Kyrgyzstan instead of Nepal

The country has no satellite, so the cards in the phone are not extremely accurate, taxi drivers in the capital do not know where to go, it is very difficult to navigate. Bishkek (capital) – ordinary city, less than a million inhabitants, with bad roads and a huge market.

COM – the currency of Kyrgyzstan – almost equal to the ruble, but the prices are lower than we. National cuisine is all with meat, even mom – a long-term vegan – I could not resist (Lagman, Manta, Beshbarmak, Curdak and T.e). Our language is the second official language of the country. Relate to us well, but trying to deceive anyway, therefore they gone that from Chechnya. Sasha played a brutal Chechen from Grozny, and we and my mom – silent Muslim women. By the way, in the country mainly Muslim, less than Christianity and shamanism (in the south).

On the city we moved on foot, by taxi, as well as on the rented right-hand "Hyundai Fit". In the country, mostly right-handed Japanese cars, or SUVs. All many cars because there is no transport tax. Many cars have seen the first time in life 🙂 For a short time after staying in the capital, we went towards Lake Issyk-Kul to go around around. Lake is a bit salty, the width of it is about 187 km, length – 64.

Canyon "Fairy tale" – The first miracle we saw from the south side of the lake. In the canyon, all of the red and yellow clay, there are no tourists there, so we investigated the terrain we are alone.
In the week we were reinforced Lake Issyk-Kul completely. From the south side, in addition to the canyon, the track in the gorge "7 bulls", climbed between the mountains to the frozen waterfall, in winter there are no people at all, so no one interfered. With us was a Misha conductor who helped in difficult areas of gorge. The maximum height on which we were, a little less than 3000 m, but it was difficult to breathe there.

Karakol. Tusovka Center of Snowboarders and Skiers! The city is full of young people, everyone lives in guest houses and drive every day on the slopes! On the base Lifts new, a day ticket 1000 rubles., Ski passs cost from 800 to 1200 rubles. On day, descent length from 1 km, angle of 170 degrees. No worse than Switzerland, honestly))

The purpose of our trip is equestrian tourism, so that we are around the base horses on horseback. Mom and Sasha, of course, stunned – at once 6 o’clock riding, well, nothing, impressions above pain in the legs.
On the north shore of the lake saw the gorge, which in their beauty are not inferior to Alpine or Carpathians. And a miracle that surprised me – hot springs! On the street -10, and you sit in a swimsuit in water from the ground with a temperature of +55. Depth of sources from 1.5 km, they are also salty (like a lake).

Kyrgyzstan instead of Nepal

On the shore there is a lot of abandoned sanatoriums, they were built in the USSR, and when the country broke up – they threw. Local houses are built by themselves: I went to the mountain, hurt the clay, kneading with hay and sand, and throw yourself a house. In such houses sleep well, fresh. Love home and from marine cars.

We knew little about Kyrgyzstan, and there were preserved pictures on the stones of the VI century to our era, the Przhevalsky was buried there, who died in Karakol from Typha, there the border with China, where they are not allowed without a conductor (by the way, the roads are built-concluded, so There was a pleasure around the lake), persimmon is growing there, now the very season is growing, and horses, bulls, goats and sheep graze on the fields (we saw the sheep kids, their kids for the first few hours can only go) did not know that the brides were still stealing here, and at weddings from 300 people, the concepts did not have about their revolutions and many other things. Those who come to Kyrgyzstan are not the first time they go to the skots, buy a horse there, go on it, until you get bored, sell on the market for 80% of the cost, and they fly home, but we were afraid and rented horses, you never want to eat on the halfway ))

I liked the rest of the holiday, even though local and said that in the summer they have better.

Kyrgyzstan instead of Nepal

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