La Plan without skis: what to take children and grandmothers

With the zone of skating in La plan, everything is in order: there is not enough weeks to roll all the paradist tracks. But here the weather in the mountains is unpredictable, and new impressions may well replace fresh snow, besides, some moms with children go to the mountains at all for riding, so on a good family resort should always be an alternative to skis. And she has no plan. We share with you my findings.

Rink, Plagne Bellecote

The cozy restaurant Le Chalet des Colosses with excellent cuisine is a skating rink with natural ice and ice-retro sledge, which can be fun to drive all the family – you just have to find a cab hardy. Though personally we ride with the wind, using as a pushing force their children. In the restaurant there are skates: Children from 26 size cost 5 euros (price includes entrance to the ice rink) and 3 euros for the smallest visitors Le Chalet des Colosses; adult pair will cost € 7 and € 5 respectively.

Entrance to the rink with their skates costs 4 euros. At the door of the restaurant stands a basket of hockey sticks, so that visitors can also drive the puck. Ice skating rink is open from 14 December to 15 March.

Pony rides, Plagne Bellecote

Another game for children, available at the resort Bellecote, – skating on pretty similar to the toy pony with funny bangs. You can choose a ride on horseback (the cost of such trips – 6.50 euros) or equestrian skijoring (skiing, holding the reins, 15 euros). The base is located near the bottom of the lift station to the glacier Glacier de la Chiaupe.

Our kids were so excited unexpected meeting with these miniature horses on a hillside, which immediately began their Iron-on transfer and almost kiss, so when the guys offered to sit astride, the delight they were ready themselves to jump on a pony. This live attraction is open from Monday to Saturday, from 10.00 to 12.30 and from 14.30 to 18.00.

Ice grotto, Glacier dela Chiaupe

La dive without skis than to take children and grandmothers

By itself, a trip to the glacier – it is an adventure, especially if you live in the resort of Plagne Soleil and plan to go upstairs with the kids. This will have to change two buses and one Telebus (free stall connecting Plagne Villages to Plagne Centre), as well as two lifts (the first starts from Plagne Bellecote station, the second – from the Roche de Mio). But believe me – it’s worth it! Firstly at an altitude of 3200 m there is a mountain of Versailles – a restaurant with a terrace, where skiers and tourists can eat and drink a glass of hot wine, sitting in an armchair Louis XV around the carved table with chandeliers, and enjoy no less luxurious than the whole salon Furniture, Mont Blanc View. Secondly, 300 meters from the restaurant there is an ice cave with snow sculptures and ice: Giant Iguana, Mammoths, Elephants, Malls, Bears, Monkeys, Deer – Here is an incomplete list of her inhabitants who will probably like children. Ours were delighted! The entrance to this Ice period park costs 6 euros.

Carousel, Plagne Center

This salvation for parents of active children: even the most restless people can hang for a long time – only enough money for tokens (which, by the way, is more profitable to buy 6 pieces for 10 pieces for 10 euros, while one token is worth already 3 euros). Transparent tent protects the carousel and all its users from any bad weather, so that in the snow and in the rain kids can whirl on horses, elephants and pirate ships, as well as coaches and all sorts of typewriters, until my mother walks on the covered shopping gallery situated Neighborhood. Lunch – from 12.30 to 15.thirty.

The novelty of this season is the lighted three-kilometer San Route Arpette in Eldorado Park, which works exclusively in the evenings (from 16.30 to 20.thirty). This is not at all children’s entertainment (only adults and adolescents are allowed to be launched above 1 m 40 cm): Lee joke, height difference – 300 meters! After several somersaults understand why you have fastened the helmet, and unwittingly begins to admire those who have managed to cleverly fit into the rotation. It is better to start inexperienced to the COLORADO PARK in Plagne Center, where the track is shorter, and therefore the load on voice ligaments will be twice as fewer. In addition, skating here is possible during the daytime (the park is open from 13.30 to 18.30), but, accustomed to sledding and learning how to adjust the speed, while you can even have time to admire Mont Blanc. Relief restrictions are the same as in Eldorado Park. The first sump track works all days except Monday, the second – all days except Sunday. Cost – 10 euros (2 descent). On an unlimited six-day subscription operates 50% discount. One ticket / subscription valid on both tracks.

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