Krabi Airport: Description with map, how to get from and to the airport

Krabi Airport (KBV)).
Was opened in July 1999. Construction of a modern terminal was conducted in 2003 – 2005., And in 2006, the airport received the status of international. In a new building, up to 1,200 passengers are located: 600 arrivals and awaiting departures. WFP length is 3 km.

Located only 7 km north-east of Krabi Town and 30 km from the local tourist center – AO Nanga. It does not differ in large size, but perfectly equipped and fully complies with modern ideas about the comforts while waiting for departure. Of course, there are no luxurious boutiques and duty fries, colossal statues and chic flower clubs, as in the capital Suvarnabhumi, but I can’t call it completely.
Krabi Airport on the map:

Krabi Airport Scheme

The building itself consists of four floors, and in the plan resembles a children’s airliner with short wings. There are two terminals: 1st serves international flights and charters, 2nd – Domestic flights. Both occupy four floors.

On the 1st floor You will receive baggage. As well as here, you can rent a car, order a taxi, buy a bus ticket, book a hotel, get the right information from the information rack. Immediately there are medical bills, ATMs, currency exchange points, shops and several cafes.

For comforts, moms with young children are equipped with a room of a mother and baby. There are shops of cosmetics, clothing, printed materials. If you fly home, you can purchase ; adopted ; Souvenirs and albums with beautiful photos of the province. There is luggage storage.

On the 2nd floor There are rooms of the arrival of international (right) and internal (left) flights, as well as passport control.

On the 3rd floor There are zones of registration, border control and customs inspection, as well as the halls of expectations, international flights – to the right and internal – left. There is an office where tourists can get the necessary information.

4th floor divided into zone for VIP passengers, offices of airlines and technical premises. Also there are several restaurants.

At Krabi Airport there is a shop Duty Free.

In Duty Free, Krabi Airport can be purchased non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, cosmetics, dried fruits, tea, candy, genuine leather products and some other products. As an example, several price tags: Chivas Regal whiskey costs 1500 baht, cream l’oreal – 800. At the end of the shopping hall is smoking room.
Airport Overview:

Online Tablo Airport Krabi

Detailed about airlines and flights

To get into the eternal tropical summer is not difficult: the aircraft of many companies from different parts of the world and districts of Thailand fly here every day at any time of year. Here is the list of countries from where you can get into the crab directly:

  • China,
  • Malaysia,
  • Singapore,
  • Finland,
  • Qatar.

And although there are no direct regular flights from Russia, find a convenient option is very simple. Cities, from which one transplant flights are carried out:

  • Moscow,
  • St. Petersburg,
  • Novosibirsk,
  • Vladivostok.

So you can put this southern Thai city on the banks of the Andaman Sea, the initial point of his trip by ; smile country ; – The road will not be too long and tedious. Note that flight schedules varies depending on the time of year, and charters from different countries are carried out here, including from Russia.

A significant part of the flights are carried out by local carriers, mainly on the inner lines:

  1. Bangkok Airways, Main Carrier of this Region,
  2. Thai Airways and subsidiary Thai Smaile,
  3. Thai Lion Air and Nok Air – Lookers.
  4. Krabi Airport Description with Map, how to get from and to the airport

Straight flights to Krabi inside the country are made from the capital, Chiang Mai, and from Samui Island.

Foreign companies that account for a smaller part of direct flights:

  1. Airasia from Kuala Lumpur,
  2. Qatar Airways from Doha,
  3. Singapore Airlines, Tiger Airways from Singapore,
  4. Finnair from Helsinki,
  5. China Eastern Airlines from Guangzhou,
  6. Shanghai Airlines from Shanghai.

Almost all Loocosostans flying to the capital of Thailand fly to Don Maang. Take this, as the distance between him and Suvarnabhumi is 50 km. It is not difficult to get there: there are many ways, there is even a free shuttle every one and a half hours from 5 am to midnight, but the road takes a decent time. Sometimes a single ticket also implies a change of airport during docking.

The best way to get into the crab

Thai Krabi Province is one of the most attractive beach holiday fans. Here are the best beaches of the country, incredibly beautiful landscapes and amazing underwater species. You can get to the desired resort and on the ground, and by air. The cheapest and longest way – on the bus, but the train here do not go here.

But the tourist infrastructure of the province is actively developing, and the most convincing confirmation is a thorough modernization of the airport that takes even international flights. In addition, the most convenient, fast, and the popular option – of course, the plane.

Going out of the capital to Krabi by bus, you will drive more than 850 km and spend more than twelve hours of vacation on the road – and the road every minute. In the air, spend less than an hour, as the distance to Bangkok directly is a little more than 650 km. Ticket price – from 650 baht (approximately 20 dollars). By the way, for a taxi from Krabi Airport to the hotel – depending on its location – you can pay as much and even more.

