Krasnaya Polyana (Krasnaya Polyana)

Krasnaya Polyana – The village in the Krasnodar Territory, located in the mountains near Sochi and the Black Sea. It is also a common name for the popular ski resort and the center of all-season tourism and outdoor activities.

The second settlement in the Valley of the Red Polyana is the esto-sadok, often perceived as a continuation of a more famous neighbor. Now these two villages have practically merged into one.

The first inhabitants of the Red Polyana were the Greeks who moved from the steppes of the current Stavropol Territory. According to legend, they gave the modern name of the village, seeing the autumn beautiful expanses of valleys covered with forests of chestnut and maple – trees with red foliage.

The new life of Krasnaya Polyana gave the Winter Olympics – 2014: Biathlon competitions, running and mountain skiing competitions, bobsley, jumps with a springboard and many other sports disciplines were held at the territories surrounding areas.

In the so-called «Mountain cluster» New hotels and guest houses, roads, sports facilities and communications.

The construction was such a major scale that the appearance of the Red Polyana after the Olympics was transformed almost to unrecognizable (mainly for the better).

On each second resource about rest in Red Polyana, you will read about a unique opportunity in one day, and skiing / snowboarding, and swim in the Black Sea waves. In fact, it is not true.

First, there is nothing unique here – In many countries, high mountains are adjacent to the sea. For example, the Turkish Square Ski Resort is an hour’s drive from Antalya and, respectively, the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea.

And secondly, it is difficult to imagine, in what month you can combine both pleasant classes with comfort (if, of course, you are not «walrus», Or under your arrival specially brought snow on the slope).

Kraspol can claim the title of the official website of the Red Polyana.RU, but more relevant and detailed information can be found on the official websites of local ski resorts: Roses Farm, Mountain Carousel and Gazprom (see below).

Useful practical advice with relevant news right from the slopes worth searching for «Amateur», but intelligent resources riderhelp.RU and FUNSOCHI.Ru

Red Polyana winter

It will not be an exaggeration to say that the best ski complexes in Russia are in the Red Polyana. Quality of service, leaf care, number of lifts, total length of tracks and height difference – All this is at the level that you can compare with good European mountain resorts.

Minus riding in Krasnaya Polyana alone, but very significant – whimsical climate and relatively low mountains and, as a result, a short season. Because of the proximity to the sea in Krasnaya Polyana, severe frosts are rarely.

And the highest mark of local mountains – Approximately 2400 meters. Therefore, the catalic season usually lasts from the end of December to the middle-end of March. Of course, it does not have time at times, and it happens that May in Krasnaya Polyana pleases an excellent freshly fallen fluff, but abnormal warming happens, for example, in mid-February, when due to the small number of snow «Lower» Tracks.

To remember this feature of skiing in the Red Polyana is necessary, otherwise you can run into a spoiled vacation or crumpled weekends. Still fresh in memory information about the observed to the Olympics in a huge volume of artificial snow (which, fortunately, was not useful in the end – Nature coped with their own).

But if the snow in the Red Polyana begins, it can cut without ceasing a day-two. And according to the reasons described above (relatively high temperatures in the absence of severe frosts, plus a significant humidity) it is distinguished by special softness and «Pookeliness».

About famous Krasnopolyansky «Poweer» (so called a virgin, unrealized layer of freshly-haired snow) perfectly heard foreign guests who came here on Heliski, that is, Freeride with a thrown on a helicopter, in those years, when most Russians did not hear about such extreme entertainment.

Well, after the 2014 Olympics, the number of foreigners who come to ride in the Red Polyana, only grown.

Now there are three ski complexes independent of each other: Rosa Khutor, Mountain Carousel (as part of the entertainment program of the All-season resort slides city) and Gazprom (he is Laura). Fourth resort, «Alpika-Servis» Now is on reconstruction and plans to start work in the next winter season (in December 2015).;

Rosa Khutor

Rosa Khutor Gondo keeps the banner of the most developed ski resort of Russia. The Olympic medals in ski disciplines were played out here, and if desired (as well as due ability), guests of the resort can ride «Male» and «Women’s Olympic descent».

All of you are waiting for about a hundred kilometers of trained tracks of a different level of complexity, so even with a large influx of holidaymakers on the rope and all-flags on the tracks almost never happens. The well-thought-out system of lifts allows to overcome the height difference of 1750 meters less than half an hour.

