Krasnomanian fantasy

What makes us go to the long road, in unknown countries? For many, it is, first of all, the opportunity to relax from the usual worries, gain new impressions, and for those who already have children, show them another world, so unlike our.

Egypt belongs to such countries. This country is unusually rich in all that since ancient times attracted travelers: these are the legendary pyramids, and the ancient temples, and the majestic Nile, on the shores of which mostly lives most of the country’s population.

But there is another treasure, for which it is worth going to Egypt, is the Red Sea. It is unlikely either on black or mediterranean. It can be compared with Caribbean, and even then with a big stretch, because there are also storms and hurricanes, and the ecology is completely different. The Red Sea is completely different, it is calm and affects every one who plunges in his water, and this calm acts magically, absorbing everything negative, which was copied in the body built in recent years on the coast of the Red Sea Comfortable hotels turned Egypt to real tourist Mecca where millions of tourists are rushed every year, regardless of the season. Tourists from Western Europe and even from neighboring Israel all year round literally "besieged" The Red Sea coast, refuting the stereotype developed among the Russians, which can only rest in Egypt in winter. It’s all about a completely special microclimate "Krasnomyorya" – At very low humidity, unlike Mediterranean resorts, there is never a stuffy even in a 40-degree heat.

Permanent sea breeze brings coolness and does not give the body to overheat. Therefore, in the summer in Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh, it is easier to breathe than say, in Limassol or even Rome. It is not a secret for Europeans, including for the Italians who come to the Red Sea in the summer. Places in the best hotels are bought long before the start "High season". Now our tour operators consider rest at the resorts of the Red Sea in the summer season as very promising. Blocks buy up their European colleagues and increase the number of charter flights. After all, over the years, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of tourists who visited Egypt in the summer months. It is impossible not to love it is the beautiful Red Sea. Water (all shades of turquoise, warm, like pair milk, saturated with salts) holds on the surface even those who almost know how to swim. Corals of delicate pastel flowers turn ordinary stones and rocks in the paradise bush. And life boils around them: fish and big, and small, all sorts of coloring, like sutstela flaps, will be squeezed in search of something edible. With them easy to make friends if you bring them pieces of bread.

Krasnomanian fantasy

Many on the Red Sea first put on scuba and flippers and. Feed diving. Diving centers on the coast abounding, in many experienced Russian instructors, specially invited to educate Russians. In Hurghada to reefs can be reached by boat. They are different both in difficulty and by profile, and quite suitable for newbies. The first dive is always delight, later you start to understand who is who or who eats who. And every dive brings new impressions that you want to share, barely removing the costume.

In Sharm el-Sheikh, unlike Hurghada, reefs start right at the shore. Therefore, we can consider their inhabitants can be armed only by a mask and a tube. Well, for those who still intend to add a portion of adrenaline to the blood, you can advise to go to the Ras-Muhammad National Park, which has no equal in the northern hemisphere on the wealth of coral reefs and sea fauna. There you can see the sheer walls, shouted fabulous beauty corals, and deep-sea fish, and even sharks. "Underwater garden", "Tower", "Wall", "Turtle bay", "Amphorian field", "Temple", "Garden Uberi", "Akuly Observatory", "Meeting Skatov", "Field of toiletz" (Sound the ship transporting toilet bowls, and they are now lying around all day) – this is not a complete list of popular underwater objects near Sharm el-Sheikh. Probably, it is such impressions that attract fans of marine exotices from many countries of the world. And remember the Egypt can be sent to one, with the company, with children of any age – here everyone will find a lesson in the shower.

Krasnomanian fantasy

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