How to get to the hotel from the airport

For the province of Krabi, tourism is of great importance, so travelers are given all possible options to get into the room, wash off road dust and though a couple of hours. If you approach travel planning, it is thoroughly and in advance. Literally every step, you can easily book a taxi on a site of some agency. But the simplest ways:

  • By taxi. Order him at the airport by arrival – the easiest and most expensive option.
  • On a rented car. If you are set up immediately after the flight to get behind the wheel, there will be no problems with rental cars.
  • Use the transfer service if the number is booked in advance. Almost any hotel will gladly come for your car, you only need to notify the administration or the owner a couple of days before arrival.

Airport surroundings are available, but only one of them within walking distance: Joy Bungalow Nuea Khlong.

How to get to A Nang and Krabi Town

By bus, minibas

The main dignity is low cost. Routes: Bus stroke – 80 baht (approximately 2.5 dollars), city center – 90 baht (less than 3 dollars), and AO Nang – 150 baht (about 4.5 dollars). Luggage is included in the price.

There is no clear schedule. All of them ; equals ; for arriving flights and depart as fills. Time on the way depends on the presence or absence of traffic jams. Before A Nanga can be reached in about an hour. Tickets for sale in the airport building, to the left of the exit you will see the inscription SHUTTLE BUS. Buses are small, white, with an inscription ; airport ; in English. There is enough space all and not stand.

Note once again, it is better to book a hotel in advance. There is no clear route with stops. Passengers inform the names of their accommodation accommodating tickets, and the bus will reach everyone. All this greatly increases the time on the way. Next Ayonang buses do not go. At night, by the way, too.

On Songteo (this is a Picap Minibus)

It needs to be caught on the highway: leave the terminal, go to parking (approximately 300 m). The fare to the city is from 50 baht (about 1.5 dollars).

By taxi
The only option to get from the airport, if you decide to settle near the beaches of Klong Muang or Tubcakek.

You can order a taxi in several ways.

Taxi (transfer) from the airport to the hotel

As already mentioned, tourism is very important for the city. And everything connected with movement is very convincing this proves. Yes, get to the right point easily.

Online on the agency website in advance

Taxi order online and has two advantages in advance: it can get cheaper than they ask for a hotel, and the taxi driver will not join, as it can find out where to carry you. I recommend Kiwi Taxi, they have the opportunity to order a taxi in advance and pay online.

On the first floor there is a cashier taxi. Fixed price tag. Pay, take a ticket, go out and choose a taxi with a license. The road to Krabi Town will cost 350 baht (a little more than 10 dollars), to Nanga AO – 600 (about $ 18). For the company from six people you can order Minivan – it will cost 600 and 1050 baht, respectively.

You can contact the hotel and ask you to meet you. But usually it comes out more expensive than in previous methods. Only the most expensive hotels meet guests for free (as is customary everywhere in the world).

Car rental at Krabi Airport

Even if you do not plan to visit more interesting places, for the convenience of movement it is better to rent a car. Make it simple: on the first floor, at the exit of the 1st terminal, there are several racks of rental firms. Interested in prices, conditions, the presence of insurance and choose the appropriate option.

It’s even easier to order rent via the Internet: there are services where you can get acquainted with the proposals at once of several rollers, which saves time. This option can do even cheaper. Car rental cost – approximately 700 baht (about 20 dollars) a day and above. In the high season prices may rise.

Please note that in Thailand left-hand movement.
From the airport to the island
At the airport you can order a transfer to different areas and cities of the country, including Bangkok.

You can do to Lanta or Phi Phi first travel item in the country. At the rack of some travel agency you can buy a ticket to Phi Phi. The only thing you must fly the morning flight: the road will take more than 4 hours. You will be brought to the pier, and then on the ferry you go to the island. It is more convenient to take a ticket there – back: on returning from the islands at the exit from the pier will be waiting for the minivan, which will deliver you to the hotel or back to the airport. All services are included in the price.

Distance (on the road) from Krabi Airport to Phuket is 160 km, to Lanta: about 80 km. Phuket or to Lanta is more profitable to get from the bus station: a ticket costs 150 baht to the bus to Phuket and 350 to Minivan to Ko Lanta. Prices from the airport by taxi is just robbing: 2600 and 2500 baht, respectively.

Back to the airport

Save the ticket if you get from the airport by bus. In this case, the return ticket will cost you not at 150, and at 100 baht (about $ 3). You can order it in the nearest travel agency, and do it better in advance. The bus will go to your hotel.

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