Kout (kud)

Ko Cut (KO KUD) or KOD KOOD ; The most remote, little by tourists and, perhaps, the most picturesque island of the archipelago Mu Koh Chang. This mountainous island, most of which is covered with impassable jungle can boast unrealistic beautiful and practically deserted beaches.

Here are quiet and insanely beautiful sunsets.Photo Credit: Valeriy Ryasnyanskiy, Facebook.com / Valeriy.Ryasnyanskiy

Island Ko Kud ; Ideal for a calm, lazy comfortable beach holiday against the background of incredible nature. Entertainment on the island Well, very little, but delightful beaches and lazy atmosphere compensate this ; flaw ; Spln &# 128521;

Do not miss Kout on the island

  • Spend a couple of days nothing-doing) sunbathing, bathing or just reading a book in a hammock
  • Rent a motorbike, card and run along the island in search of natural beauty ; Ancient trees, waterfalls and small deserted beaches
  • Visit the fishing village Ao Yai to learn closer to the local lifestyle, go out to the sea with local fishermen (ask local residents, they will help organize improvised fishing) and / or try in local small restaurants The freshest delicious fish and seafood
  • Going on Kayaki from Klong Chao Beach Up Khlong Jao ​​River to Klong Chao Waterfall and Be sure to swim in the waterfall)
  • Swim from the mask and / or explore the dive-spots around the island
  • Admire the sunset in the famous View Point Cafe Island

Beach rest on Kout Island

Ko Kut ; island, 80% hotel. All major infrastructure, respectively, is in hotels. Hotels are scattered along the western coast with a center on Klong Chao Beach, where it is concentrated ; Public ; Islands life. The most pleasant thing is that almost all beaches are lowered (at least at the time of writing this article), t.To. Island big, and hotels on the island of little.

There are no banks and ATMs on the island, credit cards take only large hotels (stocking Cashem). Beach ; Snow-white, with absolutely hedonistic beach zones and terraces equipped with hotels. Hotel housing format ; Basically, beach bungalows. Holidays here ; paradise, but be prepared for what about any ; hotel ; Island with a minimum of competition ; Quality and price level of bungalow, food, motorbikes, daytime tours and TP CUD island will be higher than on average in Thailand.

Island Kud, Thailand. Photo Credit: Away Koh Kood, Flickr

Island Kud, Thailand. Photo Credit: Stuart McDonald, Flickr

Beach Hat Klong Chao

Hat Klong Chao Beach is located in the central part of the west coast of the island. This is the most popular among independent travelers and the affordable beach of the island, it is here that you can find relatively inexpensive accommodation and inexpensive restaurants-bary cafes. The nature of the beach is that it is quite large part located on a tiny peninsula, which forms the Siamese bay on the one hand, and on the other hand Khlong Jao ​​River. The length of the beach is about 800 meters.

Kout (kud)

Ideal views of Klong Chao Beach Beach. Photo Credit: Valeriy Ryasnyanskiy, 500px

Klong Chao Beach, KUD. Thailand. Photo Credit: Nikolay Komarkov, Flickr

Diving and snorkeling on Kout

Kut is a great place for diving and swimming with a mask, here good visibility is almost all year round (except summer months). Around the island of about a dozen dive-spot, where you can see beautiful corrules, turtles, skates and barracud. There are several dive opera on the island, the most famous of which BB Divers is located on the territory of the Hotel Away Koh Kood. Dive shoshos can be found on Klong Chao Beach and Bang Beo.

Rent a boat to KUD. Thailand. Photo Credit: Away Koh Kood, Flickr

Kajaking on the Khlong Jao ​​River

Kajaking on the Khlong Jao ​​River ; Perhaps one of the best ways to get acquainted with the wild nature of the island. Two options are available ; Either get on foot / motobike to Klong Chao waterfall, take kayaks in local geats and go on kayaks down to the ocean, or from Klong Chao beach up ; To waterfall. Klong Chao ; picturesque cascade waterfall, this is the largest waterfall of the island, with a rather large swimming pool, where you can swim.

Kayaking on the island Ko Kud, Thailand. Photo Credit: Stuart McDonald, Flickr

Waterfall Clong Chao, Koj Island, Thailand. Photo Credit: Marko Radulovic, Flickr

Ancient trees of the island of Kout

About the rainforest of the island of Kout, which is covered in most of the island, can be given in poems ; he is beautiful. Some particularly ancient, large and beautiful trees got the names and status of local attractions. You can get to them on a motorbike, part of the way will have to walk through the jungle) If you decide on the adventure and go to search for the ancient trees of the island, stockpasters, map, and focus on road signs and Makayuk-Saiyai signs.

Orientation on the island, choice of housing

Almost all rolled beaches of the island are located on its west coast. Most hotels on Ko Kud Island ; Three-four-star hotels that offer beach comfortable bungalows with price level 70-150 / room / day. Part of the hotels are located in the bays and on the tiny beaches and are pretty isolated from each other. Most hotels offer their guests kayaks and snorkeling masks.

Budget housing on Kout Island ; Ascetic bungalows, Guesthouses and Homtesey, located in the area of ​​Klong Chao Beach, Bang Beo Bay and North Beach Ao Yao Ki. Klong Chao ; Central Islands Beach, where the main equipment for travelers is concentrated. Bang BEO Bay ; Picturesque bay with a sandy beach and quiet transparent water, a great place to relax with children and for fans of snorkeling. The cost of good bungalows of the middle class on the same beaches stands around 40-60 $ / day, book should be booked in advance.

On South Beach (Ao Jak, AO Phrao and Khlong Hin) are mostly accommodated hotels ; excursion ; packet tourists from Pattaya.

Board of choice of housing on Kout Simple ; If you are on the island for a couple of days, look for bungalows and hotels on Klong Chao or Bang BEO. If you choose Kut for a beach holiday, look for a hotel that you like, not experiencing especially about his location.

Book a hotel on Kout Island in advance, so the offer on the island is limited and the best options ; go ; very fast.

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