Krka National Park in Croatia

National Park "Krka" (KRKA) deservedly considered one of the main attractions of Croatia. To date, this is the largest cascade of natural waterfalls in Europe, and, unlike many national parks in the Balkans, tourists are allowed to swim here.

National Park "Krka" occupies a fairly large area in 109 kV. km in the region of Central Dalmatia, between the cities of Knin and Sibenik. Like the National Park "Jerdap" in Serbia, "Krka" stretched along the river valley. The total length of the Krka River is 72.5 km, and in this indicator it is considered twenty-second in Croatia. The main value of the park is a cascade of seven waterfalls with a total difference drop of 242 meters, as well as located in the center of the Island River.

The largest and well-known Waterfall of Krki is a Scradinsky-beech, which occupies 400 m in length and 100 m wide and consists of 17 waterfalls of different heights. The maximum level difference in them is 47.7 meters. In turn, the waterfall cascade of the Rochetic Sign is considered the second most popular attraction in the National Park, and you can get to it from the first waterfall right on the boat. At the same time, unlike most other national parks in Croatia, including "Plitvian lakes", v "Krk" You can swim overlooking the waterfalls than and is engaged in most tourists: in front of the Cascade of Scradinski-beech organized a whole system of natural pools.

However, there are also strict rules in the park, according to which, in particular, bathing outside of specially designated zones is strictly prohibited, like diving, fishing, any hunt, including persecution or intimidation of wild animals. Under the ban also professional photography without permission, walking dogs, entry into the park without permission on its own vehicle, as well as breeding fires – for all this is provided for quite serious penalties.

The rigor is explained simply enough: a unique ecosystem has developed in the National Park. In addition to famous waterfalls, one of the peculiarities of natural territory is the variety of flora and fauna. In total, there are 860 different types of animals in the park, including 222 species of birds, including eagles and falcons, and the routes of their spring and autumn migration pass through the KRK. In the waters of Krki, 18 species of fish are found, ten of which are considered endemics.

In addition to natural, in the National Park there are several significant historical attractions for which Croatia is familiar to many tourists. For example, on the island of Visovez in the middle of the river there is a Franciscan monastery, founded by Augustines back in the XIV century. And next to him is the Serbian Orthodox Monastery of the Krka XIV century. It was destroyed by Turks to almost the foundation in the XVII in., and then restored almost completely. To date, the Krka monastery is considered the spiritual center of the Orthodox diocese of Dalmatia, as a result of the island of Visovac regularly attracts numerous pilgrims who arrive here including on the excursion boats of the National Park.

Most of the National Park works from 10 am to 6 pm. However, Zakdinsky-beech can be seen for four hours longer: from eight in the morning to eight in the evening. Entrance to the park is depending on the season from 30 to 80 kun, that is, from 4 to 11 euros for an adult visitor and from 20 to 70 kun, that is, from 3 to 9 euros for children. It can be seriously saved if you buy a ticket for several days at once, for example, the entrance to the park for five days for one adult will cost 260 kun, that is, 35 euros in the most peak season, and for a child, the cost of a five-day entrance will be 195 kun, There are 26 euros.

A ticket in any case allows you to visit all the main attractions, archaeological excursion, walking along the pedestrian route to Skradinski Buca, as well as trips to the island of Visovac and Rochem. At the same time, in the summer you can overcome all the way on the ship. Visitors who have fallen into the park through remote inputs can take advantage of free buses. Tourist groups can also contact local guides: the official price of their services is from 600 kun (80 euros) in two hours, as well as 200 more kun (27 euros) for each additional hour of excursions.

Krka National Park in Croatia

For visitors and an additional three-hour tour of the boat park: its cost will be 100 kun, that is, about 13 euros per person. At the same time, serious discounts for residents of the neighboring settlements are provided for serious discounts, in particular, the cost of annual visits to the park them will cost only 99 kun per adult and 40 kun per child. However, it will not be possible to use discount tickets from other visitors, as all taxes are registered and cannot be transferred to third parties.

According to a few years ago, the program of development of the park, the main focus of its work for the next few years should be the preservation of biodiversity and cultural heritage, conducting scientific research, as well as the involvement of the public in the work of management. However, the main goal of the Park Policy will remain monitoring the ecosystem and its preservation. In particular, for this reason, today there are no hotels on the territory of the Park itself, where tourists who have segal holidays in Croatia could stop.

Several hotels where you can stay tourists wishing to see the park, there is not far from "Krki". For example, visitors can spend the night in the 4-star Skradinski Buk Hotel in Scraps, directly opposite the entrance to the National Park: the cost of the double room will be from 400 to 600 kun (80 euros) depending on the season. Another possibility of overnight stay not far from "Krki" – three-star hotel Vrata Krke is in the alcohol: there is a variation of prices in it and ranges from 290 to 800 kun (110 euros) for a double room depending on the season. Some other Croatia hotels also offer tourist accommodation services to the National Park.

National Park "Krka" It works all year round, but it uses the greatest popularity in the summer season when visitors can swim in waterfalls. Currently, Russian tour operators do not offer tours directly from Russia in "Krk", However, in Croatia, local travel agencies are ready to take travelers for a tour of the National Park. Most often, such tours are organized from Split or Trogir. So, GET OUR Guide organizes a trip to the National Park "Krka" From Split: a six-hour tour will cost 80 euros, its value includes transport, boat walk, bathing in waterfalls and visiting the island of Visovac. However, it is worth considering that the road from Split to Natsepark takes about one and a half hours in each direction, while Lunch is not included in the cost of the trip.

In turn, from Trogir, a trip to waterfalls will be somewhat cheaper and faster, while visiting "Krki" You can combine with a sequenik inspection included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. For example, Spalatium organizes such a trip for 54 euros per person (prices in Croatia on goods and services are higher than in neighboring Balkan countries). The duration of the tour is 9 hours, and during this time, tourists will visit all major attractions at the beginning "Krki", And then – Sibenik, including the Cathedral of St. Jacob. Time on the way from Trogir to the National Park does not exceed one hour.

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