Ladoga Schhers National Park

Especially for this report, I selected my best shots made at different times in the north of Lake Lake and its surroundings, and prepared for readers online photo exhibition.
At the end of last year, this magnificent places were assigned the status of the National Park. About him today’s story.

Cool May morning.
Latest ice floes swim through Lake Ladoga Bay.
On the table there is a dirty dishes, an unstound bank of a sprat and an empty bottle from under the lemonade 🙂

1. "Meeting dawn"

Over the water stuck swims and predatoryly glances on me a small black head – nothing terrible! – This is the otter "hunting" His breakfast.
Campfire crash, water splash, bird screams in the sky – Probably my favorite sounds. They are like a song that can listen endlessly.
If neither this snoring, coming from the tent 🙂 friends still sleep.

Evening sites and sincere conversations with memories of school years and about the native Murmansk ended far over midnight. And I just returned from the morning shooting, having met a chic sunrise.
This night did not really get to sleep. I sit with a cotton head, I drink a cup and consider the chaps in the sky 🙂

On the island of Honkaasalo, we stood a camp for the first time, but I remember it well, because I visited 10 years ago at my first visit to these fantastic places.
In those days, I almost did not photograph, but, probably, then I started a rare disease with the name "Ladoga".

4. "Ladoga UFO"

I remember how a couple of months ago we rode skiing at the sparkling Nastow of the biggest Lake Europe. Pushed from the Sun, meeting the dawn on the Islands of Esusaret. Hid from permeating cold wind, growing ice beards. Worked on the ice bulk, risking health. Listened to how the ice bursts under their feet, on himself feeling the elusive breath of Ladoga.

5. "Frost and sun"

Now there is no snow. Instead of skis, we have a boat, instead of sticks of fishing rods and a donkey, backpacks are more and harder, and the load on the body in this visit is somewhat different :))

6. "Ladoga Oka"

Sometime I really dreamed of visiting Baikal. The beauty of this lake is valued all over the world. Until I managed to do this, but I found my "Baikal" next to the house. Just 150 kilometers from Peter.

7. "Stone Island" (2 row panorama of their 8 vertical frames)

Even the names are very similar, one on "l" begins, the other ends :)) or if "Ladoga" Read right left.
In my opinion, on the painting of landscapes, the Schroy regions of Ladoga not only are not inferior to the famous lake, but in places and exceed.
Although, and Baikal from the list of visits will not strike out and there must be necessary to visit.

eight. "Solar bay"

I am in these parts to remember once a year, only this year I went 9 times and met there New Year with my family.
Every time I bring hundreds or thousands of beautiful photos, a lot of impressions and new emotions.

nine. "Christmas morning"

Any trip is an exciting adventure. It would seem, for the long years of studying the lake there everything should become ordinary and boring – but no!
The more often the trip, the more I find new and unusual places. One more paint!

ten. "Dinosaur Range"

In any weather, at any time of the year, Lake Lake is beautiful and photogenically in its own way.

eleven. "Gold Kilipol"

It is not surprising for me that this tourist area was announced by the National Park. Park Creation Decree "Ladoga Schhers" D.A. Medvedev signed 30.12.2017, and (what is symbolic for me) just when I was there.

12. "Winter Ladoga" (2 row panorama of their 8 vertical frames)

The creation of a national park in the northern lump has been planned for 30 years. 4 years ago in your reports I mentioned it. But every time the process was delayed. Then the locals were against, the land was not resolved. The project was adjusted, conducted hearings. But now everything is behind.

Welcome to the stunning beauty archipelago!

13. "Iceberg" (2 row panorama of their 8 vertical frames)

In these picturesque places, nature has retained its primary appearance.
Narrow fjords, decorated with a scatter from thousands of islands of different magnitudes, here are going to the shore for many kilometers. The branched network of straits and canals is crowned with cliffs and stone peninsula, burglaring into the restless blue water Ladoga.

fourteen. "Karelian fjords" (3 row panorama of their 15 vertical frames)

Century pines on the coast adjacent to deciduous forests, swampy bays – with almost resort sandy beaches, "Barani Hrafts" – Ludi. Huge boulders covered with moss and lichens are surrounded by rare northern plants.

15. "Island with pine"

Here, many species of animals are found here, for example, Ladoga Rock Nerpe, brought into the Red Book.

A similar landscape of freshwater schoker is only in Finland on Lake Saima and on Onega Lake. I have been there and there and not one time, but Schhers are impressive stronger. (No offense to the mentioned areas)

16. "A cap" (2 row panorama of their 8 vertical frames)

The total area of ​​the park is 122,000 hectares, the length of about 85 kilometers. At the same time, the length of its rugged coastline is more than 1000 kilometers – this is the main sign of "Schroerhood" of the territory, which is located in Lachdenpokhsky, the Sortaval and Pitkayranth districts of the Republic of Karelia.

17. "Sunset on the Stone Island"

A few functional zones are highlighted in the park: the first – protected zone, the second is a specially protected area, the third is the zone of cognitive tourism, the fourth – recreational area, intended for the organization of visitor recreation.

eighteen. "Red Raduga"

It includes 63 monuments of cultural heritage, including those attributed to the objects of federal importance, – parking, graves, settlements of the VI-IV centuries BC, as well as the historic center of Sortavala.

