Krasnodar: Where to go and what to see

Krasnodar enters the top 3 popular destinations from users of our service. If you are not from their number, then this article will be very by the way. You miss you, ignoring this direction, because there you can spend a wonderful vacation!

In the town

When we go abroad, we usually inspect the city first, and after going to the nearest suburb to evaluate nature. Here is the same scheme.

Be sure to go through the most important pedestrian street Krasnodar – Red. Along her a lot of sculptures and iconic attractions. Remember the comedy about Shurik and Lida? Here they are here too, on one line with Catherine second. Also, the street crosses several squares, and on one of them – the largest singing fountain in Europe. But it is better to come closer to the evening to check out the backlight.

There are places where it will be interesting and with children: Planetarium, Interactive Museum of Wonders Joles Park, Museum of Military Technology and Puppet Theater (Sometimes there are performances for adults).

Free Krasnodar

As in any city, there are free entertainment. For example, the park "Sunny Island". Picnics, bicycle rental, boating walks – great place for sunny day.

If you travel with the second half, be sure to look at the kisses bridge in the Park of the 30th anniversary of the Victory. The railings of this bridge lack only your lock! And there there is also a promenade next to which it is nice to walk in the evening in silence, looking at the lights of the opposite shore.

There is another interesting park near the stadium "Krasnodar". Above his design worked the German architectural bureau, and it coped to perfectly! The fact is that the area of ​​the park is small, but there is all the steepness: Skate Park, amphitheater, a platform for stroke, a fountain with a waterfall and so on. Cozy, modern, convenient.

Outside Krasnodar

Krasnodar Territory borders with the Republic of Adygea, and their borders pass in beautiful mountain arrays. Within 100 km from the city there are places from which the spirit captures.

Planny rocks

Local climbers often train here, because it is only 60 km from the city! Rocks here are different heights, so some are available for ordinary tourists who do not have special sports skills. But what kinds of types! Also here are often suited picnics with kebabs – not far from the Afipsa River many specially equipped places.

Mount Schize

Range Georgian is famous for its highest point – Schia Mountain. It is low – 542 meters, so it will conquer even physically not prepared tourists. Drive to the village of Erivan. There is even a cottage complex – a great place to spend a couple of days in silence and tranquility.

Krasnodar where to go and what to see

Datovo Gorge

If at the same time you remembered the work of Dante "Divine Comedy", then you are very close to the randering. In this work, the hero is in terms of the afterlime world, and this gorge just reminds the road to hell.

You are waiting for about 100 meters of raw, but picturesque trail through the rocks and forest. Special contrast is felt at the exit of the gorge – around beautiful and fresh, as if in paradise!

Bogatyan caves

Usually the caves are the work of nature, but these are very similar to those who created a person. It’s funny that heroic caves are similar to several small romors in the rock, in which it is quite possible to live in primitive.

To explore everything – you have to crawl, dimensions there are not at all the warmer. You can get on your own by car, the caves are waiting near the hotel complex "Charming Polyana". But you can find a small tour from the city.

Krasnodar Territory is big to see everything-all standard vacation may not be enough, but the main thing is to start!

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Krasnodar where to go and what to see

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