Well, and the appearance of the hotel complexes of the resort (lower zone from the waterfront and «town hall» and «Roses Plato» With the ability to ride directly from the doors of the hotel) gives genuine aesthetic pleasure.

Perhaps the main disadvantage of Roses The farm is the cost of ski pass, the highest even by the standards of the nonsense as a whole red glade. In the days of peak download (for example, New Year’s holidays), guests of the resort, who came to their cars, also complained about the employed car parking.

As for living, then hotels «Roses farm» Below mostly to the group of expensive, although the flexible policy of discounts and special proposals provides pleasant exceptions to this rule.

Official Rose Website Farm: Rosaski.Com

Mountain Carousel

Mountain Carousel Recently develops a shock pace. In the 2014/15 season, a new Eastern sector was opened for skating, and in the evenings from Friday to Sunday began working illuminated «Night» The track, immediately becoming an insanely popular in the katalkers of any age.

Subjectively, from the tracks and lifts of the mountain carousel open the most picturesque views of the Red Polyana, the Valley, the mountains around and the rest of the resorts. The spa organizers take care of the guests of guests, then inviting DJ to play outdoors, then organizing on New Year’s holidays «The highest Santa Claus».

In general, it can be said that now the mountainous carousel is not enough of what the rose of the farm loses and is able to make it a serious competition in the near future struggle for the title of the best resort.

In order not to get confused in the names of your own, you need to remember that the mountain carousel is positioned as part of the All-season resort «Gorki city».

Official site of the Mountain Carousel: Gorkygorod.Ru


Gazprom – Resort, which is more suitable for a calm family «Catalog», than for insane extreme. The tracks here are shorter and quieter than on the mountain carousel and rose farm, and the total situation around the shopping and leisurely (and non-budget) sitting in restaurants and cafes are no less than to rolling the slopes.

Huge plus «Gazprom» – Daily evening skating from six to elevenpm. True, advanced riders lit highways may seem boring. In addition, Gazprom is located noticeably below its neighbors, and problems with snow or warm weather will touch it before other resorts.

But according to the cost of Ski-Pass Gazprom differs for the better. In addition, it offers additional active entertainment, such as cross-country skiing and laser biathlon.

There is also a small confusion with names, since some time the resort was called «Laura», by name of the river formed this gorge. Simply put, Laura and Gazprom – This is the same object.

Site Gazprom Ski Complex: Polyanaski.Ru


With complex «Alpika-Servis» In the nineties, the history of the Red Polyana as a ski resort began. Then a singlechart with wooden seats and cowards, from the supports of which periodically the droplet fuel on the expensive jackets of the resort guests, did not seem something unusual.

But time does not stand still, and now «Alpika-Servis» Located on reconstruction. Geographically, she is clamped between a rose farm and a mountain carousel, which breeds rumors about combining the catalogs in the future and the introduction of a single ski pass.

All resorts of Red Polyana in the presence of fresh snow provide excellent opportunities for freeride in sidewars and forestry arrays. Of course, you should not forget about your own security: Avalanches go regularly, and, unfortunately, sometimes with death (but much less often than in other resorts of the Caucasus).

Official site of the Alpica Service Complex: Alpikaservice.Com

Where to stay

If you already know, at what resort you will ride and relax, it is logical to choose a hotel on the territory of this particular resort. In other cases, launch additional transfers: with the seeming proximity to objects in Krasnaya Polyana rarely where and from where it is convenient to get on foot.

The quality of the license plate in Red Polyana is higher, in comparison with other Caucasian resorts, because of the same recently past Olympiad. Beautiful chalet with designer interiors, warm batteries and a working plumbing – Rather, the rate than an exception to the rules. The cost of living, however, is also higher than in Dombaya and Elbrus.

Krasnaya Polyana (Krasnaya Polyana)

But it is no secret that the proposal exceeds demand, and therefore always, except for holidays, there is a chance to get to a profitable share. This is true for luxury hotels on the rose rose farm, and for guest houses in Esto-Sadok.

How to get to Krasnaya Polyana

Thanks to the newly infrastructure erected to the 2014 Olympics, including two duplicate highways, a modern airport and a railway branch, come to the Red Polyana has become very comfortable. Consider existing options.

