Krabi Translated from Thai means «sword». This name is the city in honor of the river, the channel of which resembles the form of the blade. Krabi – This is the geographical and cultural center of the province, which includes 130 more islands. Quiet, secluded corner of nature is 170 km from Phuket. The edge of the wild cliffs, mysterious jungle and snow-white beaches attracts tourists from all over the world. Here come to relax from the city fuss, to do windsurfing and climbing. Once in Krabi, tourists would seek to another world, where there is no place for noise and dirt of modern megacities.

However, the resort is famous not only to the beautiful nature, clean air and a mild climate. The level of service in Krabi meets European standards. Luxury hotels are always happy to take guests from other countries. In addition to comfortable rooms, tourists can get a full range of services here, to enjoy an active holiday, enjoy professional SPA procedures, famous Thai massage, try local dishes. And antiquity lovers are worth visiting exciting excursions in historical places. And every guest in carbies is provided friendly attitude of local residents and staff.

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What is interesting to look in Krabi?

Top sights Krabi

Temple Tigger

Twin Rocks Khao Khanab

National Park Khao Phanom ..

Thermal Sources and Emerald Pool

Cemetery Rakushki

Krabi: Excursions and Events

In Krabi, tourists are offered many excursions in the islands. One of the most interesting – Excursion to Phi Phi Islands. Archipelago is located 30 km from Krabi. Among these islands inhabited only one – Phi Phi Don or «Butterfly island». It was named so because it consists of two identical parts of the sushi, which are connected by the bridge. Visually it is very similar to the open butterfly wings. Another island that tourists visit – Phi Lei, uninhabited. Here is the amazing cave of Vikings, on the walls of which drawings depicting sea vessels are preserved. But more this island is famous for the fact that the filming «Island» (with DiCaprio in the title). Therefore, tourists usually show shots. Excursion lasts from 9:00 to 18:00. On average, cost is $ 60 for adults and $ 40 for children.

Exotic entertainment – Tracking on elephants, is a kind, highlight of rest in Krabi. There are several routes, different duration and cost. Depending on the selected route, tourists on the way can inspect the Temple of Tham Suo, swim in hot springs or swim in the waterfall of Thua THU. The cost of excursions varies from $ 27 to $ 60.

You can go to Kao Juice National Park. There are also different programs here. Excursion can last 1-3 days. Each route has a tracking on elephants, a fusion on canoeing, observation of gibbons and lifting to the viewing platform. Excursion cost from $ 98 to $ 300.

Beautiful and romantic horses walk along the mango thickets and the subsequent swimming on kayaks attracts equally and romantics, and extremals. It costs this pleasure within $ 100, walking time 3 hours.

Krabi history

Climate in Krabi

Krabi is located in a tropical climate zone. Year here is divided into two periods: the rainy season (from May to October) and the dry season (from November to April). Air humidity preserves high over the past year. In the crab, is quite hot, the air temperature is rarely lowered below +30°WITH. At night, it becomes a little cooler, but the humidity also increases. Rains can be and during the dry season.

Tourists usually come to the Krabi November-March, at this time there is a bit more cooler than usual. But those who are planning vacation at another time, it is better to familiarize themselves with the weather in Krabi for months.

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Krabi: Entertainment and Active Leisure

The most popular view of outdoor activities at all resorts of Thailand – diving. And Krabi is no exception. There is even his own highlight, because underwater rocks and a stunning underwater landscape have been preserved in pristine. The most popular islands from divers – Nok and KO Nai, they are directly opposite the princess bay. But you can go to more remote islands: on the boat (20 minutes) or on the ferry (40 minutes). And the most unique underwater world can be seen next to Phi Phi Islands. For newcomers, experienced instructors, and those who wish can pass a three-day course and get a dive master certificate.

On Raili Beach, where many rocks, you can try yourself as climbing. There are one and a half hundred routes of all levels of complexity. There are quite lungs – for beginners, and very heavy – For professionals. All equipment Tourists can rent at the hotel.

Special view of outdoor activities in Krabi – Riding on kayaks. Kayak – This is a boat similar to kayak. It can be sailed on all hidden corners of the jungle, lagunas and marine caves. Boats are better to swim accompanied by a guide who knows the terrain well and can hold tourists at interesting places. The price usually includes food.

In Thailand, very popular golf, so extraordinarily many golf courses. Experienced coaches are ready from scratch to teach guests to the resort of this fine aristocratic game. 40 km from Krabi is Pakasai Country Club, where the best coaches work.

Transport features of Krabi

In Krabi, everything is near, and therefore it is best to move around the city on a rented moped or on a scooter. You can rent this vehicles in any hotel, rental costs from $ 6 per day. But you need to find out in advance whether insurance is decorated, and it is best not to give your passport as a collateral.

You can also rent a car. But it will be much more expensive – from $ 30 per day, in addition, gasoline in the crabbies is very expensive. The same amount will cost a taxi trip.

Tuk-Tuki run around the city – Traditional Thai transport. It can be stopped anywhere in the city, and then negotiate with the driver about the price.

On coastal routes, boats, ferries and boats work «Londheyls». They can be obtained to other islands of the archipelago.

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