Kuta. Bali

Kuta – This is one of the most popular resting places for a young audience, as there are budget accommodation options and many night entertainment. A lot of Australians come to Kuta, only for the weekend – shuffle on the sand and ride on the waves. It’s so because Kuta is the closest beach to the airport and lovers relax use it in full. And for the same reason Kuta is a place where traffic jams are not stopped even at night.

Surfing in Kuta

Serft in Kuta Pond PRU, so nothing surprising, if the tourist arrives at the head on the head from the novice surfer. But if there is a desire to experience yourself on the board, then such an opportunity will cost $ 5 for 3 hours (without an instructor).

If the tourist is absolutely not familiar with this sport – this is not a problem at all. There are many surfing schools in Kuta, which for the week of any newcomer will be put on the board.
But if the surfing level of tourist is above average, for such people there will be instructors who will show space for surfing, where the waves are more and better. Everyone can develop here, regardless of experience and opportunities. In schools there are excellent quality Wedroks and all the rest of the necessary equipment, which is included in the total cost. Kuta is the best place to get acquainted with surfing, because there are small and smooth waves. Studies for beginners are divided into theoretical and practical classes. The theory will help the tourist to protect themselves from many injuries, and the practice will give the opportunity to improve your skills. Lessons are held, both in English and in Russian.

Forest for monkeys

This forest on Kuta is considered sacred, as it became a house for a variety of monkeys. But walking there, it is worth being as cautious. The fact is that Martyski is completely not afraid of people and can you unless you can steal your food or some jewels. If a monkey suddenly jumps to your neck and shoulders, in no case can you panic and do sharp movements. Marty can be frightened and bite the tourist, and the monkey bite is very unpleasant.

Tanah lot

This is an ancient temple, which is located on a volcanic rock and very famous for its extraordinary sowing species. The sun here is always bright orange, or even red, and that is why this place is so adorable to tourists.

History of the resort Kuta

In 1967, the resort began to develop and becomes popular among lovers of warm countries and pure sand. In those years, Kuta entered the triangle of the KKK. It means Kathmandu, Kabul and Kuta. This route was a favorite among such subculture as hippie. In those years on the island almost there were almost no hotels, and even if some hotel could be found what kind of electricity on the island did not know anyone. It is logical to assume that the resort opened hippies, as those places were deserted, and for this subculture it was just perfect. Local quickly saw the opportunity to earn money and began to pass the rooms to tourists for a small fee. Also, local businessmen very quickly began to open restaurants and cafes, where they were preparing Langustov and another exclusive food for funny money. And that is why by 1973 the island has already visited thousands of tourists.

Tourist need to be careful

Despite the snow-white sand and the perfect bottom for windsurfing, the tourist needs to be careful with local merchants. Local very persistent and it is worth buying something and from the tourist will not leave. In addition, there are many rescuers on the beach, and it is worth paying attention to the red flags. If the tourist sees this checkbox – then in no case can you climb into the water. In these waters there are very dangerous trends in which it is very easy to drown. Many tourists already gave life in these currents.

Kuta. Bali

Night entertainment Kutya

This is the perfect place for lovers of long and noisy parties. Bars and clubs here just at every step, and lanterns on the streets shine to 3 nights. The most popular club Cute is a hard rock cafe.

For families with children

Children here also will not be boring. There is a huge amusement park on Kuta – Waterboat. The child will be delighted with underwater tunnels, a variety of attractions and large water slides. Adults can experience themselves in Jumping Banchi – a fairly extreme entertainment that sniffers the nerves tourist.


Kuta is an excellent place for people who have the ocean and surfing &# 8211; Inseparable concepts. This is the perfect place for beginners, because in this place there are no coral reefs and pitfalls. And experienced instructors will quickly put a beginner on the board, first on the foam from the wave, and later on the wave. But if the tourist is not a fan of water sports, he will still find a lot of interesting things here. Stormy nightlife and exoticism will not leave anyone indifferent. If the tourist loves a non-standard rest – he exactly needs to be the island of Kuta.

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