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Krk – The largest island located in the waters of the Adriatic Sea. The total area takes almost 500 square meters. With mainland KRK connected by a bridge, a half-kilometer long.

His beauty KRK is known far beyond the country, it is covered with thick wooded thickets, bays, bays, bays, and snow-white yachts and boats are suitable for the coaching line,. In the villages, locals grow plantations Vineyard and olive trees.

The island dominates the soft Mediterranean climate with hot summer and warm winter. National cuisine will hit holidaymakers with its diversity. The dishes are best tasned in establishments that are called Kondobami. Small family taverns, each of which is absolutely individual, will open the gastronomic secrets to tourists.

The main goal of tourists coming to the territory of the island is to get acquainted with the unique nature and sunbathe on the beaches. The most popular sandy beach led Plaza. In addition to entertainment in the city, you can go on excursions, because the CCR has enough attractions that have come down to our antiquity.

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What is interesting to see in Krk?

Top attractions of Krka

Fortress Frankopanov

Cres Island or Omishal

Cave Biseriana

Krksky Most

Koslun Island

Krk: Excursions and Events

Due to the variety of nature, flora and fauna, numerous historical beaches, fishing villages, shops and restaurants, KRK offers all sorts of excursion programs.

Each tourist who comes to another country in a hurry to taste something delicious, so we suggest you go to a small gastronomic adventure in a local cafe. An excellent option is a visit to the Konobov, small family institutions where food is preparing exclusively by old recipes transmitted from generation to generation. A separate niche for a sightseeing program is the beaches, because no matter how the KRK is, first of all, is a beach-type resort. The best beach, according to the inhabitants – led Plaza, because the shore is littered with snow-white soft sand, which is a big rarity for Croatian coastal lines. Developed infrastructure allows you to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding tourist.

Speaking of historical heritage, it is impossible not to note the medieval defensive walls, which still can protect cities from raids if such happen. In general, the island is famous for numerous temples, churches, cathedrals, ancient Roman heritage, for example, colorful mosaics.

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Climate in Krk

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On the largest island of the Adriatic Sea, a soft Mediterranean climate with steadily pleasant temperatures. Hot and sultry season, ideal for a beach holiday, lasts not very long. It begins on the first summer month, and ends with the arrival of September.

The climate during this period is very favorable. The sun warms the air sometimes up to 30 degrees, and sea water up to 20. In winter, vacationers are offered to walk around the surrounding area or go on excursions. Weather at this time of year are a bit cool, but in general is quite pleasant.

KRK: Entertainment and Activities

Like most Croatian cities and islands, the CCR is also famous for active types of tourism. A huge amount of global sports stars ride specifically to the island to hone skill on the modern standings equipped with modern standards. Their great many here have tennis sites even in many hotels.

Lovers of an active lifestyle will be happy to learn that in almost all cities there are surroundings for volleyball or basketball. Since, first of all, the island is the resort area, without fail with a list of your activities it is worth turning on the beach vacation.

Krk coastline is less rolled and rocks than the beaches of the rest of Croatia. Actual will be diving into water with scuba. For newbies, schools are open, the instructor of which will be ready to help with diving and dives. Water is quite transparent. In order to consider sea inhabitants and corals, in mostly pebble beaches.

No one canceled hiking through the numerous mountains and forests, or cycling, which will be able to twice the surroundings.

Transport features of Krka

Since the CCR is a developed tourist destination, the infrastructure is developed on the proper level. All settlements, cities and villages are connected with a bus service. By the way, the bus is the most budget means of moving.

Krk has its own airport, which has both international comments and flights within the country. From Russia directly to the island of planes do not fly. With the continental part of Croatia Island connected by means of a car bridge. Farms go to the neighboring islands.

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