Krumlovsky Castle (Cesky Krumlov)

Krumlovsky Castle is the second in size of the Castle complex in the Czech Republic, with an area of ​​6 hectares, it is inferior only to Prague. Since 1989, this is a monument to the National Culture of the Czech Republic, and since 1992, the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The castle is located in South Bohemia in the city of Cesky Krumlov, which is 180 kilometers south of Prague. Far distance does not stop tourists, and according to statistics 2014, the Krumlovsky castle became the third on attendance by the castle complex in the Czech Republic, giving way only to the Prague Country and Castle of the Lednice. For the year, 368,000 tourists arrived here, even in Karlstein she came smaller, although it is much closer to Prague.

The palace ensemble of Krumlov rises on a rocky cape above Vltava. Six centuries Not one generation of representatives from rich and noble dynasties built and rebuilt palaces, towers, household buildings, gardens and fountains.

It seems that the air of Cesky-Krumlov is still saturated with medieval, and the Castle will not be allowed the Terrible guards with Alebards. In this article, let’s talk about what tourists are watching here, and how to get here.


Organized excursions are arranged from Prague to Cesky-Krumlov, including in Russian. The trip lasts all day, departure from Prague in the morning about 9-00. Cost – from 80 to 100 euros, depends on the composition of the excursion program.

Keep in mind that Cesky-Krumlov did not have a vast popularity among Russian tourists, and in the range of tour operator excursions can just not be. It is possible to buy this excursion will still have to run around the local travel agencies.

How to get in Cesky Krumlov yourself

The fastest and most affordable way to get to Cesky Krumlov is a bus. Well established a carrier "Student Agency". Yellow buses are sent from the company Na Knizeci bus station. It’s next to the metro station "Andel" on line B (yellow). Card Prague Metro with the names of stations in Russian, see our article "Metro Prague – a map in Russian". Another proven carrier – Regiojet, their buses are departed from here. Photo of the company bus Regiojet See below, click on the photo to enlarge.

Buses follow every 2 hours, on the way you will be about 3 hours. Here are buses and bus tickets from the bus station "Florenc". Ticket price – 195 Czech crowns. Current course, see our article "Money in the Czech Republic – Czech Crown". About how to buy tickets and use long-distance buses in the Czech Republic, read the article "Buses in Czech Republic – prices and how to use".

The bus will deliver to the bus station of Cesky Krumlov, to the castle only 1 kilometer. You can go through 15 minutes on foot or take a taxi, pay about 50 kroons. About Czech taxi Read our review "Taxi in the Czech Republic – prices and conditions".

The second option is the train. It is less convenient, as there are no direct trains from Prague to Cesky Krumlov, you need to get involved. By train you reach the city of Ceske-Budějuvice, and further to Chesky Krumlov on the local train.

Trains to Ceske-Budejevice are departed from the main station ("Hlavni Nadrazi"). On the way – 3.5 hours, add more than 45 minutes on the train on the train. According to the cost, the train benefits has no advantage. Ticket to Ceske-Budějuvice costs 165 crowns, electric train – 52 crowns. If still decided to go by train, read our article "Trains in the Czech Republic".

Some travel agencies offer group transfer to Cesky-Krumlov. Visit tourists on minibuses or cars. This method is more expensive – from 600 to 1000 kroons.

If there are driver’s license, then cheaper to rent a car, it can be done for 700-1000 kroons.

Prices for tickets

The first news is good: the castle park and ditch with bears can be viewed free of charge, the rest of the castle will require ticket purchases.

Ticket system is very complex.

Basic ticket called "Cesky Krumlov Card". He gives the right to enter the museum and the tower of the Kurmlovsky castle (in the photo on the right, click on the photo to increase). You can also visit the Museum of the city of Cesky-Krumlov, the local Museum of "Museum Fotoatelier Seidel" and the Museum of Arts "Egon Schiele Art Centrum".

This card is valid for 12 months, and it can be transferred to another person. Price – 300 CZK, Children 6-15 years old, Students, Disabled and Persons Older 65 – 60 CZK. Family ticket for 2 adults and up to 3 children – 600 kroons.

If they were aimed at the Krumlovsky castle, then such a ticket is fits bad, it is easier to buy tickets to different locations in the castle separately.

There are two types of tours. They are held when a group of tourists will be checked. Tours are held in Czech, English and German. There are no Russian tours yet (information for 2017). In Russian, a guidebook is available.

Visit: Chapel of St. George, Rosenberg Chapels and Four Rozenberg Rooms in Renaissance Style, Rosenberg Corridors with coat of arms, Hall of Schwarzenberg in Baroque style, Hall of Eggenberg and Golden Wagon, Dining room, bedroom, Cabinet in oriental style, private chapel. Tour of the Masquerad Hall ends.

This tour lasts 55-60 minutes. Price – 150 CZK with a guide in Czech, 260 CZK with a guide in German or English. Children, students, elderly – 110 and 180 kroons.

