Kyzyl Kule (Red Tower)

What is interesting for tourists Tower Kyzyl Kule? What are tourists looking here? How to get public transport? How much is the ticket for the entrance? What hours of work? What details of architecture you need to pay attention to? Read the answers in our article.

As of June 2021, the Kyzyl Kule tower is open to visitors. She was closed because of a pandemic, but quickly opened. Unfortunately, the tower has opened with the new price of the input ticket. In addition, in 2021, work hours have changed a bit. All the details below in this article.

Brief description of the sights

The tower Kyzyl Kule (from the Turkish "Red Tower") in the city of Alanya was built in the 13th century by order of the Sultan Kuikubad of the Great. The tower has become the main protective structure for the harbor and shipyard Alanya in the Middle Ages.

To this day, Kyzyl Kule was preserved perfectly, now it is fully opened for tourists. Tower can be seen on the flag of Alanya, it is one of the symbols of the city.

Kyzyl Kule is considered one of the masterpieces of medieval fortification architecture. Tower height – 33 meters, diameter – 29 meters, each of the 8 faces has a width of 12.5 meters. Capacity – up to 2000 defenders (according to the description of the historian Evia Chelaby). However, in peacetime, they held a garrison of just 40 soldiers. In the tower of 5 floors, the ladder of 85 steps leads to the very top.

Tourists here are watching unique fortification architecture and magnificent views of the harbor and the eastern beach of Alanya. In detail about everything interesting will tell in the second part of this article, and now organizational issues.

How to get

Taxi is the easiest and most comfortable way to get there. The cost of the trip depends on the distance. For example, from hotels in Eastern or Western Beach in Alanya will cost 20 lire (for a smaller board here taxi drivers rarely agree to go). Current course of the Turkish currency, see the article "Turkish Lira".

And from hotels of resort zones Okudadlar or Gazipasha will cost 200-250 lire. See the distance and read the prices of the official tariffs, which we led in the article "Taxi in Turkey – Tariffs and Rules". Tell the driver the phrase "Kyzyl Kule", he will understand.

You can walk from hotels in Western and East Beaches Alanya. Distance – within 5 kilometers. Just go along the shore towards the peninsula.

On public transport. Catch on the D400 Dolmush highway (minibus) towards Alanya. Fare price – from 2 to 10 lir. Will arrive at the Ataturk Boulevard, then on foot to Kyzyl Kule, you need to pass a kilometer or go to dolmosh 4 (minibus) straight to the castle of Alanya.

From the hotels of the remaining resorts of the Mediterranean Sea (Side, Belek, Antalya, Kemer) We do not make sense. Far and tedious, but Kyzyl Kul is clearly not topical landmark of Turkey. You can buy a sightseeing tour of Alanya for a whole day, then just look like Kyzyl Kule. The price of such an excursion is 40-50 dollars per person.

Opening hours

In the summer season (from April to October) – from 8-30 to 20-00.

In the winter season (from November to March) – from 8-30 to 17-30.

Price of entrance ticket

10 Turkish lir.

You can take a combo ticket to the tower Kyzyl Kule + shipyard + Damlatash cave – 15 lir.

It is interesting to see Kyzyl Kule and the entire harbor of Alanya from the sea. You can buy a short boat tour for 20 euros.

A bit of history

In early 13th century, most of Anatoly (the territory of modern Turkey) belonged to the Seljuk Turks. In 1220, the Sultan became Kuikabad I. He expanded the boundaries of the Sultanate, subdued several Turkic neighbors, began to prepare for the reflection of the Mongolian threat. In history, he entered the Great Kuikabad. Its images are not preserved, but the authors of the Civilization V computer game represent it as shown in the screenshot below, click to enlarge.

His capital Kuikabad Great made the port city of Shedra, renaming it to Alan. In the city reconstructed the port and built a closed shipyard. The fortification facility was required to protect the port.

For the construction of a large protective tower, Sultan Kuikabad invited architect Ecu Ali Ruma El Qettany from Aleppo (Syria). He built for Sultan, the Sinop Fortress. The lower part of the tower was built from stone. When the raising of large stones up the top has become too heavy, they continued to build from red brick, hence the name. By 1226, the octagonal tower was completed.

