Zoo in Krakow (Ogród Zoologiczny W Krakowie)

It’s time to part with hospitable, so cozy and already beloved Krakow and go further into the path. But before going to Wroclaw, we decided to visit Krakow Zoo. In general, our whole little family loves the zoos, and with the advent of Max, we had another reason to be there often. I must say that during our summer journey in Poland, we visited several zoos and tell me next time, and now we will go on the outskirts of Krakow to the Wolish forest, where the zoological garden is located. After 16 years, the zoo will be 100 years old, it was founded in July 1929. And before that time on the territory Wawel Castle A bell was located in which local fauna was mainly represented. After the transfer of the capital of Poland in Warsaw, the Zvernets fell into a decline, and only many years later a zoo appeared in Krakow. When the zoo opened, it was 94 mammals, almost a hundred birds and a dozen reptiles. Now more than 1,500 animals live in the zoo. The territory of the zoo is huge – 17 hectares. As already mentioned, he is on the outskirts of Krakow (in 8km from the center) in the Wolish forest. We traveled to the car, simply specifying a navigator name Ogród Zoologiczny. The car was left on a paid parking 100 meters from the entrance. For parking, we paid about $ 5.

I must say that we were in the zoo after 12.00 on weekday, so parking was almost empty. On weekends, the car will have to be left in the parking lot before entering the Wolf Forest and 1 km to the entrance to walk on foot or use the shuttle bus. If you want to get to the zoo by public transport, then you need to take a bus number 134 at a bus stop at the former hotel "Krakowia" (General of General Ferdinand Food, House No. 1).

Zoo cash regulations work daily from 9.00 to 15.00, Park itself up to 16.00 (in summer to 19.00).

Price adult ticket just less than $ 6, children – $ 2.5, children under 3 years old – free. Packing Max in the stroller, we went to inspect the local fauna.

The area of ​​the zoo is not only big, but also very well-maintained and well-groomed.

There are a lot of birds in the park and sometimes it seems that they are here at every turn. Here they are already 80 species (554 units).

Walking around the zoo with peacocks for a long time, no one long ago – we have a photo of 1986, where Mom Max is chasing Peacock through the Prague Zoo, and since then a lot of time has passed since. Krakow Peacocks appear unexpectedly from bushes right under the feet.

And visitors do not have anything else, how to catch up with them to take pictures.

But the peacocks quickly bothers such attention, and they prefer to take off on a cage or run away into the bushes.

In the zoo, two ponds: big and small. All sorts of storks, ducks, swans, pelicans and other waters.

Large aviary and in ostriches, although the ostriches themselves are not so much.

Among the monkeys attract the attention of Tamarins, which build funny muzzles to visitors.

The rest of the monkey inhabitants are trying in every way to avoid the views of the paparazzi and their lenses.

How many Meerkats meet – they always have a very cute face.

Everyone who watched the cartoon Madagascar is unlikely to stay indifferent to lemurs.

Middle cats, foxes and wolves are very much, but because of the cells they are very uncomfortable, therefore, the part of the zoo remained behind the scenes.

In total, in the zoo of 84 species of mammals (483 units), but animals that could be surprised – little.

Tapirows are almost in all European zoos, but for some reason they still want to take a picture.

Large area occupies a part-fated section. Here and camels, and zebras, all kinds of horses and deer, the names of which are impossible to remember.

Woller with the sea lions we were lucky – we just got to feeding (they are fed twice a day at 10.00 and in 14.00) and witnessed a little idea.

Krakow Zoo - Zoo in Krakow photo, prices, how to drive.

But the most charming inhabitants of Krakow Zoo for us became dwarf hippos. They were recognized by the most cute.

Especially the baby hippo.

Big cats are not a lot and they, as it often happens, preferred to sleep instead of communicating with the visitors of the zoo.

And the last in our reporting reports were elephants. By the way, from their feeding (which passes in 11.00 and at 13.00 hours) also make a show. But we did not hit him.

Behind the scenes there were still night "tricks", red pandas, panthers, giraffes and many other animals and birds. There is a children’s zoo with excellent attractions at democratic prices. Krakow Zoo – a great place to walk with the child, and completely unimportant 2 months to him or 5 years – every child will find a lesson here. Max, for example, slept perfectly all three hours that we walked.

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We leave Krakow, but be sure to come back here – it has already become a pleasant tradition for us &# 128578;

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Hello, and what kind of zoo you liked more, Prague or in Krakow?

Elena, good afternoon! It’s hard to say which one liked more. In Krakow Zoo, we were quite recently, so the impressions of fresh. And in Prague last time were more than 10 years ago. But on the memories, Prague still liked more.

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