Kuwait: Sights of the country, holidays with children

Kuwait – the distinctive state of the Persian Gulf, is not deprived of the attention of travelers looking for unusual sensations around the world. And disappointed from here no one left.

The sea, the beaches – do not surprise anyone, but in Kuwait there are places that can cause delight in visiting tourists.


The cult attraction of the state – Big mosque, having the most impressive sizes in the world. She is able to take 41,000 people at the same time. The area of ​​the whole complex is approximately 50 thousand kV. M., about half of which occupies the building itself. On the remaining Earth, a gorgeous garden with reservoirs and waterfalls is broken.

The design is completed 82 gold-coated dips. Giant handmade carpet designed for prayers, thousands of columns, massive and luxurious chandeliers deserve special attention. The greatness of the temple emphasize multiple reflections in pools located around it. On a sunny day, the sparkling mosque blinds its glitter, and at night it is illuminated by a unique system varying from the lunar phases.

The world’s largest fountain (takes about 16 thousand square meters. M.) is in Kuwait. The raisin is that this is a musical complex represented by 220 sources of fountaining water, which are located in 3 pools. As soon as the twilight is condensed, waiting for a light music and fascinating show, hundreds of viewers are going here. Under the musical chords that sounded, the jet of water is beginning to twist in the bizarre dance. Exciting spectacle!

This country is associated with Giant sizes by the ship wearing the name Al Hashemi LL. In the distant past on this wooden ship walked around the seas and oceans. Its length is 100 m. Such a magnitude did not have any ship, and Al Hashemi LL was listed in the Book of Records Guinies. Now it is located in it Elite restaurant, to be a great honor for the tourist.

Acquaintance with culture

Tourists interested in the history of Kuwait are sent to satisfy curiosity in National Museum. For 60 years of existence of its existence, the museum experienced theft of funds representing tremendous historical value and material, including. Later everything was restored.

Museum of Tarek Rajab should be visited with cognitive goal. Here are collections, the multiplication of which Rajab was engaged in all his life. The rarest jewels, weapons of different eras, ceramics products are exhibited for visitor visits.

It is recommended to visit Island fileka. Once he was a Greek colony and the preserved structures, built by the Greeks many centuries ago, attract many wishing to inspect them. At the same time you can buy in the sea and sunbathe on landscaped beaches.

Kuwait Sights of the country, rest with children

Recreation sites with children

Katok Kuwait became a favorite place in both foreign guests with children and the local population. The atmosphere here is always full of relaxed fun. On ice ride whole companies people of all ages. The rink is divided into 2 zones and is open to visitors all year.

Another popular place to rest the whole family – Green Island. Young travelers will be interested in visiting playgrounds, which are set on the island, sit in a cafe. It is possible to climb to a high tower having an observation platform and admire the sea and surroundings.

Of course, there is a beach, but you can swim in salty and large lake, If you do not want to go to the beach. The island is planted with thousands of exotic plants delivered here from different parts of the globe and a walk among this magnificence will deliver an unforgettable feeling of fabulous joy.

Zoo, Having occupying a decent square, proposes to familiarize himself with 2 thousand animals. Separate individuals are freely walking on the territory of the zoo. There are special designated places where picnic lovers can afford it pleasure.

Full holiday, remembered for a lifetime, vivid impressions will be pleased to remember everyone who will spend your free time in this fabulous country.

Kuwait Sights of the country, rest with children

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