Dedicated to the history of the family of Schwarzenvberg. Tourists are watching the portrait gallery of sovereigns, rooms and halls where representatives of this kind of owners of the Krumlovsky Castle lived. All this is in a separate building "House of Schwarzenberg", see the photo below, click to enlarge.

This tour lasts 55-60 minutes. Price – 130 CZK with a guide in Czech, 240 CZK with a guide in German or English. Children, students, elderly – 90 and 170 kroons.

And even by visiting both of these rounds, the whole Krumlovsky castle does not see.

Cesky Krumlov Castle Theater It will require a separate ticket. Excursion here lasts 40 minutes. Price – 200 CZK with Czech guide, 350 crowns with a guide in a foreign language. Children, students, elderly – 140 and 250 kroons.

Museum of Cesky-Krumlov Castle also paid separately. Worth a ticket 100 crowns, preferential – 70 kroons.

Lapidarium Castle. Worth 80 full ticket, 50 for preferential.

Entrance to the main tower. Worth 50 full ticket, 40 for preferential.

Stables Castle. Worth 60 full ticket, 40 for preferential.

Opening hours

Krumlovsky castle open all days of the week, except Monday. Your work schedule has separate buildings of the complex, open to visit.

Walk through the park (in the photo on the right, click to enlarge) from May to September from 9:00 to 19:00. In April and October, the time of work is changed: from 8:00 to 17:00.

Lapidarium accepts guests from June 1 to August 31 from 10:00 to 17:00.

You can see the baroque theater from May 1 to October 31, and the excursion time is limited: at 10:00, 11:00, 13:00, 14:00 and 15:00.

Schedule to visit the rest of the attractions of the complex: April – October from 9:00 to 17:00.

What time will you need

Remember that 6-7 hours will have to spend only on the road there and back. Accordingly, there is not much time to inspect the lock. For fluid acquaintance with the lock 3-4 hours will be enough.

If you want to see all the interesting places in the Krumlovsky castle, then one day is clearly not enough. For this purpose, you will have to book a room in one of the hotels in Cesky Croomlov.

History of an amazing architectural ensemble

Construction of Cesky-Krumlov – and cities, and the castle, happens almost at the same time. It is reliably known that the first stones in the construction of the castle were laid at the beginning of the 13th century. By 1240, he was already built. After 13 years, it is reconstructed, and in 1274, the castle suburbs are united in the city, called Cesky Krumlov. It was the era of a heyday in the history of the Czech Republic, many Czech castles were laid during this period.

The first inhabitants of the castle were representatives of the genus Vitkovichi from Krumlov. The castle tower and the Palace of "Radek" are being built. These buildings in later times are rebuilt in the Renaissance style, but at the same time remain the main elements of the entire complex.

In the first years of the 14th century and on the next 300 years, the city with the castle becomes apartments of Rozhmborkov (Rosenbergs). The first was Jindrich I, expanding the lower castle. Peter I, his son, builds the top castle, which subsequently rebuilds Olfřich II.

The coat of arms of a noble family (red rose on the silver field) and to this day, the coat of arms of Cesky-Krumlova remained. Rozhmborki invited Italian architects, and gradually the castle acquired the features of the Renaissance. Nearby Large estates joined the castle, making it the territory more extensive.

Rozhberki began the tradition of settlement from the castle, at the bottom of the RVA, bears. Rozhmbarkov considered themselves relatives of the Italian genus Orsini, and "ORSA" with Italian translates as "Bear". Probably, therefore, they began to breed bears. Brown formidable giants walk there and so.

At the beginning of the 17th century, the generic castle is sold due to debts of its owner of Peter Thyro, severely interested in political games and intrigues. Rudolf II since that time owns the city and castle. Ferdinand II in 1622 falsify Hans Ulrich von Eggenberg Title Duke Krumlovsky and transfers the Krumlovskaya pool.

During the reign of the genus Eggenberg, the castle is rebuilt for the last time in the style of Rococo. Its area increases significantly. In 1719, a valued genus. After the Eggenbergs, the court baroque theater remains, the restoration of which was already engaged in other owners: the Schwarzenvberg dynasty.

Significant reconstruction of the castle is conducted by Joseph Adam Schwarzenberg, and we are already observing Krumlov with elements of the Vienna Baroque. When Schwarzenbergs, Bellaria Palace is built in the castle garden. Noble nobles spent colorful and noisy masquerade balls in the castle masquerade hall. Balls entered the tradition and became regular palace.

The castle lost its status of the palace residence in the second half of the 19th century. By the middle of the 20th century, Cesky Kramlov was already owned by the state. Czech communist regime did not take care of the historical values ​​of the nation, so, along with other monuments, it takes a decline and castle. After the Communists, the new government restores Krumlov, and it becomes a popular tourist center of the country.

Sights of the Kormlovsky Castle

Krumlovsky Castle (Cesky Krumlov)

The complex consists of a large garden and a castle of 5 yards, which includes palace structures and economic buildings. Water loop of the Vltava River ishes the castle complex, fencing it from the rest of the regions of Krumlov.

