Krasnogo Venice

Russian tourists Egypt – a very popular place of rest, but far from the most prestigious. In fact, this is a bitter delusion. Why bitter? Well, if only because, believing in this stereotype, you risk never see and not even hear about. Venice. But a few years ago, how to put the magic sticks, the sands of the desert were pushed and the fabulous city grew up. This city is called Arab Venice. True, on the map of Egypt, it is called otherwise – El Guna.

So, you are in El Guna, for a start, I will say that all hotels here have four or five stars and wear loud, famous names in the world "Sheraton", "Sonesta", "Muvin Peak". You will not see here huge multi-storey buildings made of glass and concrete, these elegant hotels are built in the traditions of fairy tales of the Ancient East. They built them on the project of the architect Michael Grievis – the creator of another, more famous fairy tale (but maybe only. ) – Disneyland.

Every hotel deserves separate OD. Tell me, often in the hotel room you see an electric kettle, coffee, tea, sugar, bottles with drinking water, a dish with fresh fruits, nuts and t.D.? All this is in hotels of El Gung and is minimized by the services provided. If you are not satisfied with the number from one room, hallway and terraces, you can stay in a two-room apartment with a bedroom and a living room. V "Sheratone" There is a fur flaghel "Palace", where royal blood and especially important persons stop. But even if there are no sheikhs among your relatives, you are guaranteed comfort, comfort and level of service, wherever you stop. And the feeling of fabulousness of what is happening does not leave you all the time while you are at this resort.

Falaughter seems to also the appearance of El Guna. It is located 20 kilometers from Hurghada well mastered by Russian tourists. The scale of El Guna exceeds the famous competition. Circled her seven years. On the edge of the Sahara on the shore of the Red Sea, the channels were breaking and nearly built hotels. The city has its own airfield. Architect Michael Grivr designed and golf course in El Guna. This field is about to be ready to take all lovers and professionals, for according to the classification of the World Professional Association "Golf" he was assigned the highest standard "A".

To the services of sports amateurs – three pitfalls. The level of swimming centers, as well as hotels, is estimated in stars. After passing a brief course of study in one of them, you will definitely master and immerse from the yacht near the coral reef in the purest Red Sea. You will see unimaginable beauty. Words it is impossible to convey it.

And other water entertainment are waiting for you in the sports center El Guna. He is in her heart itself – in the village of Kafr. Charming inner courtyards, alleys, white dome roofs. There is even a small museum with copies of the most famous Eastern antiquities and relics. And this is not a complete list of services provided to tourists at this prestigious resort.

Each hotel has several pools, sauna, massage, restaurants, bars and beach, in which you will also serve a delicious lunch. By the way, about food. If you love sea delicacies – you can order any fish, octopus, lobsters, royal shrimps. All this is prepared by a variety of ways, and the abundance of all sorts of sauces, seasonings and gravy. Oh, forgive the figure!

Krasnogo Venice

Restaurants with Greek, Italian, European, oriental cuisine will delight not only gourmets. Although no one hurries anywhere here, orders are performed very quickly and very accurately. And food quality canceled.

And travel along El Gouna – from the beach to the restaurant, from the restaurant to the store, from the store in the bar and t.D. – You can boat or on a taxi. And for free.

Well, if you "worst hunting for places", Go on an excursion to the famous Egyptian Museum in Cairo with Mumiya Pharaohs or Luxor and even to Jordan.

I want exotic – visit the Bedouin Bedouin. There you will be fed, coating with fragrant tea, prepare coals for hookah, ride on a camel. But the main attractiveness of El Guna is that she gives a completely special mood. Here forget about the bustle and routine of everyday life. The resort does not have extraneous people, tactlessly stolen ones. Entry here reliably guard the tourist police. So rest in El Gouna – not only for the body, and first of all for the soul.

Krasnogo Venice

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