Kudikina Mountain Park in Lipetsk region

Recently, tourist trips in Russia are becoming increasingly popular, there are many beautiful and interesting places that you need to visit every tourist, one of them is Kudikina Mountain Park in Lipetsk region. It is an exciting natural entertainment complex located on the banks of the Don. Here you will find picturesque nature, beautiful species and many entertainment for both adults and children.

This place is excellent Suitable for resting the whole family, Various festivals and corporate events can also be held here. Park visitors are waiting for a number of fascinating excursions, there is a unique zoo, a lot of interesting sculptures, playgrounds, ancient Russian fortress, barbecue space, bath and much more. Park offers its visitors quite affordable prices.

What to do and what to see

A large selection of entertainment will not allow you to get bored, everyone will be able to find here a lesson for yourself. One of the main attractions of the park is Safari Territory with its inhabitants. The attention of visitors is presented more than fifty species of different animals. A visit to such a zoo will like not only to children, but also adults. There is a kangaroo, ostriches, lamas, turtles and other representatives of the animal world. You can choose one of the proposed excursion programs. The safari park has a variety of rare birds.

Also in the park there is Many sights stylized for Russian tales. Here you can see the ancient fortress, on which there are guided tours. Immediately you can buy various souvenirs. The fortress was built without the use of nails. In winter, it turns into the residence of Santa Claus. For children on the territory of the park there is a special green school, in it the child will be able to get closer to nature.

Fans of outdoor activities are offered Touch on the health route. Its length is five kilometers, visitors will delight scenic species that open from the trails. You can just walk on it on foot, drive a bike route or go on a jog. In a special playground, everyone will be able to engage in crossfit. It has everything you need.

There is a park many monuments and art objects. In close proximity to the fortress is Monument to three richrites, made of copper. A number of accepts and believes are connected with it. Here you will find a variety of wood sculptures.

"Zmey Gorynych"

However, the park’s visiting card is the composition "Zmey Gorynych". This sculpture composition is a stunning spectacle. It seems that the fifteen meter snake just got off the pages of Russian fairy tales. Sculpture can come to life, then the monster exhibits flames. Be sure to try to capture this moment in the photo.

Entertainment in the park

Kudikina Mountain Park in Lipetsk region

The park is ready to offer its visitors a lot of summer and winter entertainment, you can easily find here a lesson for yourself. There are several reservoirs in the park, here You can swim and sunbathe in the summer. There is Fudcourt on site, here you can always eat and restore your strength after a walk.

For children, equipped Children’s town with numerous entertainment. In winter, you can entertain yourself skating, sledding, icecakes. Equestrian walks in the park of the park are very popular.

The park is the largest natural entertainment complex in the area. There is everything you need for a comfortable stay in nature, and a large selection of a variety of entertainment will not let you get bored.

Here you can accommodate both in convenient guest houses and in a tent camping. Guest houses are built from wood, they have everything you need for a comfortable stay. On the territory of the park there is a real Russian bath. Nature lovers will be able to stay in eco-camping, it is located in a picturesque place on the river bank.

Where is the park

The park is located in the village of Kamenka Lipetsk region. You can get here both in our own and public transport. On the M4 Dong highway there is a pointer leading to the park. Free parking is available. Visitors to the park can be released on any long-distance bus, which is heading from Lipetsk to Zadonsk. You will need to go out at the Stop Kamenka.

Kudikina Mountain Park in Lipetsk region

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