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Great place where you can ride skiing – resort La Molina. It is located in the area of ​​Val de Nuria, famous for its picturesque valleys near the border with Andorra (12.8 km). Barcelona International Airport from 174 km resort. This is a great place to stay in the mountains of Sierra de Cadi, equipped at a height of about 1400m. La Molina ski center is the first in Spain, it works since 1909.

In La Molina, a wonderful resort with a rich history, excellent conditions have been created for the mountain ski lovers and a wonderful pastime of the whole family. The rich resort infrastructure is constantly developing. This resort, along with the area of ​​the oil area, forms one slope zone – Alps 2500.

The accllaces of the mountains of Langada Mountains (height 1406.3 m) are included in the resort (height 1406.3 m), the slopes of the Tosa-d’alp (height 2537.2 m) and the magnificent slopes of La Tos (the height of the slopes of OK.2535.5 M.). The resort offers 13 lifts and 44 km of well-maintained tracks of several levels of difficulty. The main amount of descents is laid among the forests.

Classification of La Molina slopes – 7 green, 6 – Black, 12 – blue, 15 – Red slopes – a total of about 100 km. Here you can also ride cross-country skiing, for this there are 20 km skiing. During the development of the resort and to the present, close attention is paid to the issues of conservation of nature – the resort for this is assigned a quality mark «Q».

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What is interesting to see in La Molina?

La Molina top attractions

La Molina: excursions and events

The main wealth of the resort of La Molina – Picturesque, decent brushes artist Mountain landscapes. Skating on well-equipped tracks can be combined with rest for the soul and hikes in cozy local cafes and restaurants with diwar music, an excellent atmosphere and wonderful island Spanish cuisine in combination with magnificent wines.

From Interesting events in La Molina It can be noted to conduct a stage of the World Cup in ski disciplines. It is held in this area, it is also interesting to those who won the victory and our compatriot Catherine Tudeygesheva, who received this very cup at one stage.

For the safety of holidaymakers in the resort of La Molina, rescue services and ski patrols are intended. For guests who have not yet confidently feel skiing, schools are open and professional instructors work.

La Molina History

Climate in La Molina

The climate in the resort of La Molina is largely formed at the expense of the mountainous terrain in which it is located. La Molina Climate Fully dictate pyrinei. Winter here snowy and soft, the riding season begins in the recent days of November and lasts almost until April.

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More details you can analyze the weather in La Molina by months. Sunny days here are a lot and in winter, which provides a beautiful and comfortable stay.

La Molina: Entertainment and Active Leisure

V La Molina for outdoor activities There are many different trace complexity. In total, the resort has vacationers nearly 121km. Trails with a height difference between 935m (1685m 2537m). From the attractions of La Molina, you can mark two snowpark and a rather interesting winter amusement park. Charming lifts are mainly used to move tourists in the spa. Both resorts with riding tracks are connected by the lift «Telekabin Alps 2500».

Three top stations of the peak of Langeada are the most interesting, it is here who leads of bugel lifts. To the top of Tosa d’AlP there is a chair cable car (two queues). From this amazing place in the valley descend «Red» Tracks. You can get to the top of the mountain on a free ski-bass (walks regularly).

The slopes located in the neighboring oil «Sports» in character, well, the tracks here are distinguished by complexity. Here will be comfortable for those who speak well the technique of skating. From the top of Tossa go down five «Black» descents changing gradually color on «Red» and becoming «blue» in the lower part.

Transport Features of La Molina

Up to all La Molina’s tracks can be reached by free ski-bass. They go on a schedule, which can be seen at the bus stop.

From Transport features of the resort of La Molina You can note the railway station on which trains from Barcelona arrive and trains to other Catalan resorts are sent. There are free parking, where you can leave personal or rented transport, in addition, the resort has the opportunity to take advantage of a taxi.

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