Kyrgyzstan: how to plan a vacation route

From late September, Russia has resumed flights with Kyrgyzstan, and this is a good reason to meet the country. We tell where to go in the city and go beyond its limits, how not to spend a bunch of money and what to pay special attention to. Go!

From the airport to the city

We recommend immediately flying to the capital – Bishkek, because in this period – you are, you know, what are there for sure there are flights from Russia. So, the point of your destination is Manas Airport, it is about 30 km from the city. You can go to the city by taxi or bus, well, no one forbids the hotel transfer.

Bus number 380 – The only bus connecting the city center and airport. In the way you will spend 40 minutes if there are no traffic jams on the road. He goes S 7.30 to 20.00. It is a trip 40 KGS (about 39 rubles, depending on the course), goes once in half an hour, payment to the driver by cash. Therefore, we recommend to exchange money in advance or at the airport.

In Kyrgyzstan, their own currency is Kyrgyz som, and it is almost 1: 1 with the ruble, the difference in several kopecks. On October 12, 1 C = 97 kopecks.

Taxi is more expensive than 10 times, that is, for a trip to the city, you will spend at least 500 soms, and spend the same time on the road. Therefore, the best option is to use the hotel transfer, because the price of them is fixed, you will be willing and without any questions will bring where it is necessary.

Suddenly you did not know

Found some interesting facts about Kyrgyzstan to make it more interesting to recognize the country.

  • The national currency of Kyrgyzstan is printed in France and in Malta, as the same cotton grows there, which is included in the paper for money.
  • In Bishkek, there is its "Big Ben" – this is a gift from the Armenian SSR in 1984.
  • Our planet has at least one eye – this is Lake Issyk-Kul. The fact is that it resembles exactly the eye.

Transport Map "Tulpar"

If you plan to ride around the city, we recommend purchasing a travel map "Tulpar". It is 496 soms, you can even buy a driver. Details here .

What to look in Bishkek

The city like the country is very colorful, after all Central Asia. The atmosphere is completely unpredictable here. Here is a string of fashionable hostels on the Boulevard of the Young Guard, but the rim of goats, who are just walking down the street – and this is the norm. Everything happens here, it did not cost without beautiful carpets. To see what local needlewomen are capable of, go to Gapara Imitiev Museum – There are exhibitions of textiles and carpets.

As for shopping, you laid the day to visit Osh Bazaar . This is a huge market that takes several quarters. Here you can find everything: whether fashionable branded sneakers, antique robbing or some kind of special rare spice. But do not forget to follow the personal things, the bazaar is still. Well, bargain and chat with merchants – Mandatory ritual when visiting such a place. Do not deprive attention and Central Mosque , Square Ala-TOO and Oak Park . But do not recommend spending more than three days on the city, because all the most interesting outside.

Car rental

Kyrgyzstan how to plan a vacation route

In Kyrgyzstan (this is in Russian, the local call the country of Kyrgyzstan) are riding for the sake of nature. Yurts and life of local residents, ravines, gorges, canyons, mountains – all this can be seen if you take a car at the box office. For mountainous areas, an SUV or crossover will come up, on average the car will cost 3,000 rubles per day. Rent available Drivers over 25 years old with driving experience 3 years or more, as well as international rights.

If you want to travel around the country in a large company, become a member of Road Trip. This is when you rent a car and go to a column of 4-7 cars, the route plans a tour operator.

Lake Issyk-Kul and the surrounding

If you have a week for vacation about a week, do not delay in Bishkek and go directly to the lake Issyk-Kul and go through its surroundings – the gorge Cones, Jet-Oguz, Barskown. To the lake can be reached on loop, but the road will be with transfers, and the desired surroundings will no longer see. So take a driver with you on a journey, so it will be much easier.

Lake Issyk-Kul – Mandatory Stop, as the place is magical, beautiful and significant, and everything in three hours drive from the capital. This is the main local resort, which is located at the height of one and a half thousand above sea level, and there are five-tales around from all sides. You can stay there for the night, there are hotels on the lake and even local cozy yurts that can be booked even on Booking. And in the morning to conquer one or more vertices, run along the lake or go horseback riding in the nearest store.

On the way to the lake will be Tower of Burana, Also important place. And let them remain only ruins, but at one time she held back the army of Genghis Khan himself. And to feel all the flavor of the country, be sure to stop in the roadside yurt to drink mountain tea and watch the life of the population. Only do not drive much, because at any moment the flock of horses or baras can go on the road. And on the background of an unearthly landscape, all this looks a little surreal, so keep the camera at the ready.

Canyon Cones, What is not far from the lake, in general can knock out of a sense of time, because at some point it will seem like you turned out to be at the Big Canyon in Arizona. So cool there! And not far and Grigorievsky Gorge (or Chon Ak-Suu,), It is almost quite at the border with Kazakhstan. The atmosphere there is the most suitable for landscapes: women selling local honey, men and children on horseback, sheep on pasture, people with manual eagles. Be kindly and allow you to lead yourself to one of the yurt, where you will be treated with tea and chak-chuck.

If your disposal is more than a week, it is still on Plateau Arabel , as there are thermal sources. And I will not be superfluous to visit Tien Shan ridges, for example, a glacier Inalchek. This is the usual resort base with many routes by eco-trails.

We also recommend looking into the National Park Ala-Archa. For the brave, there are even programs on the mountaineering of different levels of complexity.

What to try

Local cuisine is not so exotic to deliver some inconvenience selective in food. Like everyone here! For example, Lagman – soup with noodles, lamb and spices, and Sharpo – just a lamb broth. Try also manta with pumpkin and meat , And for the company with an optimal dish Kazan Plova . It is preparing usually with large portions, so alone is better to even try to eat it. Since the people in Kyrgyzstan are former nomads, then they have the same kitchen. Beshbarmak Also a pretty simple dish – a soup with noodles on a broth of a lamb or horse. Dhymama – stew cabbage, carrots, bell pepper, onions, eggplants, potatoes with meat and fat. Is there some more Chuok – Specific sausage from horseback, immediately say that it will not like everyone. This is not all dishes, but do not be afraid of the names, because the usual food is hidden behind them. Ask the composition if you doubt – the country speak Russian.


For residents of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Armenia visa is not needed. Do not even need a passport, you can enter the country by internal. Russians at the entrance except to fill the migration card in which the arrival stamp is set.

If you are planning from Kyrgyzstan to go to Uzbekistan, then grab the passport, without it from Kyrgyzstan you can enter only Kazakhstan.

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