Excursion to Krabi 2 days

I have already told you about the amazing province of Krabi, where it is easy to get from Phuket. Going on a tour of one of the best places in Thailand in two ways. One-day excursion suggests touring the high-speed boat on islands and beaches, bordered mysterious rocks with obscene stalactites. And I will tell you about a tour of 2 days in the province of Krabi, where you except the affectionate sea and snow-white beaches, you will see untouched by civilization Tropical jungle, healing hot springs, amazing caves and much more.

In two days, you will be sick, make sure that the crabs rightly call the most beautiful province. It begins to get acquainted with South Thailand, as soon as you cross the Saracin Bridge connecting Phuket and Mainland, and go to the Buddhist Temple of Suvan Cuch.

Located in the cave, the temple is guarded by a million funny monkeys who are friendly to enter the entrance, do not forget to feed them with bananas or peanuts on the way back. Locals call this temple Wat Tham, which means "Temple in the cave". You will be able to visit the numerous chairs of the temple with fancy stalactites and stalagmites, see the 15-meter statue of the underlying Buddha, tie a rope-guard rope, to pay and make unforgettable photos.

Another attraction of Phang Nga Province, who is waiting for you, – Phung Chang Cave, which means translated "Stomach elephant". One dramatic legend is connected with this place. Once a flock of wild elephants swept the entire crop peasant Yomdung. Tapet got angry and chased behind the abusers with a spear. Seeing in the jungle peacefully grazing elephant, who belonged to another Tharata, Yomdung took him for one of the herd of wild elephants. He pierced with a spear of the belly of a suspect of an animal. Soon the body of the elephant turned into a huge mountain, and the stomach became a cave.

And indeed, approaching the mountain, you will see the shape of a lying elephant. Armed with a flashlight, you will go on a study of the mysterious ancient cave, make a fascinating journey through the underground river, which proceeds inside the cave. First you will be lucky on a canoe, then on a small raft of bamboo, and in some places you will walk to better see the sparkling magnificence of grotto and bizarre figures of animals created by water and rock for millions of years. After the Elephant Mountain, you will go to a real Thai house, where you will get acquainted with the life and traditions that existed earlier and are still complied with.

After having bought in the traditional Thai restaurant on the banks of the Bo THO River among Mangrove Thickets, you will head to the real elephant, where you can walk on an elephant along a small river, thickets of oil palm trees, of which palm oil is made in Thailand, and impressive mountain ranges and flowing into the sky sheer cliffs. You are waiting for a cascade waterfall in the Province of Krabi, a cascade waterfall in National Park by Phan Benchan. The road to the waterfall you will enjoy your malachitic greens and unusual jungle, and cool jets of water will help refreshing and cheering.

Settling in the hotel on the coast of AO Nang you can walk on the streets, enjoy a massage and try the most delicious pancakes in all southern Thailand. But do not forget that in the evening in the hotel’s restaurant you will find a traditional dinner.

Krabi Excursion from Phuket - Description, Program, Price, Photo Phuket Guide

Even more fully experience the real spirit of freedom of the province of Krabi on the second day you will help you a sea walk on the Rayleigh Peninsula. Immediately after breakfast, you will go to one of the characters of the crab, cut off from the mainland with a sheer cliffs. There are no cars, no roads – silence, calm and complete harmony with nature. You swim in the gentle sea on the beach of Pranag, incorporated in the top ten most picturesque beaches of the world for the unsurpassed beauty of limestone rocks, towering over the water.

Returning to the Mainland, you will have a bunch of a cozy Thai restaurant and go to the two main attractions of Krabi Province – Emerald Lake and hot springs.

Emerald Lake Sa Moracot is considered to be a highlight of the crab. Water here is transparent at any time of the year and varies depending on the time of day and the angle of falling sunlight. The road to the emerald lake is great: the path leads among the intertwined Lian, it joins the bamboo in flat thickets, it is lost between trees, pleases with fluttering colorful butterflies and yurt lizards. And here the trees appear an emerald lake with healing water saturated with minerals and natural salts. A little further there is a blue lake that affects the color of its water, they can only admire and watch the hot springs beat from under the ground.

Nearby are famous thermal springs, where the hot jets drowning from the ground have formed unique cascading baths with mineral water. Its temperature is about + 40-45 ° C, and the recommended time of receiving water procedures is 20 minutes. Healing water is rich in mineral salts, plunging into one of the baths, you feel like millions of small bubbles envelop your body, remove fatigue and charge energy. Visiting hot thermal sources will complete the program of the second day, and you, full of unforgettable impressions and emotions, go back to Phuket.

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