During its existence of big troubles with Kyzyl Kule did not happen, she did not experience serious ozide. Therefore, it is so well preserved in the original form.

In 1951-53, the Kyzyl Kule tower was a large-scale reconstruction. In 1979, organized the Ethnographic Museum of Alania.

What to watch – architecture

Tower height – from 30 to 33 meters. The tower is on the slope, on the eastern wall height of 33 meters, on the western wall of 30 meters. Diameter – 29 meters, each of the 8 faces has a width of 12.5 meters. Capacity – up to 2000 defenders (according to the description of the historian Evia Chelaby). However, in peacetime held a garrison of just 40 soldiers.

In the tower of 5 floors, the ladder of 85 steps leads to the very top. From different sides in the walls there are 56 boys, some are adapted for artillery guns. There are also 22 holes for pouring on the enemy of boiling water or resin.

Externally, Kyzyl Kule seems simple construction, but this impression is deceptive. In the center of the structure there is a supporting column that holds the floors of the floors. The cavity in this column was used as a water reservoir. On the top terrace you will see a gilt and a hole for collecting rainwater.

Each floor has its own planning in accordance with the Military Purpose. The top floor is a terrace with a circular path and three levels for defenders.

Pay attention to the entrance door – it is very small, behind it a narrow corridor, which is easy to defeat in small forces. Guides say that the door is low so that anyone goes out (except for children) could not pass, without bowing his head. But it is rather a beautiful legend, and the small door was needed for the convenience of the entrance. And who can worship here? After all, Sultan in the tower Kyzyl Kule did not live, he lived in the castle.

Kyzyl Kule (Red Tower)

Guides also say that in the Middle Ages from the top of the tower, criminals and incorrect wives were discarded. True it or not? It is difficult to say, because in writing sources it does not say anything. Most likely no, since such a way of execution is very impractical.

What to watch – Ethnographic Museum

Is immediately at the entrance door, takes the entire first floor. Here are the models of ships of the epoch of the Seljuk Sultanate and the Ottoman Empire. The exhibition is interesting, but small. There are also temporary exposures here. Pay additionally the entry into temporary exposures does not need.

What to look – views from the top floor

To view the best views and make the best photos, go up to the top floor terrace and then go up on the third level. The staircase is quite cool, be careful. What a staircase looks like, look at the photo next, click on the photo to enlarge.

Upstairs, look between the teeth, the review of 360 degrees. In the north and east, you will see the harbor, in the south of the beach, in the West, the old town. Pay attention to the long wall that leads from the castle of Alanya to Kyzyl Kule.

Need to pay tribute to the administration Kyzyl Kule. Everywhere there are fences, and for children you can’t have to worry. In Turkey, rarely meet such a responsible approach.

What to watch – memorable inscriptions

There are two memorable inscriptions on the walls. The first small entrance gate reports about the architect Abu Ali Ruma. Two more inscriptions on the southern and northern sides praise Sultan Kuikabad Great and report the year of construction – 632 on the Islamic lunar calendar (1226) in the 4th lunar month.

The inscriptions are beautiful, but made an ancient Arabic ridder, and understand something in them is unlikely to succeed, even if you know how to read in Arabic.

What to watch – Night backlight

Night Tower Kyzyl Kule highlights with yellow lamps. Very nice, and at these moments I want to call it "Altyn Kule" or "Golden Tower". It is pleasant to dine at the table of one of the surrounding restaurants overlooking this sight.

Important advice

– If hungry, there is a lot of cafes and restaurants around Kyzyl. Prices here are slightly higher than on average in the resort. But prepare here are great. Read our article "The best Turkish dishes";

– tickets at the checkout sell for Turkish lira. Pay for public transport it is more profitable in lira. Money change in advance, read our article "How and where it is profitable to change money in Turkey";

– Upstairs can be very hot, especially after lifting down the steps to the height of the tower (33 meters). Help from the sun can be at the lowest level of the last floor. We strongly recommend that in the summer months, do not forget the headdress, close the shoulders from the sun. About precautionary measures, read in our article "What to take to Turkey".

We wish you vivid impressions in Kyzyl Kule, and read our interesting articles about Turkey (List of articles below).

Kyzyl Kule (Red Tower)

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