Krk Island

A small island with a bizarre name Krk Located with east of Istria.

The CCR is almost completely covered with thick wooded thickets, which occasionally replaced by mountains and rocky formations. Local residents are engaged in agriculture, reflect the territory, plantation plantations grapes and olives. The soft Mediterranean climate creates excellent opportunities for resting on the beaches, which are going to a winding coastline.

Arriving to the resort in these places, it is necessary to try national cuisine. Tasting we advise to carry out in Kondobah (so called small family taverns or restaurants), which on the island a great set. In each of these institutions, the secret of making dishes is used, culinary recipes are transmitted from generation to generation, so we can safely argue that dishes in each cafe are absolutely individual.

Tourist infrastructure is well developed, which allows you to satisfy the most demanding desires. For family holidays with children, a beach with pebbles will fit, with sandy smooth entrance to the Blue Adriatic Sea. Soline Beach is located in the East with healing effect.

Lovers of an active lifestyle will be glad by numerous tennis courts, sports and dance floors.

The best cities and resorts of Krka

What is interesting to see in Krk?

Climate in Krk

As in the coastline of Croatia, the Mediterranean climate reigns on the island, allowing the sun to shine most of the days a year. It is best to come to KRK in summer, since the high swimming season begins in June and ends with the arrival of the first autumn days.

Summer heat is easily transferred due to the splashing in the waves of the Adriatic Sea and light breeches that it is carrying. In the hot period, the thermometer column is rarely lowered below 30 degrees, even at night the temperature keeps at 20 – 25. The climate is more favorable for recreation also because there are no industrial enterprises poisoning around the environment.

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Excursions and events in Krk

Since most tourists travel to the Krk island behind the impressions of the rest, then the main excursion routes will be associated with the beaches. Walking on promenade, embankments, along the sea coast gives one pleasure.

For cognitive tourism, it is worth going to Malinsk, which is located in the western part of the island, at the bay. Mediterranean thick vegetation creates coolness, so it will be nice to walk in the heat. Going 10 minutes on foot and find yourself in the resort town of Haludovo, where there are many options for entertainment: sports centers, bars, restaurants, game and dance squares. In the city, a Baska, which is a major tourist center, can be explored by the history of the peninsula, learn about the first settlements on these lands, inspect the main attractions in the form of churches, churches and monasteries.

Mosaic of the Roman era, medieval buildings and monuments represent a special value. In Punate, local residents produce oil from olive. Excursions include cities, mountains, vineyards, villages. Island keeps the Croatian heritage in the form of ancient letters that have come down to us in the form of a Bashchansky table. Attention will also be paid to defensive structures.

History Krka

Where better to stop, traveling around the krk?

Activities in Krk

Krk Island, Croatia - Recreation, Excursions, Reviews, Attractions Krka Travel Guide

Lovers of an active lifestyle of recreation on the KRC will definitely be taste. First of all, attracts the presence of a large number of beaches equipped with everything necessary for the comfort of tourists. Almost each of them has a modern beach game platform. For rent for rent sports equipment: water skiing, catamarans, masks and flippers, rescue circles and many other things.

Beach rest is easy to alternate with sports. Especially many options for sports offers a small resort town Haludovo. Recently built a court for playing tennis, volleyball court, soccer field. In addition, the island is just littered with bars, cafes and restaurants, where you can not only eat delicious and satisfy the local national dishes, but also to dance and have fun at merry sounds of music. On rented yachts, you can go on a sea walk and directly from the vessel to jump into the transparent, azure water of the Adriatic Sea. Port is in Punate.

The island attracts tourists with its turbulent vegetation, forests, penetrated with winding paths, for which you can walk for hours. Active recreation on the KRK involves overcoming mountains and elevations, from where it is convenient to overcome the island.

Transport features of Krka

The transport system on the island is developed at a fairly good level. Public transport starts its movement from the very early morning, and finishes to run late in the evening. The schedule is selected for the convenience of tourists living in distant from the coast of districts.

The most convenient way of movement – buses. Also, the island has a port, so you can get from one point KRK to another and with the help of a ship or boat, at the same time you can admire the unique nature from afar. Lovers of an active lifestyle will be able to rent a bike, and those who want to spend time with comfort – a car.

Krk Island: how to get?

Find a mysterious island is not so easy. A piece of paradise is located in the waters of Kvarner. From Croatia to the place can be reached by a long car bridge, which in itself is a landmark and achievement of science and technology. So from the mainland we advise you to go by car or bus.

Krk – the largest island belonging to Croatia and on its territory even built its own airfield with international communication. Unfortunately, Russian airlines do not fly to this airport. It is most convenient to get to the pool, where tourists are already waiting for a bus, ready to overcome a distance of 100 kilometers.

Krk Island, Croatia - Recreation, Excursions, Reviews, Attractions Krka Travel Guide

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