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Kusadasi – This is a European-type resort city located on the endless expanses of the Aegean Sea. The city is surrounded by lush vegetation, which forms a unique resort microclimate. Not far from the mainland Kusadas is a small island called name «Pigeon». Previously, this small land plot was called the city – «Bird Island» (so in the translation of the city name «Kusadasi»), due to the large accumulation of rare migratory birds.

Kusadasi – The city, a distance of 90 kilometers from Izmir, won popularity from tourists from different parts of the world due to its soft climate, extended strip of sandy beaches and amazing attractions, located both in the perimeter of the city and in the nearest surroundings.

For his centuries-old history, Kusadasi from a small stone fortress was transformed into a major tourist center, which has a developed infrastructure, a large hotel base, first-class restaurants and a cafe, a lot of entertainment establishments. Kusadasi is truly considered a universal resort, here will be comfortable and not boring resting couples with children, young people and people older generation. In recent years, Kusadasi is considered the best sea resort on the whole Aegean coast of Turkey.

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What is interesting to see in Kusadas?

Top sights Kushadas

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Kusadasi: excursions and events

Kusadasi is a popular tourist center due to not only sandy beaches and clean sea, but also a large variety of historical and natural attractions. Travel agencies of the city are offered a large number of excursion routes.

The most popular tourists of Kusadas Excursion «Prion – Millet – Didim». The duration of such an excursion is 6 hours, the average cost varies within 60 – $ 90.

A cognitive excursion route begins in the ancient city of the Prince, which was built in about 350 BC.NS. For many centuries, the city was rich and prosperous, but in one period of the once large settlement, only ruins remained. The prince was destroyed during the earthquake. Currently, tourists can see the surviving fragments of the ancient theater, basilica, the temples of Athens and Demeters and other no less interesting structures of antiquity.

The second large excursion object is the ancient city of Millet, where tourists can see the ancient theater, referring to the Roman period of construction, market square, ancient temple. On the seashore, small fragments of the colonnade survived.

A few kilometers from the Mileta are the ruins of the ancient city of Didim, who for several centuries was a religious center of Worship Apollon. The main attraction of this city are separate fragments of the majestic temple, built and named after Apollo.

Other popular excursion program «Izmiro’s sightseeing tour». The duration of the program is at least 5 hours at an average cost of $ 30.

During the trip to Izmiru, tourists will have the opportunity to see the Konak Square, a cultural city park, a seaport and a beautiful promenade of the city. Tourists are available free time to make purchases in the city boutiques.

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History Kusadas

Climate in Kusadasakh

Climate On the territory of Kusadasi soft Mediterranean. The beach season is much shorter compared to the Antalya coast of Turkey. The opening of the swimming season begins in the last few days, and ends in mid-September.

Thanks to the warm sunshine and a soft winter in Kusadasa, relax for the whole year. In winter, tourists come to the city for sightseeing and sea walks in the Aegean Sea.

In the midst of the summer season in the city there is no exhausting heat, even despite enough dry climate. In the day and evening hours there is a strong temperature difference, which is possible due to the light breeze, bringing the night coolness from the sea. See detailed weather in Kusadasa for months.

Kusadasi: Entertainment and Active Leisure

Resort Kusadasi city is an ideal place for underwater lovers. In the vicinity of the city there are a large number of places that many dive lovers from around the world with their virgin beauty of the sea depths and a variety of marine inhabitants. Diving can be done both professionals and beginners, after compulsory learning or accompanied by experienced divers.

Multiple water parks are concentrated in the city. The most popular water park among tourists «Aqua Fantasy Land», Having a large number of water attractions for adults and a children’s holiday area. Lovers of more relaxing pastime can go to the water park «Adaland», which is recognized as the largest fleet of water entertainment in Turkey.

Young people will appreciate the nightclub «Kusadasi Show Bar», which is located in the heart of Kusadas. Every evening a local youth and holidaymakers are going here. Night club attracts its visitors not only good music and a variety of cocktails, but also an interesting show program that is held every evening.

The city is an ideal place not only for a beach holiday, but also shopping. In Kusadasakh, there is a large number of branded stores, where you can buy corporate things at attractive prices.

Transport features Kusadas

Kusadasi – a small resort town of Turkey. There is no subway and tram tracks, the main view of public transport are local dolmoshi. Passenger landing and disembarkation is made in specially designated places, the passage of the passage is made by the Dromushi driver at the time of landing. In this type of transport, you can not only move freely in the city, but also go to the neighboring settlements. The cost of travel in the city is single, and in neighboring settlements directly depends on the distance of the trip.

City taxis is the most convenient and fast movement in the city and beyond, but much more expensive. Catch a taxi can be near the hotel or major shopping centers. The fare is calculated on the meter, which according to the rules must be installed in each car providing transportation services to the local population and tourists of the city.

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