Kozelsk (Kozelsk)

Kozelsk – Small town, located in the Kaluga region, on the left bank of the Site River (the influx of Oka), 72 km south-west of Kaluga. This is one of the oldest Russian settlements, the first mention of which refers to 1146.

Like any Russian city, who managed to preserve their historical heritage, Kozelsk has a large number of religious attractions, as well as sign places related to the history of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Two kilometers from the city there is a famous optics of the desert with a holy-injected male monastery, a large number of churches and temples are located in the city and surrounding area.

From secular attractions can be noted by the berezichi estate, the reserve «Kozelsky sequins», Kozelian Museum of Local Lore, Watges’s Watges, Square of Kozelsk’s Heroes and Wall of History, Illustrated by Muchs in the life of Kozelsk from the very day of its foundation.

To date, the population of Kozelsk is 16 thousand people, almost a third of which one way or another is associated with the defense sphere.

What to see in Kozelsk

Kozelsk – The city of ancient, and when skillful marketing and investments could well be an exemplary historical open-air museum.

Especially since certain positive shifts in terms of accuracy, repair and planning were made relatively recently: in 2010, the Government of the Russian Federation held a departure meeting. Predictably lucky city center – but the outskirts, alas, remained unreasonable.

Nature and landscapes on the outskirts are great – But the impression of them is easy to spoil the walk away from the center. Broken roads and slopefully looking streets do not affect the number of secular tourists. In winter, it is not so noticeable: the heaps of garbage and old bricks in the courtyards sprinkles with snow.

It’s good or bad, but Kozelsk today is valuable only as the center of pilgrimage of Orthodox believers – And this is despite the fact that the solid number of churches and the temples of the city are in a dilapidated state. However, and renovated a lot.

It is necessary to visit the beautiful Stavropigial Women’s Monastery of the Russian Orthodox Church – Kazan Amvrosievsky Desert (NS. Shamordino.)

and Church of Savior Savior In the village of Klykovo

and legendary Male monastery in optical desert.

Also attracts its tidy and recent update Church of the Descent of the Holy Spirit (Blacksmithing ul., 4).

In general, churches and temples in Kozelsk more than 30 – Everyone can be found in the guidebook, which is easy to purchase in any of the kiosks «Soyuzcribe».

For secular tourists of interesting attractions in Kozelsk much less, but they also have. One of the main symbols of the city is on Memorial SquareStone cross, Initially, which was a stylized image of the women’s pagan goddess (dates from the 5th century.NS.) who worshiped the tribe of Vyatichi, settled in these places.

Kozelsk (Kozelsk)

Nearby, B Memorial Park Located already mentioned Wall of history Kozelsk, as well as rotating Granite ring of time.

Also worth getting to the restored Fort of the time of war with Mongols – He is the same observation deck with which a surprisingly beautiful view of the Visita River, opto desert and the outskirts of Kozelsk.

Don’t take time and on «Kozelsky sequins» – In the reserve, which is part of the National Park «UGR» very beautiful nature – Part of the UNESCO biosphere reserve: if you’re lucky, you can see the roasted and peacefully grazing bison, most often outside the leaving for the village of Ilyinka.

Where to stay

Pleasant surprise among tourists caused the opening of the complex «Kars » (Collective farm ul, d.19A). Earned relatively recently hotel and a decent restaurant is very close to the optical desert.

As you understand, the place (fork to Moscow and Kaluga) is not chosen by chance: Kozelsk, thanks to his temples and churches, confidently occupies one of the first places in popularity in people who wish to bow out to the Orthodox shrines.

«Kars» The sole favorite in terms of service, furnishings and quality survivors: good restaurant, there are suitable rooms and satellite TV with Wi-Fi. Plus Location: In the very center of the city, 5-7 minutes walk from the male monastery Optina Desert. The average cost of 2200-3000 rubles per night.

Among the nearest competitors – hotel «Pilgrim»: Special service is not different, but at cost is quite acceptable and designed for a poor target audience (night – from 500 rubles). Located on the Kozelsk-Soselsky highway, about 5 kilometers from Kozelsk himself.

All other suggestion offers come from local residents, willingly daily renting rooms in nearby private houses – How to agree.

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