Israelis and while traveling does not part with a bottle of water or juice.

Tourists who were especially visited before in Europe, ask what breakfast at the hotel. Isn’t that a bun with a cup of coffee? Nothing like. In Israeli hotels, breakfast is surely waiting for you in which "Swedish" Is only a submission form. There is, however, some features: with the variety of dairy products you will not find anything of meat (the dinner will be the opposite). Do not mix meat and dairy – one of the basic rules dictated by the main book of Judaism – the Torah, it is not accepted to violate publicly.

Ask your guide to briefly tell about what kosher food is, and you may not doubt: it will be for a minute forty. We are limited to the most elementary information. Judaism laws prescribe Jews to eat, observing strict canons, which Torah associates with holiness. It is allowed to eat only certain products, but even they become "kosher" only prepared accordingly. Single kosher animals specified by the Torah – Rubbly Parquetries (Cows, Sheep). Pork eating – unforgivable sin. It is forbidden to kill birds and animals on the hunt. Their meat can not be kosher. Apparently, therefore hunting is not popular in Israel.

Kosher Nutrition Notes in Israel

Fish from kosher is considered only those that have fins and scales. This is not motivated – it says. All mollusks are strictly prohibited. Only chickens, turkey, ducks, geese are allowed from birds. Meat and dairy products can not be prepared in the same dishes. Therefore, in kosher houses there are always two sets of dishes and devices. Fish, fruits and vegetables are combined with any food.

Many restaurants and cafes also adhere to strict rules, as evidenced by a license posted in a prominent place. However, next door to the store for "Russian" (so in Israel called all Russian-speaking) it is quite possible to enjoy ham or pork cartilaners.

Same word "kosher" direct attitude to food does not have. Translated from Hebrew it literally means "suitable".

If you read these places, as I hope, quite "kosher" Nutrition notes during the tour, at least two conclusions are obvious. First: on the trip you can hardly lose weight. And the second: one hundred dollars per person per week is more than enough to confirm the fairness of the first.

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