Lagoa-Azul and Lagos Verde Beautiful lakes on the tiny island in the middle of the ocean

The name of the Site-Sidadeess translated from Portuguese means "Seven cities". This name implied the region due to the legend that existed in Portugal in the distant XIII century that essential from the invasion of the Arabs, seven pious bishops together with their treasures sailed to the West, in the Atlantic Ocean, where the island was reached and founded seven settlements.

About the appearance of lakes.

In the distant times in the place where the village of Sete Sidadesh is located now, there was a small kingdom where Princess Antiha had lived, having beautiful blue eyes. Once while walking, the princess met and fell in love with the green-eyed shepherd, who played on the flute. There were days, the young people met near the same old tree, and more and more went in love with each other.
The king who wanted to give his daughter to marry a prince from the neighboring kingdom, found out about the love of antilia and forbade her to see her shepherd. Desperate, the princess asked about the last meeting in the same place.
Love so bitterly and for a long time we cried that two lakes were filled with tears: Lagoa-Azul ("Blue Lake") – from the tears of princesses, Lago-Verdi ("Green Lake") – from tears of the shepherd.

From the Ponta Delgada to the town of Sade Sidadeess walks 205 route, but walks only on weekdays! On Sunday, the bus goes there with a strange number 207/208 from stopping near the monument to emigrants. One end 3 ruble ticket 56 kopecks. On schedule time sent was 8:30, but the driver of an arriving bus said that we need to go to the next flight, which in 9. POSIBUM. At the stop, in addition to us there were other tourists. The most memorable was the lanky sociable duther, who burned to chat with all. Actually, from his questions of all persons at the bus stop, we learned from where. There were girls from Spain here – 2 pieces, a girl from Italy – one thing, a mixed couple from Russia is one thing (because a couple). A more couple of girls struggled and nothing is known about them. Here such an intermenimal occupied the stop waiting for the bus in the morning of January 12, 2020.
When the first bus left, the Dutchman developed a rapid activity trying to find companions to travel to lakes on a taxi, if suddenly the second bus will also refuse us all. And everyone almost agreed to go with him, but the bus approached at number 208. The driver explained to everyone that he will sell tickets to the Sidadsh set, but takes only to Ferias. There we have a transplant to another bus with number 207. Now it has become a clear strange numbering of the flight 207/208 in the schedule.

We have already gotten used to the front places at the door, the Dutchman took place behind the driver. Before the departure to the salon, the local grandfather entered, the tourists looked in displeasantly and sat down in second place and began to chat with the driver! It seems that they have such a tradition such on the island, someone must sit down and entertain the driver during movement.

As the bus driver warned, we all had to make a 10-minute transplant in a small village. And then shoved through the pass to our final stop. For some reason, I thought that I had to go out in the village of Sidadsh, but no, the final stop was right at the lake. Also, the driver warned that the last bus will be at 18:00 at the same stop.

Stop and our hiking route

After the bus, we went 6 hours on the route. They walked and went, and then went again and went, left leg, right foot and t.D. 🙂 First up, and then down.

Our way began this bridge

Along the shore of the lake and then in

Lagoa-Azul and Lagos Verde Beautiful lakes on the tiny island in the middle of the ocean

And then we climbed higher and higher, and the IOP and the bridge will be visible at the bottom, from which our route began

Trail by ridge

And finally, our goal! Overview Camcamation with Mad-Beautiful Views!

Already at the bottom we went to the local restaurant, where they took themselves on the dish of the day. It included Bakalyao, Batat, incomprehensible catat sauce. From a friend only onions and cucumbers. Bakalyao is a cod saline by a special way, and then cooked by a secret recipe. The variety of potatoes turned out to be a variety of potatoes, only a very specific taste and if there is it without a sauce, then it’s a straight tasteless, some kind of nonsense. Here is a delicious tea, and the cake with apple and nuts is generally.

Already hemnelted when we rushed to our locations in the bus and went to Ponta Delgada. The reverse route was also with a transplant, and if the first bus was not remembered by anything, then about the second it is worth telling more. They ruled the elderly, gray, with luxurious mustache driver. If he put on a cap, he would like a Plumber of Mario. This elderly gentleman periodically caded. But we don’t have Khe-Khe in his palm. No. He shake out what believes. And this cough reminded the sound of the engine when gas. Kghyam, kghimm! After which I flew out on my fingers, as if I wanted to unlock them before turning over the page of the book, and grabbed the wheel. And then led himself a gag, and an old engine saw a bus from him: Rreryy, Rreryyy! Kghyam, kghimm, roryy, rreryyy. The bus ripped as if he was a racing car! And his pilot swiftly switched out of distant light to the close weight during the ongoing transport, blinked by the headlights before turning and filiginally switched the transfer. Darkness, serpentine, speed limit 40, and our sports car flies 80. And only heard or passing, whether the watching of the old driver: kghyame, kghimm, roryy, rreyy. I do not know how many years the driver chased on this route, but he knew all turns at the level of muscular memory and the gutter felt his old bus. Upon arrival, Julia and I went outside with smiles to ears and swamps, very happy colorful caught caught. But on the faces of the Dutch, Italian and other passengers prevailed greenish shades, and the movement was some twisted. Through the sound of the closing doors came the branded: KGHYYY, KGMM, RRRYY, RRRYY. As if to say goodbye: "Well, the fuses, seized as a father can?! That’s the same!!". The bus went on the night, and I am before the end of the trip for each occasion without doing the branded KGHYYY, KGMM, RRRYY, RRRYY.

The alarm clock sounded at 3:50 am. We picked up a backpack collected from the evening and flew to the airport. Departure at 6:15. But because of a strong wind, the tower allowed the takeoff only after 2 hours. Fasten the belts, battings, runway, jerk, set of height and immediately in clouds. But the plane made a reversal and we saw through a small window in the clouds our island! Goodbye San Miguel, you were cool while the azors can still see you. And now it’s time for us to go back to the continent.

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