Kraken and seven hobbits: Real prototypes of heroes legends

Examples from ethnography become the basis of myths quite often. We tell who could be prototypes of trolls, Kraken, three heroes and other fabulous characters.


Troll, he is OGR, he is Yotun, – the hero of the Scandinavian myths. Lives in the mountains in the rocky area. CENTRALAST, PREFACE, Overly high or, on the contrary, dwarf, nose has an outstanding. Feeds with meat, but do not forget and people. Loves to drive Shura Mura with Human Women.

Now let’s look at our "cousins" – Neanderthals. They also lived in Europe, including in the north, in the caves, possessed a very strong physique, were extremely strong and rather ugly. Neanderthal’s dental analysis showed that they were even large predators than cave lions, and eat almost exclusively with meat. And also not bent with connections with beautiful creems, from which children were born – the methuses of Sapires and Neanderthal. No wonder in chromosomes of people of non-African origin there are about 2% of Neanderthal genes.

"All the famous Neanderthals are essentially a wonderful prototype of trolls and orcs, because in all possible signs they coincide with the description: hefty, chores, ballastic, with huge noses and hefty jaws, and the matter fought each other for any occasion. On each second skeleton of Neanderthal, there are traces of cannibalism, "says Anthropologist Stanislav Drobyshevsky in his article" What anthropologists hide?»On the site" Anropogenesis.RU". .


Maps of the navigators, preserved from ancient times, depicted huge octopuses, waiting for sailors in their wanders, and other mandes. They probably easily formed the basis of the Scandinavian legend about Kraken – the mythical mollusk, which his huge tentacles will drag ships to the marine puchin. The scientific world could not treat these stories seriously, while in the second half of the XIX century were not discovered by the bodies of deep-water giant squids (the origin called architectis). In 2004, scientists were first able to photograph the living giant squid, and in 2006 – to remove them on video. To date, architects are considered one of the largest invertebrates: their maximum length is about 8 m, weight – several hundred kilograms. It seems that the navigaters did not rot – such a monster can completely drain on the bottom average of the oldest vessel. Or at least make him a team with skiing for life.

ECU, Hobbits

Hobbits came up with John Tolkin. But it seems, not on scratch – perhaps the creator of the "Lord of the Rings" was familiar with the legend of the Indonesian Island Flores. She says: When the ancestors of modern Aboriginal came to the islands, they met here small shaggy men – EBO-GO. The latter was a simple lifestyle and talked to "chiruchy". At first, the world reigned between people and Ecu, but with the time the dwarfs have fallen to steal food and children. Then the settlers drove the ECU into one of the caves, poured her stones and set fire to the unfortunate. Ethnographers, who recorded legend, even showed this fraternal grave. She really is littered with stones, and while archaeological excavations were not held there. But in 2004, in Liang-Bois, another cave of the same island, found the remains of ancient Homo, which are probably descendants of Peteitrontrops.

Nakhodka turned out to be sensational. Reconstructing skeletons, scientists found out that these people were only about a meter rising and with a brain volume like chimpanzees – 400 cm³. Next to their remains were discovered primitive tools. Scientists called a new kind of Homo Floresiensis and suggested that a legend of the ECU – memories of a meeting with "tweeting" people. True, there is one problem: Sapires settled these islands only in the XVI century, and "Hobbits" lived there, according to optimistic estimates, 12,000 years ago, and even all 60,000 – 100,000. But the paths of the ancestors are non-definition – it is possible that our relatives still had the opportunity to get acquainted with the ECU.

Dwarfs from a fairy tale about Snow White

For the first time, the tale of the Grimm brothers about Snow White saw the light in 1812. But her prototype may have lived for almost two centuries before. In this, I am sure the German historian Echard Zander, who in 1994 published the book Schneewittchen: Märchen Oder Wahrheit?, Where I argue that Snow White could be the daughter of German graph Philip IV, a certain Margaret von Waldek, born in 1533 in Germany. An extraordinary beauty girl lived with a power stepmother and already at the age of 16 was forced to leave the father’s house and go to Brussels. There met the future king of Spain, Prince Philip II, and became his lover.

Alas, these feelings did not find understanding any German or Spanish in high places. And at age 21, the unhappy Margaret died under very mysterious circumstances.

Kraken and seven hobbits Real prototypes of heroes legends

Interestingly, the family of the girl belonged to several copper mines (action tale, by the way, is happening among the seven mountains), which worked not only adults but also children. Because of the hellish labor and chronic malnutrition in young workers slowed growth, they hunched and even keeper turned gray. And they wore colored caps and lived for twenty groups in the same house. Compare with the Dwarves, or as they are called in the original fairy tale, Carlo – there is.

Another German historian Karl Heinz Bartels believes that the prototype of Snow White was another sufferer – Maria Sofia, daughter of a German prince Philip Christoph von Ertalya. She was born in 1729 in the town of Lohr am Main. She was also a wicked stepmother, and in that – "magic mirror" in which a clever saying mechanism was built. Acoustic toys manufactured in the mirror factory in Lloret is famous for its shops. This "Snow White" lived to 71 years, but her life was joyless since passed away from the world, in a monastery. Child miners also appear in this true story.

Heroes Ilya Muromets, Nikitich, Alyosha Popovich

On the honorable role of Ilya Muromets claimed just two historical characters: Elijah Muromets Pecherskiy and Ileyko. The first he was a strong man, had the nickname Chobotok (for having allegedly fought off enemies with a single boot only – Chobot), was a native of the village near the town of Moore and lived in the XII century. Due to the fact that after the death of Eli was canonized and his relics are preserved in the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, the scientists were able to establish that this man as epic Ilya, a young age suffered paralysis of the limbs, was very tall and strong. But the second contender for the role of the famous hero like him except that the name and biography of the individual elements. This is lived in the XVII century Ileiko Muromets – the impostor of false-Peter times of troubled time. His real name – Ilya Ivanovich Korovin.

As a prototype of Dobryni, Nikitich is usually called a relative and Voevid Vince Vladimir I Svyatoslavovich named Dobryny. He was in a large authority of Prince, performed personal orders, using not only his strength and courage, but also amazing diplomatic abilities, was formed and a smart.

So, Alyosha Popovich is taken to associate Rostov Boyarov Alexander (Oleshu) Popovich, who belonged to brands, that is, the selected soldiers who served the great prince of Vsevolod a big nest, and then his son Konstantin Vsevolodovich.

Read also our longride "Stray fairy tales" about who is really a bunker, how to transformed the history of Amur and Psychai and was always a good Cinderella. But the story of the present Robinson Cruzo and the story about children-Mowgli. Here is the situation inverse: children brought up out of society called the hero of the book of Reddiard Kipling.

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