Laax: RocksResort and Burton European Open

"You go register, and I will still make a couple of photos", – Roma told me when we left the bus in Laak. The house on which he aimed the lens is really looking adequate: gray cube with transparent smooth windows of windows, soldered into an interpreter stone body. Against the background of the Alpine Landscape, he looked at the farther, a cousin of the capital, but the kinship still got into the eyes – if the mountains had suddenly accepted the right outline, it would be exactly such a building.

RocksResort (Yes, with a small R), consisting of eight such gray cubes – one of the newest and advanced complexes in the Alps. In fact, this is a small town a few steps from the lifts. In addition to the apartment, it includes stores with clothing and ski equipment, bars, restaurants – from burger to Vinearia – and even a small bakery, as in Paris. Houses where all this is located, in the mess scattered around a small Piazza – as if the giant scratched the handful of stones.

The name of this is giant – WEISSE ARENA GRUPPE (WAG). She controls the Laax Winter Resort, to which, according to the marketing strategy, includes the villages of Flims, Laaks and Faler. WAG was formed in 1996 as a result of the merger of two cable car operators. She now has five areas of activity: ropes, hotels and restaurants, sale and rental of ski equipment, skiing and snowboard ride lessons, as well as resort control.

For RocksResort, opened in December 2009, WAG has developed a rather unusual and new concept. Apartments (all of them 122, from 2 to 4 bedrooms) can be bought for 580 thousand. Franc minimum, but no more than three weeks allowed to use them in the winter season. The rest of the time they are rented – this is engaged in WAG and, regardless of the download, pays the owner of 27 thousand. Franks per month. Now sold about 40 apartments. One of the important conditions – nothing inside cannot be changed. However, when the design of your apartments is from Philip Stark, I don’t want to change anything.

  • Gray cubic
  • Complex RocksResort
  • Laakus RocksResort and Burton European Open
  • Apartments design
  • Home interior

The idea of ​​oblige owners to take their property to rent increased from the problem of empty houses typical of most Swiss winter resorts. People buy chalets and spend 2-3 weeks in it in a year, and everything else is empty at home. And the idea of ​​ourselves justified: the average loading of the RocksResort in the season is 90%, any hotel could dream about.

The hotel as part of RocksreSort also has – Signina, where we settled for the absence of free apartments. Well, you can do – high season. At the entrance to the hotel there was a sign pointing the road to the press office of the 13th tournament of Burton European Open (BEO), which was held in LAUX on February 25 to March 3. In general, BEO in Layax eighth year. The tournament changed several locations of the deployment and eventually hesitated here – as the organizers say, because the resort is interested in the development of snowboarding and freestyle.

Interested and still like! As an illustration, we give a few examples. In 2010, it opened here "Freestyle Academy", where skaters, snowboarders, skiers and BMX ETS can work out their tricks. To their services are 4 trampolines, ramp for Skate, Big Air, training slope covered with snowflex, and t.D. Roma and I went there an hourly introductory course, from which I most memorized jumping on a trampoline and smearing yourself from the planting area, to the failure filled with gray parallepipeda from some kind of magic foam. Our group (the younger member – on the species of seven years, the senior participant – Roma, 35) had entered the rage that Sigala there from a trampoline almost down her head; This is how crazy freestylers appear and appear.

In the same 2010 WAG opened the freestyle trace from Crap Sogn Gion to Curnius. We went down on her in Laak at sunset and got a lot of pleasure – the instructor Nino from his jumps on the tramplines and slides-boxes, and I – from his delete and craftsmanship. By the way, the area of ​​Crap Sogn Gion was generally greatly improved by this season: there was a new Snowpark ILS Plauns, as well as a zone for completely newcomers with tiny slides-boxes, with whom I could consculate even. As Yuri Summer, the current world champion in Haf Pipe, according to the TTR version, and the Winner of the BEO-2012, who we managed to interview the on the eve of the semifinals (follow up the updates on the ProALPS.RU): "If I went to my 15 to Laakus and saw this here, I would burst out of happiness".

  • Smooth plates windows
  • Participant of Burton European Open
  • Occupation in "Freestyle Academy"
  • Yuri Summer

In total, in Lamax four parks and the largest HEF-PIPE in Europe. Half of the competition within the framework of BEO, of course, passed there. We, unfortunately, left on the day of the semifinals, but on the eve they were guided by Haf Pipa with inspection and a little raised participants in qualifying races.

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