Cat Island Cafe (Cat Store) or Cat Lovers Club

Cat cafes have long been not a wonder for tourists – the first cat appeared in Japan, but in our time there are similar institutions in Thailand, and in Indonesia, and Hungary, and even in Russia. The concept of the institution is very simple: in addition to ordinary visitors who came to drink coffee, there are cats in the restaurant. We have long been going to go to the cafe with cats, and only during our last visit to Hong Kong got to this unusual place. About him and there will be our today’s story. It’s no secret that the best Cafe Hong Kong is in secret places, and sometimes to find the entrance in them, you will have to work pretty. Choco Cat Cafe – just this place. Kotokfe is located on the third floor of an ordinary residential building in the Causeway Bay area at Foo Ming Street, Po Ming Bldg 2-6. If you look at the photo below, then on the third floor (in fact – on the fourth, if you count the floor with shops) you can see the windows of the cafe. However, if you do not know what it is there, you never guess that it is the windows of the cafe. &# 128578;

Despite the fact that from the street to find a cafe is not very simple, we still managed to do it. If you too want to visit the cat cafe in Hong Kong, then write the instructions. You need to find an entrance, next to which in the list of tenants and companies, contains Cat Store Cafe (New Cat Island Cafe) . Then call the door of the entrance to the concierge, which imparts you inside the house. She didn’t even ask us where we and why.

The most difficult stage was passed, it remains only to climb the elevator on the third floor and find "Apartments" at 3D number. Here you are in place, in one of the secret cafe Hong Kong.

Kotokafa works daily from 12:00 to 23:00, on Fridays and Saturdays until 00:00, and on Sunday closes an hour earlier, at 22:00.

The entrance to the cat café is allowed only to members of the club, but anyone who wants can join it right here. Just fill out the questionnaire, and you are a member of the elite club, although not so small as Hong Kong Jockey Club, But also nothing. &# 128578;

Imagine a good old woman who has more than a dozen cats at home, she does not have the souls in them and carefully cares. And once she invites you to visit. Presented? Here Ah Meow Cafe (the second name Kotokafa) is very similar to such a cozy apartment, that’s just a characteristic cat smell in it, well, or we did not notice.

Most Hong Kongs love animals very much, but rare their at home. First, apartments are very small, and secondly, Hong Kong is a city of workaholikov who work from early morning and until late at night.

At best, they will plant goldfish, which they buy on special market, And at worst – go to Kotokfe to at least a couple of hours to look with fluffy cats.

Choco Cat Cafe in Hong Kong is home to eleven cats, they were all selected on the street. In the cafe, they have a real feline kingdom – they are freely walking between the tables (and on the tables too), sleep in cozy baskets and even on the hands of visitors.

As the waiters say, cats are not allowed in the kitchen, only in the hall. At least they cannot remember any complaint about wool in some of the dishes. We, too, no cat traces in our food noticed, although carefully studied. &# 128578;

All visitors except the menu at the entrance issues the instructions for using cats. It says that cats can not be offended, beat, photograph with flash.

In general, if you like cats, then you will never fail to break these rules in life.

Almost all dishes and drinks are decorated in a feline topic. If this is coffee, then whipped cream will be in the form of cats, if the pie, then again, in the form of a feline face.

The interior of a feline cafe in Hong Kong is also dedicated to cats, they are here everywhere: in drawings, photos, pillows. You can even send home letter with cat mail.

Kotokafa in Hong Kong

The organizers of Kotokafa in Hong Kong were not limited to banal coffee houses. In addition to communicating with animals and drinking coffee, you can order exclusive souvenirs with the image of your beloved pet.

We were very lucky – we met with the confectioner artist, which makes completely magical sweet souvenirs, she even gave us a small master class and told the manufacturing technology.

Your name is this extraordinary girl Cynthia Leung, her work can be seen in Facebook group, There are not only cookies, but even whole cakes.

We were going to run in Kotocafe only half an hour, and imperceptibly spent here for almost two hours. Apparently, really, cats have some specific impact on a person, that he forgets about problems and just enjoys life.

We will definitely come here once again during our next visit to Hong Kong, because coffee, which is served there, is very tasty, as well as non-alcoholic cocktails that we tried. If in the distant 2015 we managed to find only one kitokafa in Hong Kong, then by 2020 they are already five in the city.Here are their addresses:

  • Cafe de Kitten: Hong Kong, Mong Kok, Sai Yeung Choi St S, 1A-1K 號 百寶利 商業 中心 14 樓 1401 室
  • Cafe Idea: 501, Pakpolee Commercial Center, 1a Sai Yeung Choi St, Mong Kok, Hong Kong
  • The Cats Tea Room: Tsuen Wan, Tai Ho Rd, 47th Floor, Tree House 45
  • Cat Island Cafe (Cat Store): 3D Po Ming Building, 2-6 Foo Ming St, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong – Our feedback about this cafe is just above
  • Mr & Mrs Cat Cafe: 1L ,, 2-6 Foo Ming St, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Unfortunately, the cafe is sometimes closed and the cafe from the list can no longer work, so be sure to check the opening hours

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