Kuwaiti dinar three times more than a dollar

There are small states in the world, the currencies of which play in the global economy the role of non-comparable with their modest size and a few people. One of "small, yes delete" Currency is Kuwaiti dinar.

All the state of Kuwait consists of the city of the same name and a piece of lifeless desert adjacent to it by about 200 kilometers from north to south and from west to east. Kuwaiti dinars with pleasure take banks throughout the Middle East, in Europe and in North America.

Kuwaiti Dinar – Stable Free Currency Convertible. There are no restrictions on the import and export of both dinars and foreign monetary signs. Customs officers who carefully shake the baggage of all visits, will be absolutely indifferent to the contents of your wallet. They seek alcohol forbidden on the territory of Kuwait, and in the second – weapons. If you do not have a neither one or the other – you can be sure that the Kuwaiti border you cross without adventure.

Kuwaiti dinar (KD) is divided into 1.000 Filov. Banknotes are issued by the advantage of 1/4, 1/2, 1, 5, 10 and 20 dinars. Coins – 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 philips. The appearance of banknotes has changed in 1991 – after the semi-annual occupation of Kuwait, the troops of the neighboring Iraq. During these six months, Iraqis was taken out of the country all the cash that they managed to detect.

In order not to give the aggressor to use the abducted money, immediately following the liberation of the country, paper bills were exchanged. Coins are preserved the same as they were before the war.

Tricks with useless now pre-war bills in Kuwait is not feared. In all banks and in many exchange offices, posters depicting old and new banknotes are posted there. In Kuwait "old" money has long disappeared from circulation.

But if you suddenly happen to buy Kuwaiti dinars in some other Middle East country, especially not in the bank, but in a small changeable shop – keep your ear. However, even if you have never seen dinars before, distinguish "old" Money OT "New" not difficult. Just pay attention to the year of release. "Real"Money imprinted not before 1991.

Kuwaiti Dinar – one of the most "Fullweight" currencies in the world. His rate to the dollar at the end of last week was 0.2999: 1. That is, one dinar should give more than 3 dollars. It is not surprising that the city of Kuwait, where rooms in the cheapest hotels cost at least 15 dinars per night, and hotels that have the right to make visas for foreigners who stay in them are taken over the day at least 35 – 45 dinars, is considered one of the most expensive places on Planet.

Kuwaiti dinar three times more than a dollar

Calculations in foreign currency in Kuwait are practiced little. Perhaps in the bazaar some small merchant and agree to take away from you dollars at the rate, but in order to be able to pay in all other cases of life, money must be changed. Do not necessarily do this to the owners of international credit cards: they are accepted in Kuwait to pay almost everywhere.

Cash holders not to avoid visiting a bank or exchange office. There is no Central Banking District in Kuwait in the city. Branches of banks and changed offices are more or less uniformly distributed throughout the city. They are not found at every corner, so it makes sense to find out in advance from the locals, where the nearest exchange institution is. In the central part of the city, several banks can be found on Fahd As-Salim Street (in English – Fahd Al-Salim St.).

From Saturday, on Wednesday, banks and exchange offices work with 8.00 or 9.00 about 13.00. Then they take a break to 16.00 and reopen up to 18.00 – 19.00. On Thursday, most of them work only until noon. On Friday – Muslim Weekend – Financial Activities (like any other) in Kuwait freezes.

If you have unaffected dinars before leaving the country – you can change them back to any SC without special formalities. And you can not do this. Find a bank taking Kuwaiti dinars will not be difficult and in Moscow.

In any case, do not forget to postpone 2 dinars to pay the airport collection, which is charged from all who leave Kuwait by air.

Kuwaiti dinar three times more than a dollar

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