For residents of the capital and major cities of Aeroflot, Utair, Transaero, Victory and several other companies offer regular flights to Sochi at rather tempting prices (especially for flights from Moscow).

Airport serving Red Polyana, Sochi and Adler, is officially called Sochi Airport.

He is quite modern and comfortable. The distance of 40 kilometers from the airport to the riding and accommodation zone can be overcome by electrobe «Martin» (If the schedule is suitable), for a taxi (traded necessarily) and on a flight bus 105 or 135, next of Adler or Sochi. Many Red Polyany hotels offer airport shuttle.

To get from the cities of Russia to Krasnaya Polyana without transfers will not work. Most likely, Adler will become your end point of the main railway crossing. Here was built to the 2014 Olympics modern and clean station with free Wi-Fi.

Trains following the major cities of the European part of Russia in Adler Great many, as these flights serve in the summer of the resorts of the Black Sea coast, so you can also give a comfortable schedule for yourself. Distance from Sochi to Krasnaya Polyana about 70 kilometers, from Adler to the resort – About 50 kilometers.

From Adler to Krasnaya Polyana (with a hatce to Sochi airport) runs the electric train «Martin», Launched to the Olympiad. But this project from the moment of launch is unprofitable, so the price of travel to «Swallow» constantly grow, and the number of flights decreases, and now it is impossible to call this option to the Red Polyana optimal.

If you still chose «Swallow», Check carefully what station in the Red Polyana you need (esto-saddle or rose-farm), as they are located quite remotely from each other. Travel time – Low more than an hour. Likely likely, from the railway station to your place of residence will have to get busy or taxi.

From Adler and Sochi to the Red Polyana with good regularity go round buses No. 105 and 135. Time on the way about one hour twenty minutes.

Pretty conveniently pouring into such a bus, for example, at the Adler or Sochi railway station, and go out in the village itself at a suitable stop – The likelihood is that you will not need an additional transfer, as in the case of «Swallow».

Minus buses lies in the fact that they can be crowded and ride in a reproach of one and a half hours with personal things and, for example, by skiing will be pleasure to doubt.

Route buses run between the Red Polyana, Railway Stations and ski resorts. If you want to save on a taxi, then this is an acceptable option, just be prepared for the fact that the bus is riding not quite in a straight line, going to key stops and returning back to the main route.

Thus, a non-relievable distance between the Red Polyany and Rosa Farm A regular bus will overcome minutes twenty-twenty-five, depending on the workload. The fare will be about 30 rubles.

Two new highways, both in excellent condition and empty, lead from Adler to the Red Polyana. In general, it can be said that the roads in the entire Krasnodar Territory, which you will have to cross, one of the best in Russia in quality.

Lay enough time to overcome serpentines in the Black Sea coast (about three hours you have to move at a speed in the area of ​​forty kilometers per hour) and do not forget about the super-vitigable Krasnodar DPS-Nikov. Otherwise, the autotranslate in the Red Polyana will be pleasant and not too tedious<.

From Adler, Sochi or airport you can get to the desired slopes on a taxi. Official tariffs do not exist, so remember that your main weapon in negotiations with taxi drivers (especially, southern) is the ability to bargain.

You can take a taxi to a taxi, if you cooperate with the same wishes to get into the Red Polyana, for example, at the bus stop of the Adler railway station, and thus divided the cost of the shuttle. The cost of transfer Adler-Red Polyana begins from 1000 rubles.

Transfer for a taxi to the ski slopes from the Red Polyana / Esto-Sart will cost about 200-300 rubles one way, but options are possible.

Red Polyana in summer

Red Polyana is located in a very beautiful valley and surrounded by picturesque mountains, but if you are going to hike – Do not forget to get all the necessary permissions (depending on your route, you will need a pass from border guards, Sochi National Park and Caucasian State Biosphere Reserve).

If you do not want to do paper fiber, visit one of the eco-trail starting on the territory of the mountain carousel or rose farm. By the way, in the summer, the lifts of ski resorts also work, and species are even more interesting.

I want an active holiday? At your service mountain and ordinary bicycles, horseback riding, rafting on the Mzymta River and Rope Amusement Park «Panda Park». And another Olympic Park in Adler with insane American slides «Sochi Park» next door, aquarium in Sochi and, of course, the entire Black Sea coast with its intricate and not very entertainment next door.

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