So, proceed by the most notable places of architectural ensemble. The red gates with the coat of arms of schwarzenvberg at the central entrance to the complex can be seen by passing along the main street of the city of Latran.

Stepping through them, we will find yourself in the first courtyard of the castle. Here is the information tourist center, souvenir shops. On the perimeter of the first courtyard there are former warehouses, stables, workshops. Called the yard "ran": here gouted horses and cattle. In this yard until 1623 worked a brewery.

Go a little forward to the castle and see "bearish ditch", in which the Terrible guards-bears live. Near the RVA stands a drawer piggy bank for receiving funds for the content of animals. If you wish, you can donate a few crown animals on food.

Passing into the second courtyard of the complex, meet more with several old facilities. Two recent century called the "Guards", because the princely grenader army was placed here. The building of the new Burggraft, painted in the style of Chiaroskuro, was the home of the military. In the center of the Guards Court there is a fountain built in the 17th century.

On the second floor of the building is a library with a 40-thousand foundation: works collected by the owners of the Krumlovsky castle. Near the new Burggrantry housed a small town – the most ancient part of the complex, which has come down to us in the Renaissance style. The castle tower, the facades of which are painted by Bartolomem Beranged.

Under the tower there are dungeons available for inspection. Raising the stairs to the gallery of the Tower, you will see a dizzying picturesque picture of Cesky-Krumlov. Cause delight and bells 15 and 17th centuries.

Nizhny Hrad behind, follow the upper hail, skips in which Arch-Blub. The coat of arms of Rozhmbars decorate the entrance to the third courtyard of the castle. From it starts tours of the palace. After going on the selected route, you will see a baroque dining room, Eggenberg Hall, Baldakhin Salon, Picture Gallery, Mirror and Muscarades and Other Stylized Salons. They contain collections of the Renaissance Epoch, Flemish tapestries, baroque frescoes and much more.

Passing into the fourth courtyard, we get into the Gothic basements, called Wenceslas, since the king himself was sharpened in them. The buildings of the third and fourth courtyards are painted by Sgrafito technique: applying two colors of plaster, which differs in color. Painting of houses resembles a stone masonry. Ancient Greek heroes of myths are drawn on them. Tried at one time the artist Gabriel de Blonde.

Coming out of the courtyards, we go to the cloak bridge, decorated with stone bowls and sculptures of the Saints Anthony of Paduansky, Felix Cantalia, Vaclav, Yana Nepomots. The bridge itself has three floors. Two upper floors – corridors through which you can go to the park and theater.

Not to say about the first in Europe, the baroque castle theater is impossible. It was built in the 17th century. Preserved in the theater of scenery, costumes, equipment, props and repertoire of the time. The performances are held here 3 times a year. Tourists can examine the very theater building itself and its interior decoration: the auditorium in the twilight, the painting of the day and night sky with the mythical animals and the gods on the dome of the hall, an unusual orchestral pit for two groups of the orchestra.

And also walking through the territory of the complex, catch on Manejam, park terrace with oaks and beats. Pay attention to the original beds and flower beds. Surprise and fountain of the end of the 18th century, created by the sketch of Andreas Altomomon, the Vienna architect. The top of the fountain is reserved by the sculpture of the goddess Amphitrite with triton. Nizhny tier ranked Neptune and Nymphs with Triton. Fountain balustrade decorate vases and statues symbols of seasons.

The green park labyrinth placed behind the fountain. Who arrived with children, for a long time you can run behind them between trimmed lawns. In the garden there is a summer theater with the auditorium, which rotates.

As you can see, one day will be clearly not enough to inspect all these interesting places.

Several tips of tourists

– If you are going on your own, we recommend to leave as early as possible so that there is more time to inspect the castle. Buses from Prague to Chesky Krumlov start to walk already at 6 am.

– Dress up light and comfortable shoes, paving slabs in the castle can be merciless to the legs, if you choose the shoes incorrectly.

– In the premises of the stone lock can be cool even in the summer, take a sweater or light jacket with you. In detail about the clothes for excursions, we talked in the article "What to take with you to the Czech Republic".

– Not all cash registers in Ceske-Krumlov take euros. Start Czech krons, and read our article "How to change currency in the Czech Republic".

– We recommend taking water and snack with you both for a long road and for a hike in the castle. On the road from the bus station to the Krumlovsky castle there are several stores. Here you can also have dine in one of Czech cafes or restaurants.

– Smoking is strictly prohibited on the territory of the complex, since from May 2017, a new anti-futa law entered into force in the Czech Republic. Read the details in our article "Smoking in the Czech Republic and a new law".

– Look at the local souvenirs – small ceramic houses, a very rare and colorful gift from the Czech Republic, which outside of Chesky-Krumlov is unlikely to find.

– Launching in South Bohemia for several days, you can see the other cult places: the castle of deep over Vltava, the sights of Cesky-Krumlova, the locked, the vintage abode of the Golden Crown and the highest ferrod, as well as the beautiful radiance of the town in the lights of the night light.

Good trip to Cesky Krumlov, and read our other interesting articles about the Czech Republic (Links below).

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