19. "Weekend cottage" (2 row panorama of their 8 vertical frames)

The largest islands of Ladoga Schker are: RECEKACANSARI, Lauvatsari, Kilple, Kitchen, Putzari, Solanxari.

And this is summer. (still fresh memories)

21. "Morning at Timonxari"

Warm July morning after rainy night. The rays of the rising sun make their way through the crowns of coastal trees. Full of calm. Smoke from the fire almost extremely hanging in the air, and it seems that they are saturated with everything around. I sit on the sandy beach distant from the big land of the uninhabited island, remembering the taste, yesterday frightened on coals, bream. There behind a narrow strait, squeezed in stone vice, beless and sometimes harsh of Ladoga.

22. "Stone Bay"

Imagine, there is no soft bed, hot soul, clean toilet and a TV with hundreds. There is no heating, shopping store. Yes, in fact, in general, there is nothing except sand, stones, water and trees. But in this cover I am comfortable and cozy and do not want to return to the stone urban jungle. Maybe I am a descendant of Robinson. )

And such places in Ladog a lot. For my, already a scoffed view, the largest picturesque Islands Schher are: Putzari, Honkasalo, Timonxari, Kilpola, Koyoncaari.
In the summer, without a boat, you can get only to the last two, while at Koionsari you can estimate the scale of the Ladoga tent megalopolis :)).

24. "Dawn on the island of Koyonsaari"

In winter, when schhers freeze, the opportunity appears for maneuver.

Moving on ice on foot, skiing, snowmobile, or even a car (saw such), you can love to adversely, snapped with fluffy snow, rocky slopes and coated with ice icing, stones and branches.

26-27. "Snow and Ice Kingdom"

Ladoga Schhers National Park

Gorgeous combinations of ice, snowy and stone texture.

28. "Frozen waterfall"

Very often in the morning the water surface of the paloga turns into an ideal mirror that spreads the boundaries of space. I sometimes use the chance in the lingering glass. I sometimes use it and even trying to take pictures there to show you this fabulous country and its numerous inhabitants.

thirty. "Frightened and evil"

It turns out very curious and exciting personnel consciousness, looking at which they do not immediately understand that, in fact, and how they are depicted.

32. "Portal in the past"

In general, the palm and terrain of its surrounding the unusual natural phenomena, which gave rise to a lot of legends. I myself very often noticed above the water stroke Mirage in the form of remote islands and rocks. But once I thought they were only in the desert. On constant terrible sounds, coming from somewhere from the depths, I no longer pay attention. Impressive and speed with which the weather is changing there.
But someone "Lucky"? more. Some seen on the lake of a huge monster, others – a ghost ship, third – UFOs and unusual light phenomena.
I did not see this (if not counting the frame number 4 :)) – I can’t confirm nor refute.

Quality of landscapes on the territories adjacent to the lake also rolls.

33. "Winter fairy tale"

These are beautiful spawn rivers and numerous waterfalls,

34. "Thresholds of the river Yanisyoki"

Little, surrounded by cliffs of villages and a farm, picturesque internal lakes and fields surrounded by Taiga.

35. "House in the forest"

Alsine stands and marble quarry. Once we calmly walked around there surrounded by several people, but now tourists there are probably more than in the Roman Coliseum.

36. "Marble quarry"

It is impossible not to mention Valaam. He does not apply to the National Park, but to him with a schker hand to submit and in clear weather, this famous island is visible almost with any high point of the North-West Park. If, after reading this report, you will decide to visit the following attractions, do not forget to look at Valaam. And let this photocarter be in an incentive.

37. "Valaam Sunset"

Ladoga Schhers are a paradise for a tourist.
Many hunters and fishermen, mushrooms and berries, taalatitis and kayakers, photographers and cinemas, lovers of skiing, country rest and beautiful nature have long chosen these places.

But some of the local population is still against the assignment of North Ladog so significant status of the National Park. Those arguments they lead to my subjective look, very weak: "It’s all our – we live here – the nature we take – you don’t need to go here, we interfere with and shy".

39. "Lighthouse" (Panorama of their 4 vertical frames)

But to get here much easier. I remember the times when we stood for three hours in traffic jams on the Priozer’s highway and overcame 60 kilometers of primer. Now A-121 "Sortavala" has 80 kilometer four-band "departure" From St. Petersburg to the village of Losevo, and the quality of the road on the territory of Karelia, probably, probably, even Finns. There is a small problem area on the border of regions and Karelian asphalt serpentine. But the work on the reconstruction of the old road and the construction of the new is carried out at all sites. For half a year we managed to turn the mountains in the literal sense, yes so that the familiar sidebuins and turns now do not know. It remains to suffer even a bit and then we will be in Karelia "fly".

40. "Under the cover of the clouds"

Impressive and the number of tourist bases that appeared in the lounge for the last 5 years. I did not consider them, but for the sensations they now eat almost in every schore and not one. For every taste, color and wallet. I do not know about the heal, that on some of them in the summer-autumn period, apartments are born in 2-3 months.

41. "Prereborn Sunset" (3 row panorama of their 16 vertical frames)

I hope you have imbued with my Ladoga sketches and notes 🙂
Well, after all, you see that no Turkey with Egypt is on beauty and nearby.

Ladoga Schhers National Park

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